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Must Reads For The Week 5/27/17

May 27, 2017

Another Insurer Quits Obamacare Leaving 25 Counties In Missouri With No Healthcare Options, at Here is another state in which Obamacare regulations are collapsing the insurance market. Unfortunately most people think the problem can be solved by implementing more regulations. Allowing individuals and businesses to make unhampered decisions in a free market is the answer. Not a perfect answer. Just the most tolerable best result possible.

Two Examples Of Ponzi Scheme Retirement Systems. This is where social security, medicare and medicaid (Obamacare) are headed. Now Puerto Rico Employee Retirement System Files For Bankruptcy, at Ponzi Scheme: What The Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund Would Be Called It Were A Hedge Fund, at

GM Accused In Owner Lawsuit Of Using VW-Like Defeat Devices, at This the sixth car company that has been caught cheating on EPA pollution rules. The problem is the over the top EPA rules, not the companies. The companies are acting rationally. This is essentially a black market dealing with over regulation by big government.

“Sell The News: – WTI Tumbles Below $50 After OPEC Disappointment, at The OPEC Cartel has lost its power to increase the price of oil. The American shale industry (fracking) should get the credit.

Why The Crazy ‘Net Neutrality’ Demands From The Left, at The left doesn’t want more internet freedom. They want to control the internet. When the left has a choice between more government power and individual freedom they invariably choose government power.

ESPN And The Bursting Of The Sports Bubble, at William L. Anderson, at Excerpt from the article: “ESPN is losing 10,000 subscribers every day so far in 2017. In the past six years they have lost 13 million subscribers and that subscriber loss is escalating each year.” Add this to the fact that ESPN has contracted to pay the NFL, NHL, NBA, and NCAA top dollar for broadcasting rights over the next 4 years, and we can see ESPN is on a path to lose billions of dollars. When these contracts run out these sports organizations will not be able to command as high a price for their product. These organizations will have to run on less revenue. Costs will have to be cut and normally that means the cost of labor. The amount of money for the salaries of coaches and players will decrease. More from the article: “...while it is tempting to say that “ESPN pays for this,” in reality, it is the consumer of cable/satellite television that ultimately decides the size of the ESPN payouts, and consumers are stating their preferences with their checkbooks, and there is nothing ESPN can do about it.” The consumer ultimately sets the wages of workers.

A Canadian Town Wanted A Transit System. It Hired Uber, by Craig S. Smith (NYT), at What is the cost difference between a government run transit system and a market solution to a transit problem? A lot! The only problem is if tax payers dollars are going to subsidize the cost of Uber, you can bet your life that the price Uber would normally charge will increase.

Has The Drug War Incentivized Police To Treat Citizens Like Terrorists? at Incentives matter.

Class Focused On Greco-Roman Books May Be Changed After Students Complain It’s Too White, at Why would anyone give in to such insanity? But you know Reed College will give in to the tyrannical minority. Just a thought: Didn’t Greeks and Romans have olive color or darker skin?

Some Data To Ponder Now That Calling America ‘A Land Of Opportunity’ Is considered To Be A Microaggression, at Ethnic minorities have the highest household incomes. Proving that the US is still the land of opportunity. Look at the chart in this article.

Ruperta The elephant Is Starving In A Venezuelan Zoo! Sign Petition To Get Her Transferred, at These environmental crazies are more worried about this elephant, than the starving people of Venezuela

Islamists Threw A Christian Politician In Jail For ‘Blasphemy’ Against Quran, at This is an example why people are afraid to say anything against Islam. But these same people have no fear of blaspheming Christianity.

Theresa May To Create New Internet That Would Be Controlled And Regulated By Government, at This is what the leftists in the US would love to be able to do.