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What’s The Rule Of Law, by Walter E. Williams

December 16, 2014

Walter E. Williams recent article asks the question, What’s The Rule Of Law (read here)?

If the rule of law is defined as 1) general rules, 2) known in advance, and 3) applying to the rulers as well as the ruled; than the breakdown of the rule of law is caused by government, 1) making laws that are micro managing, 2) so numerous we can’t possibly know them in advance, and 3) not applying to the rulers, only to the ruled.

When our Government betters think of themselves as being exempt or above the law, and act in a way that flaunts this attitude, regular people will start to push back against such lawlessness by disregarding laws. (There are examples in the related articles below). Here are some excerpts from the article by Dr. Williams.

“President Barack Obama said just before the recent Ferguson, Missouri, riots, “First and foremost, we are a nation built on the rule of law.” Most Americans have little or no inkling of what “rule of law” means. Many think it means obedience to whatever laws legislatures enact. That’s a vision that has led to human tragedy down through the ages…….
“Let’s ask ourselves what the characteristics of laws in a free society should be. Let’s think about baseball rules (laws) as a way to approach this. Some players, through no fault of their own, hit fewer home runs than others. In order to create baseball justice, or what’s sometimes called a level playing field, how about a rule requiring pitchers to throw easier pitches to poorer home run hitters? Alternatively, we could make a rule that what would be a double for a power hitter is a home run for someone who doesn’t hit many homers…….
“You say, “Williams, you can’t be serious! Can you imagine all the chaos that would ensue: players lobbying umpires, umpires deciding who gets what favor, and lawsuits — not to mention violence?” You’re absolutely right. The reason baseball games end peaceably — with players and team owners satisfied with the process, whether they win or lose — is that baseball rules (law) are applied equally to all players. They’re fixed, and umpires don’t make up rules as they go along. In other words, baseball rules meet the test of “abstractness.” They envision no particular game outcome in terms of winners and losers. The rules that govern baseball simply create a framework in which the game is played……”
“Laws or rules in a free society should have similar characteristics………. Laws envision no particular outcome except that of allowing people to peaceably pursue their own objectives. Finally, and most importantly, laws are equally applied to everyone, including government officials”.


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The Break Down Of The Rule Of Law

September 18, 2014

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The rule of law is defined as, 1) general rules, 2) known in advance, 3) applying to the rulers as well as the ruled. How does the break down of the rule of law happen? Because there are too many rules to even count, the “general rules” part of the definition of the rule of law doesn’t exist. The increasing amount of rules makes it impossible to know them in advance. But the third part of the definition, applying to the rulers as well as the ruled, is the part that is starting to bother people. Abuses of power and corruption by individuals who are protected by their positions of power in Government are starting to result in a push back by the public.

Here are a couple of examples of Government agents abusing power.

1) TSA Officer Tries To Search Passenger After He Lands At Denver Airport.

This guy did a great job and could have walked away a minute before he did.


2) A Lesson In Police Escalation (here), at

If the cop was an NFL player and did this, he would be out of a job.

The result of what we see happening in the above clips will be a natural push back by the average citizen. The passenger walking away in the video above is an example of push back. We should all start peaceful non compliance because if we don’t, it will escalate into what you will see in these videos below. Both sides have to dial it back, because the cost of settling our differences through mob (thug) rule, on both sides, will be greater than if we settle our differences before we get to mob rule.

3) Angry Mob Throws Ukrainian Politician In Dumpster.

I can’t say I didn’t get a chuckle out of this video.


4) Airline Passengers Throw Elitist Politicians Off Plane, (here), at

A planes departure time was delayed for two hours as the crew waited for two Pakistani politicians to arrive. The passengers were so upset, they forced the politicians off the plane. I got a kick out of this one too.

These videos show each group using force against the other. The police side uses the sanctioned force of government, to enforce non general rules, that are not know in advance, and don’t apply to the rulers but must be obeyed by the ruled. The citizenry uses the perceived power of a larger group of people who are not going to back down. How far will this escalate before Government gives up a huge portion of it’s power?

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