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A Lesson From Atlas Shrugged II

June 16, 2016

When the time comes will we have enough people who will stand up against tyrannical Government like Henry Rearden in Atlas Shrugged II?

Henry Rearden owns Rearden Steel. Under the Fair Share Law he is required to sell to the Government. When he refuses, he has to go to court. His speech in front of the court starts around 8:00. It is outstanding.

Here are some excerpts from a conversation Rearden has with a Government bureaucrat who is sent to convince him to sell steel to the Government.

Bureaucrat – Please understand it is my job.

Rearden – It’s a job you chose…. I’ve just never met a looter with your kind of dedication and endurance.

Bureaucrat – I’m not a looter!

Rearden – No! You’re not here to take something from me you didn’t earn yourself?

Bureaucrat – You can’t just reject a Government order for your materials.

Rearden – Why can’t I.

Bureaucrat – It’s an essential needs project.

Rearden – Essential to whom.

Bureaucrat – It’s very important, it’s for the State Science Institute. Rest assured Mr. Rearden, It’s in the public interest.

Rearden – You tell your people that I will not sell any Rearden metal to the State Science Institute at any time, for any price, for any purpose whatsoever.

Bureaucrat – Mr. Rearden, no one has ever refused to sell a strategic material to the Government. It’s against the Fair Share Law. You have to sell it to them.

Rearden – I’ll make it simple for you. Tell them I won’t accept payment. Now their welcome to come down here with their trucks and guns and seize as much metal as they want.

Bureaucrat – That would be theft.

Rearden –Damn son, you’re brighter than you look……….. One of these days you’re going to have to decide whose side you’re on.

Bureaucrat – You know Mr. Rearden times have changed. We all have to be flexible. You can’t be tied down by rigid principles.

Rearden – Try pouring a ton of steel without rigid principles.




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