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Government Plunder Sows The Seeds Of It’s Own Destruction.

June 17, 2013

Pirates (Photo credit: Gilmoth)


Have we finally reached the point that we can all agree that Government is too big? The latest scandals, concerning Government overreach, should be driving this point home for everyone to see no matter how politically partisan a person may be. But the republicans and the democrats have done a great job of making this a game between two teams, each having a loyal following who will defend their favorite team no matter what the members of the team do. As long as the banner of their favorite team is flying high they let corruption, power grabs, and abuses of individuals rights slide.  The normal solution for any corruption or illegality in Government is to put a new angel in the position that was previously occupied by a fallen angel [aka devil]. This will not cure the problem, it will only temporarily take care of the symptom, but the underlying problem is still there. The underlying problem is (more…)