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Marriage Laws Don’t Expand Rights They Limit Rights.

June 28, 2013

Marriage Day

I don’t understand why gay people want the Government to be involved in their relationship decisions. When the Government makes a law it is a one size fits all decision and it limits what you are free to do, it doesn’t expand freedom. Gays should be allowed to make a contract concerning their obligations with there partner however they both mutually agree to do so. Each, (we’ll call it a civil union), would be unique to the two people involved in the decision and wouldn’t apply to any other couple. There would conceivably be as many civil union contracts as there are civil unions. When the Government decides what the rules are, it trumps all the possible decisions couples could make in a civil union.

I have listened to both sides in this debate over the last two days since the Supreme Court decisions and quite frankly I’m disappointed in the shallow thinking on both sides of the issue. It’s like both sides have their banners planted on their particular hill of truth, and as long as their rhetoric is flying high, they won’t try to analyze the issue any deeper than their rhetoric. (more…)