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Must Reads For The Week 10/28/17

October 30, 2017

Spain PM Fires Catalan Government, Calls Snap elections In Retaliation For Independence Vote, at Government is force. This is how all governments will react when people in their countries think it is “….necessary to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another….” If the EU had more power, it would have forced Great Britain to stay in the EU.

Bill Gates Tacitly Admits His Common Core Experiment Was A Failure, by Joy Pullmann, at Instead of going back to what has worked in the past, they will probably try to implement some new theory that is similar to their failed old theory.

Professor Claims Math, Algebra, And Geometry Promote “White Privilege“, at How can you take this professor seriously? Math can’t possibly know the race of the people who understand or don’t understand it. I listen to nothing someone says after they use the term ‘white privilege’. Terms like racist and white privilege are used so frivolously that they no longer have any power.

Thomas Sowell On Slavery And This Fact – There Are More Slaves Today Than Were Seized From Africa In Four Centuries, by Mark J. Perry, at Quote from Thomas Sowell: “Of all the tragic facts about the history of slavery, the most astonishing to an American today is that, although slavery was a worldwide institution for thousands of years, nowhere in the world was slavery a controversial issue prior to the 18th century. People of every race and color were enslaved – and enslaved others. White people were still being bought and sold as slaves in the Ottoman Empire, decades after American blacks were freed.”

“Everyone hated the idea of being a slave but few had any qualms about enslaving others. Slavery was just not an issue, not even among intellectuals, much less among political leaders, until the 18th century – and then it was an issue only in Western civilization. Among those who turned against slavery in the 18th century were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and other American leaders. You could research all of the 18th century Africa or Asia or the Middle East without finding any comparable rejection of slavery there. But who is singled out for scathing criticism today? American leaders of the 18th century.”

Core Competency, at 90% of Trumps cabinet have worked in the private sector before being appointed. Only 8% of Obama’s cabinet had worked in the private sector before they took their new government position. No wonder the Obama administration hated the private sector which, by the way, funds the big government public sector.

Why Congress Needs To Reinforce Trump’s Regulatory Neglect, by Robert Trancinski, at Trump is slowly dismantling the regulatory bureaucracy. But it won’t last if congress doesn’t codify these roll backs into law.

Tesla Starts A Whole New Round Of Mass Firings, This Time At Solar City, at I have said before that I think that Elon Musk is a scam artist. And the taxpayers are getting fleeced by him. He owns Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City. What do they have in common? They are all subsidized by the tax payer to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Read about all the subsidies Click here.

Illinois Eyes 30 Cent Gas Tax Hike, Chicago Faces Yet Another Property Tax Hike, at Why can’t Governments even consider cutting spending? They’re Pavlovian response to deficits is to raise taxes. Politicians have caved in to public sector union pensions for years and the reality of these decisions is now hitting them square in the face.