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Winning The Triple Crown Is Rare, Because It’s Difficult

June 9, 2014

I watched California Chrome attempt to win the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes Saturday. The only horse race I watch is when a horse has a chance to win the Triple Crown in the Belmont Stakes. The reason for this is because Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 73 when I was in high school. Winning the Belmont by 31 lengths and setting the record by over 2 seconds left an impression on me that lives on today. Whenever I see something that is not just rare but done in a way that seems other worldly I say “that’s a Secretariat moment”.

To this day, I still get goose bumps when I watch this.

California Chrome wasn’t quite good enough to win the Triple Crown, let alone have a “Secretariat” moment while doing it. The horses owner Steve Coburn made some comments after the race that make me ask two questions. 1) Why does anybody do an interview immediately after a loss?  2)  What does “Fair” really mean. Fair is one of the most ill defined and over used words in our society today. If  the word “Fair” is trotted out every time someone doesn’t get the outcome he wants, than it becomes a meaningless word. As soon as I hear someone say, “that’s not fair”, I stop listening. The reason winning the triple crown is rare is not because it isn’t fair, it is because it is very difficult. If the triple crown was won every year, no one would think it had value. I can name the last three triple crown winners, but I can’t tell you who won the last three Belmont Stakes. Triple Crown’s are rare, winning the Belmont happens every year.