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Must Reads For The Week 12/23/17

December 23, 2017

States Partner to Sue Massachusetts, California Over Costly Livestock Bans, at Should States have the right to ban the sale of veal, eggs and pork that comes from animals confined to small cages? The real question is; should each individual consumer be allowed to keep his right to make this decision for himself? Or shall the force of the State take this decision away from him?

American, United, And Delta Airlines Should Compete Instead Of Crying To Uncle Sam For Help, at carpediemblog. As we have said many times, When businesses are just starting they love competition. But when these same businesses gain a sizable share of a market, they now use their energy to keep new competitors out of the market. The only entity with the power to keep competitors out, is the Federal Government. So big corporations lobby individuals in government to pass laws making it harder for startups to enter the market. This is crony capitalism. It is not free market capitalism.

Whirlpool Has Washington In A Spin Cycle, by George Will, at Another example of crony capitalists lobbying government to take out their competition. In this case American companies like Whirlpool want to keep out competition from abroad by getting Government to impose “tariff-rate-quotas”. Of course the consumer suffers the consequences of these government policies through higher priced goods.

‘Equal Pay Day’ This Year Was April 4th – The Next ‘Equal Occupational Fatality Day’ Will Be On May 30th, 2028, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemb.og. Men work in more dangerous occupations than women. Men had 4,803 occupational deaths in 2016. Women had 387 occupational deaths in 2016. Is that fair? Of course it is. Because men work in more dangerous professions than women. It is also fair that men make more money over all because they choose to work in higher paying professions than the professions in which women choose to work.

Consumers Are Smarter Than Bureaucrats, by Lee Friday, at Government agencies have consumers best interest as their top priority….. Yeah, right!!!! Canada’s ‘Competition Bureau’ is suing Hudson Bay Company because of deceptive price practices for the last four years. This is an example of a law suit looking for a victim. Why do I say that? Because as the article says, “The regular prices of the sleep sets were so inflated above what the market would bear that sales at the regular prices were virtually non-existent…” How could have this ever gone to court? No business can get away with ‘price gouging’. Why?  Because as prices rise, less will be sold. And in this case nothing was being sold.

Have We Reached NFL, by Charles Hugh Smith, at It is not just because of the politicization of NFL that people aren’t watching the NFL.


DOJ Opens Probe Into Bundy Prosecutors Who Hid Evidence, at The break down of the rule of law starts with Government. This is another example of law breaking by our government betters. If these abuses of power keep happening, the credibility of law enforcement will continue to crumble. Shining light on corruption is the only way to get our out of control government agencies under control. In the long run this is a good thing.

FBI Edits To Clinton Exoneration Go Far Beyond what Was Previously Known; Comey, McCabe, Strzok Implicated, at Another example of the break down of the rule of law. The FBI fixed the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email investigation. Individuals in higher level positions of every government agency are political. They are not unbiased public servants. Their bias is toward protecting the status quo of big government. Which means their incentivized to “finesse” the law to help their own people on the one hand, and bring down the people who want to shrink the size and scope of government on the other.

Congress To Investigate Obama Efforts To Thwart a DEA Investigation Of Hezbollah Drug Trafficking, at Do establishment insiders not understand why we are loosing trust in government institutions. Politics is why the plug was pulled on this investigation. Political incentives are more powerful than doing what is right.

Nikki Haley vs. Hillary Clinton

Lets compare our last two Secretaries of State.

Nikki Haley flips the bird to the UN in this speech before they voted on condemning the U.S.  decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, stating that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel.

Hillary Clinton condemns anti-Islam video. The date of this speech is September 13, 2012. Do you remember what happened on September 11, 2012?

Must Reads For The Week 12/9/17

December 10, 2017


Arizona Cop Acquitted For Killing Man Crawling Down Hotel Hallway While Begging For His Life, by Scott Shackford, at Usually headlines are cleverly written to spin a story in a particular direction. But this headline is 100% accurate. Watch the video. It is disgusting. Put yourself in the shoes of the man who gets killed. Is the cops tone, when he is giving commands, way over the top compared to how this man and his girl friend are responding? Would you be scared for your life with a cop acting like this? It’s as if the cop is trying to purposefully confuse these two people. Put yourself in the shoes of the cop. Would you feel threatened by this man at any moment before the cop pulled the trigger even if you were told he had a gun? Since you haven’t been “trained” to deal with these kinds of situations, like the cops have, the answer is; “no, I wouldn’t feel threatened”. But you still have common sense because you haven’t been “trained”.

