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Must Reads For The Week 1/16/16

January 16, 2016

Warming Up Your Car? It’s Illegal And Dangerous, by Eric Lagatta, at Government at all levels is tyrannical. Ohio law states that it is illegal to leave your car running with your keys in it. They passed this law to prevent car thefts. What right do legislative busybodies have to tell us what we can do with our property. You own your car. If you want to weigh the risk of warm up your car in the morning vs. its potential theft, it should be your decision not theirs. just another example of incremental intervention by tyrannical government. Ohio is not the only state that has this law (read here).

Philadelphia Police Chief And Mayor Disagree on whether a police being shot had something, or nothing, to do with Islam. The police chief reports the facts of the case. The Mayor ignores these facts and gives his politically correct opinion about the shooting. It’s as if the Mayor wasn’t paying attention to what the police chief said just seconds before he makes his statement.

Bernie Sanders Says Police, Not Colleges, Should Handle Rape, by Robby Soave, at I agree with Bernie Sanders, wait a second, Bernie Sanders agrees with me. Rape is a legal issue that should be handled by cops and courts. Colleges are not equipped to handle allegations of rape. The Catholic church got into trouble when they thought it was in their purview to deal with accusations of molestation by Priests. It was a legal matter. Colleges should let the legal system take care of these accusations.

Multiculturalism Trumps Protecting Women From Rape, by Dennis Prager, at On the lefts  ladder of political correctness, women must understand that they rank at least one rung below the idea of multiculturalism. The left divides Americans into groups whether it’s women and men, black and white, gay and straight, poor and rich etc. As these groups ultimately end up butting heads, the left has to make a choice between one group over another. Watching the left hoisted on their own petard of political correctness is actually quite enjoyable.

Little Girl Suspended For 30 Days Because She Lent her Inhaler To A Gasping Friend, by Robby Soave, at Is there no common sense among school administrators and or teachers? At least you can go to the replay official in the NFL when an official makes a decision. This girl has to wait for a hearing on the matter. File this under to many rules and not enough common sense.

Americans Are Abandoning Political Parties, at People are waking up to the fact that Government intervention into our lives increases no matter which party is in power. This is a good thing for freedom.

Capitalism The Worst System, Except All Others, by Noel S. Williams, at “The left promotes perfect systems that don’t work, and denigrate systems that work but are not perfect.”

Hillary Clearly Knew She Was Sending Secret Information Via Insecure E-Mails, And Knew It Was Wrong, by John R. Lott, at You can have your own server, but you are not allowed to use it for State business.The FBI Expands Investigation To Clinton Foundation, at The Clinton Foundation is just a way for Bill and Hill to launder money. I would be shocked if anything is done about Hillary’s law breaking. The rule of law doesn’t apply to rulers, it only applies to the ruled.

It’s All The Fed’s Fault”, Santelli Rages, at He says “that the notion that a group of people should control the price of money, (he means the interest rate), should be under review“. The interest rate should be determined by the billions of subjective decisions made everyday by millions of people.

How Price Controls Leads To Socialism, by Ludwig von Mises, at Let the master explain.

Could China’s Housing Bubble Bring Down The World Economy, by Charles Hugh Smith, at This is similar to our housing bubble that burst in 2008.







Observations From The Margin

June 10, 2015


Observation Tower

Observation  (Photo credit: mooglet)

-What is the top rung on the progressive ladder of sin? Trying to put these sins in an order that makes sense is a task that angels wouldn’t dare attempt, but progressive politicians seem to think they are up to the task. For a long time I thought that being called a racist was the top rung on the ladder of sin, but recently I think being called a homophobe has taken over being the top rung. But just wait, if Hillary becomes the Democratic candidate for president, being a sexist will be the top rung. What happens if multiple possible sins can be committed against an individual because they are a member of multiple groups, like a black gay woman? Does having the possibility of multiple sins being committed against you make you a more important mascot to be used by politicians? If we all grew thicker skins and become less sensitive to being offended, politicians wouldn’t have as much control over us.

-Why would we be surprised that the Clinton Global Foundation is nothing more than a money laundering scheme? The Clintons did the same thing on a smaller scale when they were using the Lincoln bedroom to raise money during their eight years in the White House.

-The Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal is simple to understand. Hillary broke the law when she used a private e-mail server instead of the Government e-mail server. Don’t listen to her verbal sleight of hand when she tries to explain it.

-The recent theft of government employees records by hackers (we think it was China) begs the question, How much easier would it be to hack into Hillary Clintons private e-mail server than to hack into a Government server? The Government encryption is much more difficult to crack than the standard encryption used on Hillary’s private server.

-Do you think there was any information on Hillary’s server that a foreign country could use to blackmail Hillary Clinton if she ever became President?

-I have said that the altercations between Police and citizens will start to increase because of the breakdown of the rule of law. Thank you politicians and bureaucrats. When the law doesn’t apply to you, (Hillary e-mail server), and you pass so many laws that it makes it impossible for an individual to know them all, what do you expect.  Politicians and bureaucrats, don’t have to deal directly with the people affected by these laws like the police do, but they do get to ride in on their white horses with solutions to the tension between police and citizens. People won’t follow the law when they think the laws are arbitrary and petty, and also when they think the laws don’t apply to our “rulers”. As much as I think that there are instances that police are breaking the law and just wielding power, there are many instances where individuals make situations worse by not complying. Because I know police and citizens don’t have wings and halos, I judge each of these situations, seen weekly on the news, on it’s own merits without picking a side before hand. Police and citizens have to deescalate these situations and start treating each other with more respect. If we don’t take care of this at the point where police and citizens meet each other,  we are opening the door for politicians and bureaucrats to use the “crisis” to step in and become even more tyrannical.

-Remember during the process of passing the Affordable Care Act, Nancy Pelosi saying “you have to pass it to see what’s in it”? How did that turn out? We are witnessing the same type of process with the secrecy surrounding the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement being pushed by President Obama. Should we trust this kind of process?

-I’ve stated this before but let’s try it again. People are born with either an xx or an xy sex chromosome. And no matter what anyone, including Bruce Jenner, feels his gender is, his sex is either male (xy) or female (xx). No amount of surgery or hormone replacement therapy can change that.

-How can Bruce Jenner receive the Arthur Ash award for courage at the ESPYs when it doesn’t take courage to do something that the main stream media, politicians, and the Hollywood culture support. Courage is demonstrated when you swim against the politically correct current.