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Must Reads For The Week 10/23/15

October 24, 2015

A Challenge To The GOP From Bernie Sanders: Put Up Our Shut Up On Capitalism, by Dan Mitchell, at Sanders is correct for wanting reporters to ask Republicans: ‘are you a capitalist’. Socialism is government ownership of the means of production. Sanders and Hillary don’t want socialism. They want government intervention, redistribution and crony socialism. Capitalism is private ownership of the means of production. Republicans candidates think they want capitalism. But what they propose is varying degrees of government intervention, redistribution, and crony capitalism. It’s going to take decades of elections to replace politicians who have this mindset with people who understand free markets and liberty. Inch by inch.

Sanders, Trump, and John Maynard Keynes, by Hunter Lewis, Sanders thinks our current Keynesian crony capitalist system is capitalism. Trump thinks our current Keynesian crony capitalist system is socialism. Their cure is more government intervention in different ways. Sanders wants redistribution of wealth, and Trump wants a mercantilist attitude about trade.

Donald Trump’s Contempt For The Free Market, at Trump wants to stop Ford from building an auto plant in Mexico by putting a tariff on the goods Ford will bring in from Mexico. Government regulations and taxes incentivized Ford to move the plant. So instead of using more Government force to create different incentives, why not get rid of the regulations and taxes that produced the original incentives?

My Letter To The NY Times re: My Advice To The ECB And The Fed, by Patrick Barron, at Excerpt from the article. “If the Fed wishes to prevent financial crises, it only needs to stop initiating them. The Fed’s hubris that it can fathom the proper interest rate for our vast and complex economy must rank among the greatest fallacies of all time. The Fed sees the world through the completely discredited Keynesian lens which posits that aggregate demand–what the rest of us know simply as spending–is the path to prosperity. Anyone who believes this nonsense need ask himself why he has not liquidated his own savings on frivolous consumption…

Global Stocks Soar On Surprise China Rate Cut, by David Gaffen, at Is anyone shocked that global stock markets soared when China’s central bank cut interest rates and the European central bank said they will increase the size of its quantitative easing (electronically printing counterfeit money) program? How strong is the world economy when the central banks of China, Europe, and the U.S. have to lower interest rates and print money to keep it afloat?

The Cronies: Half Of All Export-Import Bank Benefits Go To 10 Companies, at The Exim Bank, backed by your tax dollars, finances transactions so foreign customers can buy from American companies. These are transactions that private banks wouldn’t make because of the commercial and political risks inherent in these deals. It’s easier to be risky when it isn’t your money. By the way, does this seem like a money laundering scheme?

A Tax I Can Support, by Per Byland, at This just might work. Unfortunately politicians would never pass it.

Justin Trudeau Elected Canada’s Prime Minister; Young Liberal Star Compared To Obama, at How could this happen? Were Canadian citizens not aware of what has been going on South of their border over the last seven years? Oh wait! What about this article? Obama Campaign Team Hands Canada Over To Lib-Left, at

Is The New Higher Seattle Minimum Wage Destroying Restaurant Jobs In Seattle? at The answer is yes. Because the law of supply and demand states: Less is demanded at a higher price. This includes labor.

Actors In Los Angeles File Lawsuit Against Actors’ Equity Over Wage Hike, at I guess a minimum wage increase is only cool when it doesn’t affect you.

Michigan Governor Signs Bills Reforming Civil Asset Forfeiture, Some good news for liberty.

Rhonda Rousey Shuts Down Feminist.

There’s a difference between merit and value. You don’t get payed for how hard you work. You get paid for the value you produce. Who works harder; a man with a shovel digging a ditch, or a man on a backhoe digging a ditch? It doesn’t matter. The real question is; who produces the most value?



Must Reads For The Week 10/25/14

October 24, 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Minimum Wage Increase Blowback: McDonald’s Plans Major Automation By Third Quarter Of Next Year, at You can’t raise wages above what the labor produces. Why do you think private sector union labor was 35% of the work force in the 50’s, and it’s 7% today. Unions priced themselves out of the market. They are now focused on unionizing Government workers, because politicians will always give in to their demands for more tax payer money.

Wal-Mart That Economic Wrecking Ball, at Wal-Mart gets slammed for supplying consumers with products at lower prices.

The Affordable Care Act Will Push More Women Than Men Into Part-Time Work, at Talk about your war on women?

Pipe Lines Pose Fewer Risks Than Compared To Transporting Oil By Rail Or Truck, at I think it is funny when environmentalists paint themselves into corners when they think they are making the “environmentally correct” decision. Unfortunately they don’t understand that when it comes to making decisions, there are no solutions there are only trade offs.

Quotation Of The Day On The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels, by Mark J. Perry, at Our current standard of living was brought about, and is presently powered by fossil fuels. The only type of power that can compete with carbon based fuels is nuclear energy. Unfortunately we have been brain washed into being afraid of the word nuclear, we won’t even consider it as an alternative energy source.

Hacking Higher Ed. With Competency-Based Education, by Joanne Jacobs, at I saw this at carpe diem blog. Big college’s monopoly in higher education is going to start to crack. The best teacher in a particular subject can teach an unlimited amount of students online, why would you want a countless amount of average college professors who can only teach the limited number of students who attend their classes.

