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Earth Day 2016

April 22, 2016

On Earth Day 2016, let’s look at environmentalism, climate change and fossil fuels.

FOSSIL FUELS: THE GREENEST ENERGY, by Alex Epstein, from Prager University.

Some excerpts from the article:

“What if I told you someone had developed an energy source that could help us solve our biggest environmental challenges, purify our water and air, make our cities and homes more sanitary and keep us safe from potential catastrophic climate change? What if I also told you that this energy source was cheap, plentiful, and reliable? Well there is such a source. You probably know it as fossil fuel; oil, natural gas,and coal.”

Fossil fuels don’t take a naturally safe environment and make it dangerous. They empower us to take a naturally dangerous environment and make it cleaner and safer.”

CLIMATE CHANGE: WHAT DO SCIENTISTS SAY, from Prager University. MIT atmospheric physicist, Richard Lindzen, summarizes the science behind climate change.

Excerpt from the article:

Global warming alarmism provides politicians, environmentalists and media, more than any other issue, with the things they most want. For politicians its money and power. For environmentalists its money for their organizations and confirmation fo their near religious devotion to the idea that man is a destructive force acting upon nature. For the media its ideology, money and headlines, doomsday scenarios sell.”


Alex Epstein spoke in front of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee which was holding a hearing examining the Role of Environmental Policies on Access to Energy and Economic Opportunity. If you want to watch his 5 minute speech click here It is definitely worth watching. What I want you to see is how Barbara Boxer acts when she gets to ask questions of the panel. Watch the video and compare her antics to the logical calm arguments made by the two gentleman in the first two videos in this post. Her actions are exactly what Richard Lindzen was talking about in the video above.



Senator Boxer, I know he is not a scientist, but he makes a lot of sense when talking about the possibility that man can destroy the planet. Not only is this really funny, but it will make you think.


Recycling: Uneconomic Is Wasteful, by Robert Bradley Jr, at Excerpt from the article;

“…if costs are greater than the revenues of a produce, then economic value is lost: if revenues are greater than the cost, economic value is created. Enter Recycling, which has turned (even more so) into an economic loser in the current era of low commodity prices. What this means is that the cost of sorting and transforming trash into useful products is less than the revenue-and recycling should not be done.

Naive Environmentalism Is Like Religious Fundamentalism, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Economist Steve Landsburg tells how he dealt with his daughter being indoctrinated into environmentalism. Here is an excerpt from the article;

…my daughter’s teachers are honestly oblivious that there is a diversity in politics. Let me then make that diversity clear. We are not environmentalists. We ardently oppose environmentalists. We consider environmentalism a form of mass hysteria akin to Islamic fundamentalism or the War on Drugs. we do not recycle. We teach our daughter not to recycle. We teach her that people who try to convince her to recycle, or who try to force her to recycle, are intruding on her rights. The entire program of environmentalism is as foreign to us as the doctrine of Christianity ( Note: Landsburg is Jewish). We face no current threat of having Christianity imposed on us by petty tyrants; the same can not be said of environmentalism. My county government never tried to send me a New Testament, but it did send me a recycling bin.

Central Station Solar: Ivanpah Fail ($2.2 Billion Bust), by Stanislav Jakuba, at It makes no sense to use a more expensive power source when there is less expensive power sources. Solar is not competitive even with government subsidies. Central station solar power is a scam. Solar will not be a viable alternative, until the real cost, without subsidies, is lower than the cost of power produced by fossil fuels or nuclear.

Natural Gas Use Slashes Air Emissions, by Joe Massaro, at The fracking boom has created a natural gas boom. Natural gas burns cleaner than coal. As power plants switch from coal to cleaner burning natural gas, CO2 emissions will start to decrease. But this isn’t why natural gas is being used. Natural gas is being used because it is simply cheaper. Lowering CO2 emissions is a serendipity phenomenon of using the cheaper alternative. Markets work.

RICO For Government Climate Deniers, by Paul Driessen, at When the left can’t convince people of its position on global warming, it will use RICO statutes to make you comply with their vision. This is what tyrants do.

Must Reads For The Week 3/19/16

March 19, 2016

Tea Party Candidate Wins Primary For Boehner’s Old Seat, at Warren Davidson won the Republican primary election for John Boehner’s old seat. Davidson was endorsed by US congressman Jim Jordan. Jordan is a member of the freedom caucus which was the driving in getting Boehner to give up the speakership. Change happens inch by inch.

Fantastic Lies And Aversion To The Truth. The Duke Lacrosse Case 10 Years Later, at I watched ESPN’s 30 for 30 titled Fantastic Lies last week. The world view of the media, Dukes administration and faculty, the political left, and an over zealous prosecutor was able to trump the truth. If you didn’t see ‘Fantastic Lies’ you probably should take the time to see it. The Duke Lacrosse case happened 10 years ago, and we haven’t learned any lessons from it, (read Rolling Stones UVA Rape Debacle).

Chaffetz Wants To Take Guns Away From ‘Rambo’ BLM. Forest Service Agents, at What do you want to bet the anti-gun crowd is not in favor of taking guns away from the Bureau of Land Management?

7-Eleven Customer Shoots Dead Hatchet-Wielding Attacker, at I bet the anti-gun crowd wants this guys gun taken away. They probably want him arrested.

Loretta Lynch And The Governments War On Free Speech, at Attorney General Lynch said she asked the FBI to see if the federal government should take legal action against so-called climate change deniers. This is government trying to stifle the first amendment right to free speech. They don’t want anyone speaking out against what they believe to be the ultimate truth.

Caught On Tape: “Enormous Crowds” Of Unemployed Chinese Miners Take To The Streets, Clash With Riot Police, at When the Central bank electronically prints counterfeit money this is the result. On the one hand demand is pulled forward in time. The increased demand eventually fades as the printed money loses its stimulative effect. Production of these demanded goods has increased. When this false demand eventually fades, the jobs and capital that was used to fulfill this false demand will eventually be liquidated in order to match production with real demand. On the other hand, the process of production is distorted. Labor, resources, and capital are used to produce things for which there is no demand (Ghost cities and malls). When there is not enough demand to match this false production, the jobs, capital and resources will eventually be liquidated. Will the Chinese government be able to keep millions of its disgruntled citizens from rebelling?

Boris Johnson Accuses Obama Of Blatant Hypocrisy For Telling British Voters To Stay In EU, at When Obama’s presidency ends in less than a year, do you think he will ride off into the sunset, or will he keep sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong?

ECB To Stimulate Europe By Taking Peoples Money, by Patrick Barron, at A zero interest rate policy is just another way of taking peoples money. Countries are so far in debt they will continue to find creative ways to take what you produce.

A First-Hand Look At What’s Really Happening In Subprime Auto, at Does this sound like the housing bubble?

The We’ve Created Millions Of Jobs Myth, by Ryan McMaken, at What is the truth behind the Obama administrations assertion that millions of jobs have been created. Look at the numbers.

GOP Official: We choose The Nominee, Not The Voters, at GOP rules committee member admits this on TV. The establishment of the Republican party doesn’t want to lose its power.