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Must Reads For The Week 3/11/17

March 12, 2017


Donald Trump and Peter Navarro Suffer From ‘Trade Deficit Disorder‘, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Here is an excerpt form the article: “In his speech and op-ed, Navarro laid out Team Trump’s trade agenda that involves expanding US exports, reducing imports, and thereby reducing America’s merchandise trade deficit and supposedly therefore increasing our nation’s economic growth. Unfortunately, that’s a pure mercantilist trade agenda, which is an approach to trade that has been discredited now for several hundred years.

How Did Peter Navarro Ever Get A Ph.D In Economics From Harvard? Regular people being ignorant about economics is one thing. But having a Ph.D in economics and being economically ignorant is dangerous.

What Is Laissez-Faire? by Jeffery Tucker, at It simply means ‘Let it be’. A majority of people believe that complex order comes from top down planning by leaders possessing authority. It is inconceivable to them that unplanned order arises when people are allowed to manage their own lives and interact with others. Language is an example of complex spontaneous order. The rules of English were not written by someone and everyone started to follow them. People communicated with people and over time the ‘rules’ were established after discernible patterns (unwritten rules) were recognized. Attempts by Government central planners to control every aspect of society leads to chaos and conflict. Laissez-Faire. Please!

Repeal And Replace Needn’t Be Complicated, by Hunter Lewis, at Do you use the term “healthcare system” or “healthcare market” when talking about ‘healthcare’. Most people talk about our “healthcare system”.  This shows we think of healthcare as a centrally planned system. The cost will never go down unless we see healthcare as an economic good rationed by prices in a market. Obamacare was 2500 pages of rules and regulations designed to ‘fix’ what was left of a healthcare market already encumbered by mountains of government regulations. The only ‘fix’ to our current “healthcare system” is to allow it to become a healthcare market. LAISSEZ-FAIRE! Get rid of all government regulations and a complex healthcare order will almost magically form itself. It won’t be a perfect order (nothing man does is perfect). But it will be the best that can possibly exist in a world of scarce resources and subjective value.

High Prices Don’t Cause Economic Bubbles, by Frank Shostak, at When central banks increase the money supply (counterfeit money), scarce resources are misallocated to activities that would have never come into existence under normal market conditions. The 08 bubble was caused by the Fed electronically printing counterfeit money. It was not allowed to liquidate. More electronically printed counterfeit money was created to stop the correction. This counterfeit money has and is creating our present financial bubble. Excerpt from the article: “The emergence of a bubble or a monetary balloon need not be always associated with rising prices – for instance, if the rate of growth of goods corresponds to the rate of growth of the money supply then no change in prices will take place……what matters is not whether the emergence of a bubble is associated with price rises but rather with the fact that the emergence of a bubble gives rise to the emergence of non-productive activities that divert real wealth from wealth generators. The expansion of the money supply, or a monetary balloon, in similarity to a counterfeiter, enables the diversion of real wealth from wealth generating activities to non-productive activities.”

The Fed’s Dependence On The Consumer Will Backfire, by C. Jay Engel, at Production is the creation of wealth and consumption is the destruction of wealth. Spending is consumption. Consumption is the destruction of what has been produced. Spending doesn’t grow an economy. We can only spend out of our own production. What we produce allows us to spend. Consumption has to lag behind production for an economy to grow. When consumption is increased by debt and money printing, we start a process where consumption is out pacing production. We start to eat our seed corn so to speak. Artificially increasing spending is a quick shot of adrenaline.  But it has no staying power.



Must Reads For The Week 4/5/14

April 5, 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword...

The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Did You Hear The One About The Doctor Who Posts His Prices Online?, by Steven Lang, at Obamacare is creating a true free market in healthcare, that will exist as a black market if the Government tries to stop it from forming. I think we will end up with a Government run system consisting of medicade, medicare, and Obamacare, on the one hand, and a free market system on the other.  Obamacare will be used as the vehicle to increase taxes, {or fines in the words of Justice Roberts}, on productive people in order to fund the Government run system, or put another way, redistribute wealth in order to buy votes. I saw this article at

Wisconsin Budget Surplus Nears $1 Billion, by Scott Bauer, at Republicans want to give the money back to the tax payers, who produced it, and Democrats want to spend it as if they produced it. I saw this article at

EPA Conducted Pollution Experiments On Children, by Kerry Picket, at You shouldn’t trust people with power.

Navy SEALs Skydive Into Stadium, by Elizabeth Kreft, at the Video from the helmet camera.

IRS Contempt For Subpoena, Fox News Video, at The break down of the rule of law happens when the law doesn’t apply to people in power.

California Measure SCA 5: “Forget Merit Let’s Bring Back Quotas“, at In a free market system individuals are rewarded based on the value they produce, whether that value comes from talent, skill, or hard work. This is how it should be as this article, Should The NBA, WNBA, And NFL Get A Grade Of A+ For The Racial Diversity Of Their Players vs. The U.S. Population, by Mark J. Perry, at, shows. Our constitution sees each person as an individual, not as a member of a group. Politicians see each person as a member of a group, not as an individual.

State Senator To Second Amendment Supporter; “Go F*** Yourself”, by Michael Lofti, at Where I’m from, saying “go F*** yourself” to somebody isn’t a free good. If you don’t respond in kind, your the wimp. Politicians like Senator Miller think there are no consequences for their actions.


I saw this at

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