Speaking of common sense. How could the jury acquit the Cop? The cop has to bear some legal responsibility for the death of this man. Is “fearing for your life” a get out of jail free card for all law enforcement officers? Did the man kneeling on the floor “fear for his life”? Unfortunately he wasn’t alive to play that card.

Police Officer Is Murdered For Her Uniform In The Bronx, at Here is the flip side of the coin. A guy walked up to this female officer and shot her. Situations like this are why police don’t trust anyone they come in contact with. And situations like the previous article are why citizens don’t trust cops. Even though over 99% of citizen cop encounters don’t end in death, the perception is these situations happen all the time. This perception will continue to break down the respect citizens have for law enforcement and law enforcement has for citizens. This lack of respect for each other will increase the tension in every police citizen encounter.

How can the lack of respect for each other be repaired? It will take a conscious effort on both sides over an extended period of time. But it starts with the people who have the power of the state behind them. Police have to treat citizens with  respect before it can be reciprocated. Read this article about how Cincinnati Police Department repaired their damaged relationship with their community in this article, Cincinnati’s Problem-Oriented Police Reform at


Insiders don’t want their power taken away. Insiders in politics, Federal bureaucracies and the media will use any means necessary to maintain the status quo. The FBI has lost credibility because the senior level is “colluding” to produce criminal activity that didn’t happen while covering up criminal activity that actually happened. This is another example of the breakdown of the rule of law as well as the loss of trust in politicians, bureaucrats and the media. Here are some articles that show the corruption of the insiders.

Insider Corruption

Why The Deep State Is At War With Trump, by David Stockman, at This article explains the battle between the Deep State {entrenched bureaucrats} and outsiders who try to upset the status quo.

Deep State Drained: Top DOJ Official “Demoted” After Working With Fusion GPS To Push Trump Disinformation-Dossier, at When you politicize  the legal system corruption follows.

Collusion Conspiracy Continues To Collapse – Rep. Nunes Cleared In Russian Leak Probe, at Everything is politicized.

Insiders Protect Their Own

What We Know About The Russian-Clinton Uranium Deal So Far Is Crazy, by James Hyde, at This is about political favors paid for with money laundered through the Clinton Foundation.

Dismissed FBI Agent Is One Who Changed Hillary Email Scandal Language From “Grossly Negligent” To “Extremely Careless”, at The legal standard for the law related to Hillary’s email scandal is “gross negligence”. Her intent didn’t matter from a legal aspect. Being and insider protected Hillary from prosecution. There is no rule of law when everything is political.

FBI Deputy Director McCabe Told Agents To Lie About Benghazi Investigation, Says GOP Lawmaker, at A deputy director of the FBI knowing what truth was lied for the Obama administration.

 Mainstream Media Insiders

Brian Ross Suspended By ABC After Erroneous Trump Flynn Report, at The information from his source confirmed what he wanted to be true. So he went with it. Ross doesn’t care if he got suspended as long as he advanced his agenda.

CNN Botches “Bombshell” Report “Proving” Collusion Between Trump Jr and Wikileaks, at Another example of confirmation bias by the mainstream media.


Trump is disrupting the status quo and they are fighting back. Here are some of the reasons Trump has a target on his chest.

Trump, In Utah, Takes Unprecedented Step To Reduce 2 National Monuments, at Trump is undoing Federal land grabs of State owned land by the Obama administration. All the usual suspects are up in arms about this.

Trump’s Jerusalem Decision: Democrats Accuse President Of Playing Politics, at The three previous Presidents promised the same thing that Trump promised during the campaign. He made good his promise, the other three did not. Insiders don’t want Jerusalem recognized as Israel’s capital and are not happy.