Fed Up With Govt. Misconduct, Federal Judge Takes Nuclear Option, by Sidney Powell, at Eric Holder’s  Justice Department used false evidence to accuse Sierra Pacific of starting a wild-fire. Chief Judge Morrison C. England Jr. ordered every federal judge from the Eastern District of California to recuse themselves. The $55 million settlement will probably be set aside because of the misconduct. Why would anyone trust Government bureaucrats to do their job in a non political and unbiased way?

Google vs. The Entire News Industry: And The Winner Is…. at This is the creative destruction of the free market happening before our eyes.

Citizen Pulls Cop Over Gives Warning, youtube video. I don’t know if this guy is right. I am impressed with how both acted in this situation. Both were respectful and neither one escalated the situation to a point that it got out of control.

Predatory Journalism, by Thomas Sowell, at Anything Thomas Sowell writes is a must read.


This cartoon is really about big bloated Government in general not just the present administration. Republicans wouldn’t be able to make the present bureaucratic and regulatory mess work more efficiently. Even if they could, they would just be intervening in every aspect or our lives more efficiently. (I saw this at












Two quotes about the incompetence of big Government.

Murray Rothbard – “Bureaucracy incompetent enough to plan a stationary system, is vastly more incompetent at planning a progressing one.”

George Gilder – “The ambitious agenda of contemporary liberalism simply ensures that Government will do nothing well, except to expand itself as an obstacle of growth and innovation. Government best supports the future by refraining as much as possible from trying unduly to shape it.”



Must Reads For The Week 3/8/14

March 8, 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword...

The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

By Increasing The Minimum Wage, Will We See An Increase In Labor- Saving Technology Like This, by Mark J. Perry, at Do politicians realize their policies hurt the very people they intend to help.

Two Unrelated (?) Videos, at We have moved so far away from individual freedom and much closer to Government control in the last 50 plus years. These videos are just a reminder.

Georgia Residence Threatened With $1000 Fine For Renting Out Rooms To Tourists, by Kristin Tate, at News like this makes me pessimistic about keeping our freedom.

Oklahoma Legislatures Vote To Nullify Agenda 21, by Michael Lotfi, at News like this makes me optimistic about keeping our freedom. It’s a roller coaster ride everyday.

Fed’s Fisher Admits Stocks Are At “Eye Popping Levels”, at In a speech in Mexico City, Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher said, “he was concerned about “eye-popping levels” of some stock market metrics”, warning that “…the Fed must monitor the signs carefully to ensure bubbles were not forming.” He’s worried about bubbles forming! Doesn’t he see that a stock market bubble not only has formed, but is being blown up every month when the Fed electronically prints roughly 80 billion counterfeit dollars.

JP Morgan’s Biggest Concern Is That Bitcoin Will Succeed, by JP Morgan CIO Michael Cembalest, at Excerpt from the article, ” …my biggest concern is not that Bitcoin will fail, but that it or one of its many virtual currency competitors will one day succeed……In the extreme, Bitcoin may lead to economic activity moving from the regulated economy to the underground shadow economy.” The Government and businesses like JP Morgan benefit from the Federal Reserves monopoly on money printing.  A virtual currency would shrink Government and force crony capitalists like  JP Morgan to compete in a free market. It’s no wonder they are both trying to torpedo virtual currencies like Bitcoin.

It’s Official: New School Lunch Rules Get A Grade Of F-, by Shifra, at Government makes rules, and individuals don’t comply. Related article, Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, Doesn’t Work As Planners Planned, by

Teacher Follows All The Rules, And Student Gets Frostbite, by Alain 41, at This can’t be true can it? These teachers decided this student wasn’t as important as what would happen to them if they got caught breaking a rule. The teachers acted in their own self interest, or in the words of President Obama, these teachers “acted stupidly”.

Video Of Eight year Old Son of Fallen Soldier Goes Viral, by oualdeaux, at Lets end with this.

Must Reads For The Week 1/18/14

January 18, 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword...

The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

What You Were Never Told About Obamacare, by Joseph Salerno, at We, the tax payer, are going to subsidize Health Insurance Companies, who would go bankrupt because of the rules under Obamacare. This is going to be a defacto single payer system.

Seven Nobel Laureats Indorse Increase In Minimum Wage, at When someone says, “economists say……” , ask what economist? Just because they are an “economist” doesn’t mean they are smarter than you about economics.

X Marks The Spot Of The Death Of Monetary Policy, at The Fed can’t even print their way to a good GDP number.

Leno: “Now That Christie Is Denying Everything He Sounds Even More Presidential”, at

Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse Takes Away Right To Be Presumed Innocent, by Ken Braun, at Just another example of the erosion of individual liberty.

Beijing Citizens, Shrouded In Pollution, Flock To Giant  Screens To View Artificial Sunrise, at And the Government tells us we’re the biggest polluters on the planet. Capitalism creates enough wealth to clean up after ourselves, socialist countries don’t.

Who Has The Time And Motivation To Comprehend The Mess We’re In: Almost Nobody. by Charles Hugh Smith, at This is some heavy lifting but it makes you think. Here is an excerpt from the article, Very few people are willing to work hard enough to figure things out on their own. It’s so much easier to join Paul Krugman dancing around the fire of the Keynesian Cargo Cult, chanting “aggregate demand! Humba-Humba!” while waving dead chicken….”

I saw this cartoon on the

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