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Must Reads For The Week 4/22/17

April 22, 2017

Busting The “Free College” Myth, Jonathan Newman, at The cost doesn’t go away when something is labeled “free”. For the student, free means a new scholarship program. For the college, free means they can increase their prices. For us the tax payers, free means we’re screwed. Free means shifting the cost to someone else. To me free means the professors would teach for…….”free”.

ASU Class Holds Protest Instead Of Final Exam, by Conner Borgelt, at Tax payers! Would “free college” make the present situation in our college education system better or worse?

Has A Rothbardian Infiltrated The Department Of Education, at This is a good thing

San Diego’s Experiment With Higher Minimum Wage: 4,000 Fewer Restaurant Jobs, at This doesn’t surprise anyone, does it?

Run For Your Life: The American Police State Is Coming To Get You, by John Whitehead, at Click on some of the examples in this article. You will be shocked at the abuses of power by Government officials.

Private Equity Sets Its Sites On New Funding Victim: Mom and Pop 401k’s, at Private Equity companies have destroyed many of the largest defined benefit pension plans. Now they want to try their hand at destroying defined contribution retirement plans, your 401k. They need a new source of money to fund their skimming operations.

Frederic Bastiat Is Right (Again), by Jeff Thomas, at Protective tariffs don’t work. Bastiat told us this in the mid 1800s. The Smoot-Hawley Tariffs (along with other government interventions) helped turn the stock market crash of 1929 into the great depression. Trumps desire for tariffs on foreign goods is a bad idea.

GM Says Venezuela Has Seized Its Car Plant, at Venezuela’s incremental movement toward socialism over the years is almost complete. Since there are no property rights in a total socialist system, this seizure of property may be the final goose step in Venezuela’s march toward economic destruction.

Fannie And Freddie Finally Wake Up, by Doug French, at These bad mortgages should have been liquidated (sold at a loss) when the housing bust happened in 08.

How Mises Converted Hayek From Socialism To A Supporter Of The Free Market, at



On Earth Day, Let’s Celebrate The Benefits Of Fossil Fuels! This is my Earth Day post from two years ago.

GEORGE CARLIN- Can We Destroy The Planet?

Earth Day 2016, at


Must Reads For The Week 9/24/16

September 24, 2016

San Francisco State Builds Segregated Dorms Where African-Americans Can Safely Live, at I had friends tell me that Obama getting elected would make race relations better. I told them it would get worse because race hustlers like Obama need the issue of race to keep power. They don’t want the issue to get better.

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Law Regulating Cow Farts, at You can’t make this s#!+ up! Would you agree that Government is too big if they are sticking their nose into cow farts?

Internal Email Shows Fed Immigration Bosses Pushing To Swear In New Citizens ‘Due To Election’, at Another example of corruption in government. Bureaucrats are working overtime to swear in new citizens before the Nov. election. Do you think these immigrants are going to vote for the Democrats? In an unrelated story, Number Of Refugees Nancy Pelosi’s District Has Taken In: Zero, at Since Pelosi’s district doesn’t need any more democrat votes, she wants you to,  do as I say, not as I do.

Hillary Clinton’s “Exit Tax” Is An Unseemly Example Of Banana Republic Economics, at Hillary wants to tax companies who move their business out of the country. Hey Hillary, it is not the Governments property, it is the private property of the business. To be fair Trump said he won’t let businesses leave the country. Two candidates who don’t understand the Constitutional powers of government and the Constitutional rights of the people.

Indoctrination: 35 Years Of The U.S. Department Of Education, by Carol Pettegrew, at Let’s get rid of the Department of Education. Excerpt from the article: “Students in institutional schools are measured repeatedly, however. A Typical student takes 112 mandated standardized tests between pre-K classes and 12th grade; by contrast, most countries that outperform the U.S. on international exams test students three times during their entire school careers. In spite so much testing and measuring, the standards are being manipulated to enhance the illusion of improving student performance.”

IT’S DONE: Mitch McConnell Surrenders, at This is a perfect example of why Trump won the Republican Presidential nomination. The Republican Establishment won’t fight for smaller government. People are fed up with Republicans not standing up to the President. The establishment should blame themselves and no one else.


Dallas Police Pension On Verge Of Collapse As Record Number Of Cops Seek Full Withdrawal, at Many of these public pension plans are underfunded to the point that they are Ponzi schemes, just like social security. Government can’t implement their utopian ideas because economic forces constrain them.

Deja Vu: Fannie and Freddie Lower Lending Standards, by Tho Bishop, at Government proving its stupidity. Excerpt from the article: “The companies responsible for mortgage origination will not be the ones holding the mortgages, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will. It’s always easier to make loans when you know the taxpayers are the ones that will be holding the risk……..the only things government is worse at than pricing risk, is learning from past mistakes.” This is a smaller version of the 08 housing crisis all over again.

Patrick Barron, An Austrian Economist: There Is No Such Thing As A Negative Interest Rate, at Excerpt from the article: “What the mainstream media and the public call a “Negative interest rate” is an abuse of language. Time preference can never be negative, because that would require a total change in human nature. People will always want something sooner rather than later. It is Hard to save and delay consumption. People have to be disciplined to save and delay gratification. The idea of a “negative interest rate” is an attempt to turn reality on its head. It is another tactic in the Keynesian attempt to refute Say’s Law: i.e., that production must precede consumption and that what one produces becomes the means by which he consumes. One can neither consume nor sell something that was never produced, which is the absurdity that is implied by a “negative interest rate”.

Infrastructure Spending Does Not “Grow The Economy”, by Patrick Trombly, at Excerpt from the article: “Ultimately, spending on infrastructure no more “creates wealth” than any other kind of government spending. Like all other government spending, it’s a matter of taking money from some people to give to others. The money taken from the taxpayers must be subtracted from the money spent, and we’re left with no net gain.”

Oh What A Twisted Web We Weave, When First We Practice To Deceive: Andy Griffith.

Dear FBI, This Is Intent: Hillary’s Oh Shit Guy Sought Reddit Advice On How To “Strip VIP EMails“, at If you didn’t think so before, this should make it very clear that the FBI is not an independent agency searching for the truth. It is a political agency. This is the breakdown of the rule of law. Does anyone believe the FBI is an honest broker? The law doesn’t apply to our ruling aristocracy.

Former Haitian Senate President Charges Clinton Foundation With Massive Fraud; at The breakdown of the rule of law. The Clinton money laundering machine.

Trey Gowdy: Did The FBI Grant Immunity For Destroying Subpoenaed Records And EMails, at