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Must Reads For The Week 6/27/15

June 27, 2015
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

I’d Never Make It As A Politicians Aid, by Chris Rossini, at Looking at the minimum wage from a different prospective. Logical consistency by politicians is not a requirement for holding office.

Instead Of Killing America’s Shale Revolution With Increased Production, The Saudis Have Jump Started Shale 2.0, by Mark J. Perry at carpediemblog. We are the most productive and innovative people on the planet. Saudi Arabia doesn’t know who they picked a fight with. The only entity that can snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory is our Federal Government.

Jeff Immelt, The Jobs Czar From Hell Threatens To Off-Shore Jobs Unless Ex-Im Bank Is Extended, at The Export-Import bank finances big corporate exports to make them competitive abroad. What are the odds of congress letting the Ex-Im renewal date go by the wayside? Slim to none. Your tax dollars being used to prop up big business. This is nothing more than corporate welfare, and Immelt is a welfare pimp.

A Chip That Mimics Human Organs Is The Design Of The Year, by Liz Stinson, at Organs on chips? These chips mimic human organs and decreased dependence on animal testing and decreases the time and cost of developing drugs.

Scientists Invent Artificial Leg That Allows Amputees To Feel Real Sensations, at The title says it all.

Vatican Bans Skeptical Scientist From Climate Summit, at I guess the Pope didn’t want his “infallibility” challenged.

Buying A Car Could Soon Be A Thing Of The Past, And Ford Is Desperate To Find Out What’s Next, by Drew Harwell, at Ford is thinking out side the box about the future of sales.

5 Eye Opening Facts And Figures On No Knock Warrants, by Sean Piccoli, at Only 7% of no knock warrants were for hostage crisis, barricades, or active shooters. The other 93% probably shouldn’t have been issued.

Myths Of American Gun Violence, by John Lott, at “After adjusting for America’s much larger population, we see that many European countries have higher rates of death in mass shootings.” John Lott is the go to guy on gun statistics.

Greece Illustrates 150 Years Of Socialist Failure In Europe, by Patrick Barron, at Excerpt from the article, “Socialism will not work, whether in one country, a multi-state region such as Europe, or the entire world. Ludwig von Mises explained that socialism is not an alternative economic system. It is a program for consumption. It tells us nothing about economic production.”

Monty’s Musings, at A few examples. – “Government can’t create prosperity, but it can destroy it.” -“Most academicians have been educated well beyond their level of competence.” – “Nothing moral can be achieved via coercion.”


Abbot And Costello Explain The Unemployment Situation, at Using the “Who’s on first” schtick to explain how Government calculates the unemployment rate.

This clip of Carnac  brings back good memories of Johnny and Ed making me laugh. This has nothing to do with anything other than laughter.