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Must Reads For The Week 11/17/18

November 18, 2018



Airbnb Made D.C. Affordable For Tourists. the City Council Just Voted To Rein It In, by Mark McDaniel, at Here is an example of local government interfering into the voluntary exchanges made by individuals.

Kansas City Health Department Pours Bleach On Food Meant For Homeless People, at fox32chicago .com. Here is an excerpt from the article: “The Health Department said the group did not have a permit and was putting people at risk. “E. coli or salmonella or listeria can grow in the food,” department director Rex Archer said. “And then you give that to homeless people who are more vulnerable, they will end up in the ER and even die from that exposure.”

In the words of John McEnroe, “You Can NOT Be serious.”

So let me get this straight. There is a lower risk of death and disease from lack of food, than the risk of eating food prepared by individuals who eat the food they prepare for themselves everyday?

Bureaucrats Consider Shutting Down Informal Play School For 2-Year-Olds Because It’s Too Safe, by Lenore Skenazy, at Bureaucrats stick their nose into every aspect of our life.

The Postal Service Lost $3.9 Billion Last Year, by Eric Boehm, at Bureaucrats keep propping up a failing business model because they are not funding it with their own money. They are using tax payer dollars. This is what “investment” by government looks like.

School Punishes Male Teacher For Refusing To Watch A Naked Girl, by Joy Pullmann, at To protect a transgender female dressing in the male locker room this school “ordered a male P.E. teacher to supervise the potentially undressed girl in the locker room“. Understanding our new world of #MeToo, he refused. Administrators want to put him on administrative leave. This seems insane to people outside of a bureaucracy. But it makes perfect sense to bureaucrats.

NYC Councilman Wants To Spy On Bar Patrons In Order To Stop Sexual Harassment, by Elizabeth Nolan Brown, at These insane bureaucrats want to centrally plan every aspect of our lives. Excerpts from the article: “Intent on leaving no space unmoderated by peeping bureaucrats, New York city councilman Rafael L. Espinal Jr. is advocating for sophisticated surveillance cameras in all nightlife establishments, mandatory sexual-harassment intervention training for their staff, and fines for establishments that don’t display signs telling patrons that they’re in a “harassment free zone” and “consent is mandatory”.

Chicago Expelled A Male Student 4 Days Before Graduation Because His Ex Made A Dubious Sexual Violence Claim, by Robby Soave, at When are college bureaucrats going to realize it is above their pay grade to investigate these matters. These matters should be turned over to police investigators and the legal system. But bureaucrats have enough hubris to think they are smart enough to do a job that requires specialized knowledge. And their hubris comes at a high cost when they get sued for their ignorance.

Progressives Zero-In On Exit-Tax On Illinois Wealth, at Bureaucrats want to build what would essentially be a wall around Illinois to keep people from escaping their State.

San Francisco Forces Large Corporations To Pay “Homeless Tax”, at The people voted this in! This is like playing Russian roulette with 6 bullets in the revolver.

Red Flag Gun Laws: Yet Another Government Weapon For Compliance and Control, by John Whitehead, at Anyone can bring ‘concerns’, made up or not, to authorities and they will be glad to take guns away from individuals without due process. This is incremental gun confiscation.

Dem Congressman Wants To Force Gun Owners To Get Rid Of ‘Assault’ Weapons, by David Grey, at Most bureaucrats have tried to hide gun confiscation under the guise of ‘common sense gun legislation”. But it looks like they are taking their masks off.

The UK’s “Knife Crime Epidemic” Is Proof Bans Don’t Ever Work, at UK’s knife crime epidemic proves the point that guns and knives don’t commit crimes. People commit crimes.

Climate Scientists Admit To Major Math Error After Global Warming Study Debunked, at Even the scientific community can be taken over by bureaucrats. Was this an honest mistake? Their track record says no.



Citing Need To ‘Believe All Women,’ Avenatti Immediately Pleads Guilty To Domestic Violence Charges, at

Outrageous: Thousands Of Russian Trolls Are Taking Jobs Away From Hard-Working American Trolls, at

Press Uneasy As Trump Asks Them to Stand On Giant Target Painted On Floor, at

Nancy Pelosi Planning To Reenergize House By Injecting Self With Blood Of Young Representatives, at

Embarrassed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Can Only Afford American Flag Pin With 19 Stars, at

Hillary Launches Campaign To Raise $100 Million Or Else She’ll Run For President, at





Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Avenatti deserves due process even though he didn’t afford it to Kavanaugh. But we can have a laugh at his expense.

Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Mike Lester

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino


The President’s Views On The Founding And The Second Amendment

January 13, 2016

President Obama held a town hall meeting about gun violence last week. When the President is off his teleprompter, he always lets his true ideology slip out for all to see. The video below is no exception.

Here is a recap of the video if you don’t want to watch it.

Gabby Gifford’s husband talks about how people are afraid that the government wants more back ground checks so it can have a registry, which will lead to confiscation, which will lead to a tyrannical government. He than asks, if the government wants to confiscate 350 million guns, how would they do that?

Some in the audience start to clap as the camera pans to a priest who is clapping and smiling. But look closely at the ladies on each side of him. Not only are they not clapping, they have a scowl on their faces.

