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Must Read “Leftovers”

September 22, 2015

Bernie Sanders’ War On Chinese Bobbleheads, at Protectionist trade policies like the ones socialists like Bernie Sanders pushes, sound similar to many of the things Donald Trump says about trade with China. These policies sound plausible at first glance, which is why many people fall for these ideas. If people would look below the surface at the economic reality of these policies they wouldn’t be fooled by slick or ignorant politicians. This short video should help.

This is just my subjective value judgement; I think economics is much more riveting when explained by an attractive woman with an Australian accent.

On Third World Sweatshops, at Many sanctimonious do gooders want wages payed to these workers increased, even though they freely chose to work in these “sweatshops”. These do gooders want to export minimum wage (floors) laws to these third world countries. Do they understand that Minimum Wage Laws Create Unemployment? How can we expect them to understand what the results will be in other countries when  they are ignorantly pushing the same policies in our country. Berkeley To Consider Raising Minimum Wage To $19:00 Per Hour, at

“Nope” & Change, at No comment necessary.

Now You Can Find Out If The NSA Is Spying On You, by Kim Settler, at In case you’re interested, you can find out if you’ve been spied on.

High School Football Team Defies Atheist Bullies By Doing THIS, at The Bell County Bobcats say their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion allows the students to lead a pre-game prayer. First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…....  I don’t see how this can be construed to mean anything else.

Hillary Clinton Says Female Sexual Assault Accusers ‘Have A Right to Be Believed‘, at Don’t listen to what Hillary Clinton says. Look at her past actions when she had opportunities to believe female sexual assault accusers. “What you do speaks so loudly, that what you say I can’t hear.