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Freedom Of Religion?

May 22, 2014


I heard about the woman being sentenced to death in Sudan for converting to Christianity. Read about it here, Sudanese Woman Sentenced To Death For Not Renouncing Her Christian Faith. She is married to an American citizen, and is also pregnant.

Quote from the article, “The court in Khartoum ruled that Ibrahim must give birth and nurse her baby before being executed, but must receive 100 lashes immediately after having her baby for adultery — for having relations with her Christian husband.” Now this is a real “war on women”, not a made up war on women that the democrats use for political purposes. I was just thinking: is the pro abortion crowd more upset that she’s being forced to carry her baby to term, or that she is being put to death?

Here’s another quote from the article, “…. the U.S. State Department said it was “deeply disturbed” by the ruling, which…..” Just thinking again: Is being “deeply disturbed” a tougher stance than being “deeply concerned”?

Here’s another quote from the article, “Sudan’s penal code criminalizes the conversion of Muslims into other religions, which is punishable by death. Muslim women in Sudan are further prohibited from marrying non-Muslims, although Muslim men are permitted to marry outside their faith.” So I guess under Islamic Sharia law you still have freedom of religion, it’s just the cost of choosing anything other than Islam is very higher, if not prohibitive. And people over here say they feel uncomfortable when God is mentioned by a speaker at a graduation ceremony.

This Judges ruling is under appeal and could be overturned. If it is over turned, will they impeach the judge who made the original ruling? If they don’t, who in their right mind would want this judge ruling in their case?

Even though it is politically incorrect to say, the truth is, all cultures aren’t equal, some are better than others. Why? Because people are different and these differences produce inequality.