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“Must Read” Leftovers From The Week

February 3, 2015

Portsmouth Regulators Voting To Eliminate Taxi Regulations In Response To Uber, by Elizabeth Dinan, at Here is an excerpt from the article, “…the Taxi Commission on Wednesday recommended the elimination of taxi medallions, regulation of taxi fares, city taxi inspections and the Taxi Commission itself.” But don’t jump for joy yet. The city council is going to rewrite the city’s taxi ordinance to try to regulate the existing taxi cartel as well as the new ride sharing industry. Governments at every level exist for the sole purpose of intervening into the decision-making process of individuals.

Thanks Obamacare: This Is What Americans Spent The Most Money On In Q4, at People are spending more on healthcare. I thought the official name of Obamacare was the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act? It obviously isn’t protecting patients from higher costs.

Police Arrest SF Public Defender For Publicly Defending Client [Video], at Public Defender Jamie Tillotson said, “It was surreal to be led away in handcuffs for doing my job, something I do every day.

More Guns Less Murders, at The video below shows the US comes in first in per capita gun ownership. In spite of this , the US comes in number 111 in per capita murder rate. There is no correlation or causation here.

Rare And ‘Horrific’ Frilled Shark Startles Fishermen In Australia, by Bill Chappell, at This is a living fossil.

Defense Against Demagogues, by Walter E. Williams, at Walter E. Williams is one of the best.