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Must Reads For The Week 4/18/15

April 18, 2015
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)


Latest $269 Million DOE Loan Causes Controversy, at This DOE recently approved a loan that covers the cost of new factory capacity at ALCOA’s Tennessee plant. The high strength low weight aluminum will be used to make vehicles lighter which translates to more fuel efficiency. But ALCOA was two years into the plant expansion and was going to complete it without the DOE loan. Maybe the DOE was trying to pick a winner after it was clear the plant was going to be completed. There are multiple examples of Government agencies picking losers before the fact. Green energy is one example. Read “Green Energy Proving Venture Capitalists Are Smarter Than Government Bureaucrats“. Get rid of these government programs.

Average Fine For Noncompliance With Obamacare Is $1130, at The fine (tax?) “necessarily sky rockets” next year, unless you can get an exemption because of your political connections.

Nearly 6,00 Retired Illinois Teachers Made Six-Figure Pensions In 2014, by Ted Ballantine, at Your tax dollars pay the teacher’s salary, pension, healthcare, and even their taxes. And most of those “greedy” *&#@&$^s think they deserve more.

Chef Ticketed, Facing $2,000 For Feeding Homeless In San Antonio, by Gilbert Garcia, at There are so many laws on the books you can’t help but break one. Read, “As The Number Of Laws Increase, Individual Freedom Decreases“.

Cop Sues NYPD Over Quotes, Slams The Racketeering Culture, at This is called policing for profit. Here is a quote from the article, “In the NYPD, it’s clear that the police are protecting and serving themselves at your expense….The boys in blue are indistinguishable from the Crips or any other street gang in their extortion activities.”


Father-Son Team Raises $10 Million For Their Beekeeping Invention On Indiegogo, by Catherine Clifford, at Harvesting honey used to be risky and take a lot of time. Not any more. A father and son from Australia invented a quick and safe way of accomplishing the task. Watch the video for the Flow Hive. It is amazing yet simple. The fact that they raised $10 million through the crowd funding service Indiegogo, tells me this is probably going to be a successful venture.

How 3D Printing Startups Are Shaping The Future, by John Patrick Pullen, at 3D printing is mind-blowing, and we are just scratching the surface. The videos in this article are great.

Cow Milk Without The Cow Is Coming To Change Food Forever, by Marcus Wohlsen, at “Researchers are trying to make cows milk cheese without the cow. Using mail-order DNA, they’re tricking yeast cells into producing a substance that’s molecularly identical to milk. And if successful, they’ll turn this milk into cheese.”


RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE TO $50, at mrctv.  Dan Joseph asks George Mason College students to sign a petition raising the minimum wage to $50. As clueless as most of these young adults are, there are actually some, who have a clue on what happens when wages are set above what the job produces. Also, Dan Joseph is sarcastic, which I appreciate.


Must Reads For The Week 11/01/14

October 31, 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out Of Obamacare, by Barbara Boland, at I’ve said this before: Obamacare will create a true free market healthcare system, and a government-run healthcare system. The tax payer will be on the hook for both.

Quarantine Backwardness Continues..., by Chris Rossini, at target Returning troops from Africa will be quarantined for 21 days. Civilian workers  for the defense department will not. I think I would believe the military knows what it is doing when it comes to life and death decisions.

Police Infuriated About New Device That Warns People When A Cop Is Near, by John Vibes, at The police aren’t happy that generating revenue will not be as easy. People don’t take to kindly to laws that they think are amoral.

Don’t Get Pulled Over By The PA State Police, at It’s almost hard to believe that this story of police abuse is real, but it is. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Ex-CBS Reporter: Government Agency Bugged My Computer, by Kyle Smith and Bruce Golding, at If this is what the left will do to a main stream reporter. It’s not hard to believe that the IRS would target individuals and groups that want to shrink Government.

America’s Shale Revolution Has Elevated The US To The Worlds No. 1 Energy Superpower, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. This has happened in spite of the bureaucrats in this administration trying to stop hydraulic fracturing. What would the economy look like if they had been successful at shutting down fracking?

What’s Weirder Than Gas Prices Tumbling? Not A Single Politician Demanding To Know Why, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Politicians are always looking to demonize evil speculators when the price goes up. What about the evil speculators when the price goes down?

Liberals Propose Social Security-Like System To Transition To Green Economy, by Nathan Schacht, mediatrackersorg. Central planners think they are smarter than the market. As Robert Bradley has said, “ When Government tries to pick losers and winners, it typically picks losers. Why? Because in a free market consumers pick winners to leave the losers for Government.” Read my article, Government Investment? Or Government Waste?, to see how green energy has failed.

Energy Independence, by Robert Bradley, at Free markets, as hampered as they are by Government edicts, are the only way that scarce resources can be rationed economically.

Confessions Of A Wheel Chair Nazi, by Victor H. Ward, at Just another example of the unintended consequences of legislation. Central planners aren’t as smart as the spontaneous order created by individuals cooperating and competing in free markets.

Random Thoughts, by Thomas Sowell, at Thomas Sowell is always a must read. Here is an example:

Too many intellectuals are too impressed with the fact that they know more than other people. Even if an intellectual knows more than anybody else, that is not the same as saying that he knows more than everybody else put together — which is what would be needed to justify substituting his judgment for that expressed by millions of others through the market or through the ballot box.”