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You Can Educate Ignorance; But What About Stupidity?

December 27, 2013
Stupidity is contagious

Stupidity is contagious (Photo credit: AJC1)


Here are two examples of bureaucrats who can’t tell their rear ends from a hole in the ground. The first is about E cigarettes..  Vaping Given Politicians the Vapors, by Jacob Sullum, at Seemingly intelligent people think that a product that allows people to get their nicotine fix through water vapor, instead of burning tobacco, should be banned. The nicotine in a cigarette isn’t what causes cancer, it’s the carcinogens caused by the burning tobacco that leads to cancer. It would seem to me that people who don’t like smoking would want all cigarette smokers to use the E cigarette because it is a safer delivery system.  Here are some excerpts from the article.

City Council
Speaker Christine Quinn
last week. “Because many of the e-cigarettes are designed
to look like cigarettes and be used just like them, they can lead
to confusion or confrontation.”

“You might think that people of ordinary intelligence would
pretty quickly learn to distinguish a burning stick of dried
vegetable matter from an e-cigarette, which contains no tobacco and
produces no smoke.”

“Anyone who is truly concerned
about the health consequences of smoking should welcome this
innovation instead of following New York’s example by making it
less appealing through gratuitous restrictions that discourage
smokers from quitting.”


In this article,San Francisco Bans Fireplace Use On Christmas, Kristin Tate, at, bureaucrats who have power feel they have to make rules no matter how insignificant their decisions are. Do you think the yearly wild fires in California pump exponentially more “pollution” into the air than the people of San Francisco could possibly produce by burning wood in their fire places on Christmas eve and Christmas day? Here are some excerpts from the article.

Bay Area Air District executive officer Jack Broadbent said, “Please respect everyone’s health this holiday by observing the Winter Spare the Air Alert and not burning wood in your fireplace. We don’t want anyone to spend their holiday in the emergency room because they are unable to breathe. In the spirit of giving, please give the gift of clean air.”  This can’t possibly be true, can it?  It sounds like it’s from “The Onion“.

I guess people with power will wield it even if their decisions make no sense.