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Must Reads For The Week 11/22/14

November 22, 2014
 PipelineThe pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Ex-CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Shares New Emails From Govt. Official: “She’s Out Of Control, by Erica Ritz, at This story should be known by everybody. If you stand in the way of big Government, you will pay a price. I love when people use to tell me, “That can’t happen here”. Well it is happening here.

Grubergate For Idiots (Such As American Voters): All You Need To Know In 2 Minutes, at Nancy Pelosi isn’t as skilled at lying as the President, as you will see in this short video.

John Kerry Called Gruber, “Our Guide On A Lot Of This, at Why do we allow people like these pompous Senators  make decisions about our lives. Gruber may be correct, we are idiots. Looking at our elected officials tells us more about ourselves than it does them.

25% Of Americans Prefer Socialism Over Capitalism, at When you look at the chart you see that about 63% of the people in the world believe that free market decision-making produces a better outcome, and 29% of the people think that socialism will produce a better outcome. But I would guess that if politicians and bureaucrats were asked the same question, the outcome would probably be that 80%  believe that socialism produces a better outcome than free market decision-making.

How Fraudsters Turned The 24th Warmest October Into The 4th Warmest, at More Global warming chicanery run wild. With the earth cooling over the last 17 years, I think it’s about time we start burning more fossil fuels, which would put more green house gasses into the atmosphere, which in turn would supposedly raise the earth’s temperature back to normal. Who arbitrarily defines normal ?

Man Forced To Apologize For “Sexist” Shirt After Updating Press On Spacecraft That Landed On Comet, at This is a combination of political correctness gone wild, and the feminization of the male.

Wow California County Quietly Votes For Independence From State And Federal Laws, at This is always good for overall liberty even though this council will pass more restrictive regulations than the Federal laws they hope to escape. At least the new democratic tyranny can actually be fought at a local level instead of the federal level.

Middle-Of-The-Road Policy: Lessons From Argentina And Venezuela, by Ivan Carrino, at The middle of the road policy is chaotic.  A country is either moving toward free markets, or toward a centrally planned economy. In which direction are we moving?

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Like An 80’s Boy Band Gone Badly Sadly Wrong.

I Can Understand Obama Wearing This. But Putin!






Gruber Tells The Truth About Obamacare!

November 11, 2014

Jonathan Gruber was the go to guy when it came to lying about the Affordable Care Act. In this video he tells us what the anointed, (politicians, bureaucrats, academics, lawyers, and journalists), actually think about us the benighted masses. The public was sold a bill of goods that was a complete lie. But if you understood economics you knew the Affordable Care Act wouldn’t make healthcare “affordable”. How could adding a layer of bureaucracy to a healthcare system that was already deemed “unaffordable”, make healthcare affordable? It couldn’t.

This article, Jonathan Gruber Failed To Disclose His $392,600 Contracts With HHS, by emptywheel, at, is another example of people thinking they are above the law, especially when they work for Government. Remember Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner forgot to pay his taxes when he was working for the International Monetary Fund (read here).

This arrogant ass sickens me to my core. Our founders told us not to trust anyone in positions of power. It is our fault we have allowed Governmental power to expand to the degree that it has today. It is our responsibility to try to roll it back. This is going to be a long fight because big Government progressives are entrenched in both parties.

The first article below was written in the fall of 2012, and the other was written in the fall of 2013. I think we nailed it.

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