One comment about the set up to the question. Tyrannical government doesn’t follow the confiscation of guns. Tyrannical government would have had to have been in existence long before any confiscation.


The President than says. “This notion of a conspiracy out there it gets wrapped up in concerns about the federal government. Now there’s a long history of that. That’s in our DNA. The United States was born suspicious of some distant authority.”

Mr. President, with all due respect, our founders weren’t suspicious of something distant. They were living with the reality of the tyrannical British authority that was present in the colonies. Of course the King was in England which was some distance away, but King George sent his governors and generals over here to rule over the colonists. The long arm of the King stretched across the ocean. The third amendment of the Constitution states, “No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner….” 

Our founders made this part of the Bill of Rights because “Red Coats” were actually taking over people’s homes without the consent of the owners. Doesn’t our constitutional scholar and chief know that we broke away from a tyrannical government that was here on our shores, not “something distant”? Of course he does. He is a propagandist along the lines of Edward Bernays, Joseph Goebbels, and Noam Chomsky.


He goes on to say that people who believe his government wants to confiscate guns are conspiracy theorists. Here is an excerpt.

“It is a conspiracy. Are you suggesting a notion that were creating a plot to take everyone’s guns away so that we can impose martial law. Is that a conspiracy? Yes that’s a conspiracy…..down state Illinois is closer to Kentucky than to Chicago and everybody hunts down there. And a lot of folks own guns so this is not alien territory to me. I’ve got a lot of friends…who are hunters….. It is a false notion that I believe is circulated for political reasons or commercial reasons in order to present a coming together of many people of good will to develop common sense rules that will make us safer…..

The propagandist and chief tries to use the term conspiracy to paint the opposition as crazies. He tries to make it seem like the only use for guns is hunting. He tries to seem sympathetic by saying he has friends who hunt. He implies that people of good will and common sense agree with him. He implies that the only reasons people don’t agree with him are because of political or economic interests.

The President and his ilk are willing to move their football down the ideological field inch by inch until they get what they want. Just look at how many decades it took to get government-run healthcare, and they aren’t finished yet. The progressives hope Obamacare is the penultimate step toward their goal of a single payer system. If Progressives where this patient with healthcare, don’t you think they’re willing to work in incremental steps over many decades to reach their goal of getting rid of guns?

Here is an article titled, “FLASHBACK”-Author Quotes Obama – Then Professor Obama Saying I Don’t Believe People Should Own Guns ,at In this article economics and author John Lott recalls conversations regarding gun laws they had while working at the University of Chicago. Here is an excerpt from the article.

“In chapter three of his new book, At The Brink, Mr. Lott discusses gun-control and takes the reader back to his time at the University of Chicago, where he and then visiting professor Barack Obama spoke on numerous occasions about guns in America.”

“I don’t believe People should be able to own guns,” Obama told Lott on day at the University of Chicago Law School.

“Lott explains that he first met Obama shortly after completing his research on concealed handgun laws and crime.”

“He did not come across as a moderate who wanted to bring people together,” Lott writes.

“After he introduced himself to Obama, Lott suggested that they have lunch one day to discuss their views on guns. According to Lott, Obama “grimaced and turned away.” That was the way many conversations with Obama ended, Lott says.”

“Although the Law School was famous for openness of its faculty and friendly engagement, Lott says, “Obama…preferred silent, scowling disdain to collegiality.”

“… in a Fox News interview Obama stated, “I have said consistently that I believe that the Second Amendment is an individual right.”

Lott isn’t convinced: “Despite his assurance to Fox News that he understands the Second Amendment, it’s a good bet that the positions Obama took on guns during his time at Chicago reveal his true convictions.

Who is telling the truth? President Obama or John Lott.


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Must Reads For The Week 12/7/13

December 7, 2013
The pen is mightier than the sword...

The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Fast-Food Workers Plan Strikes In 100 Cities This Week, at Unions are trying to increase their membership by preying on the economic ignorance of young people, promising them a minimum wage of $15 dollars an hour. Minimum wages laws don’t work! Read here.

One Of These Is The “Real” Economy, at The Fed’s counterfeit money is creating a bubble in the stock market, and  misallocating  scarce resources in the private sector.

Obama Doesn’t Understand Income Inequality Either, by Michael S. Rozeff, at Incomes are unequal because individuals are unequal, it’s that simple. Individuals have different skill sets, work ethic, and desires. Lebron James and I have different incomes because people value his skill set higher than mine as evidenced by the fact that they will voluntarily pay him more to perform his skill than they will pay me to perform my skill.

Cartoon Of The Day: People vs. Government, at This cartoon says it all.

Clueless Krugman Speaks Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth, by Chris Rossini, at Krugman laments the idea that the poor and middle class are finding it harder to move up the economic ladder while at the same time cutting their chance to climb the ladder by proposing raising the minimum wage.

San Francisco Considers Banning Butterfly Releases, at Why do we even consider stupidity like this.

Obama’s Plan To Snatch Your Savings, by Jeffery Folks, at Government bureaucrats have their eyes on your retirement accounts. Where ever there’s a pile of money, bureaucrats will try to figure a way to get their hands on it. They will pass a law to make their theft legal.

Confiscation Begins In NYC: “Immediately Surrender Rifle and/or Shotgun, by Tammy Bruce, at Nothing more to  say.