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Rand Paul and Mike Lee Respond To The State Of The Union Address

January 30, 2014

Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee gave responses to the President’s state of the union address. These two are speaking a completely different language than the President is speaking. They are speaking the language of individual liberty, and the President is speaking the language of collective central planning. Unfortunately tens of millions of people in this country don’t understand the language of individual liberty, because they were taught the language of collective central planning. It is our job to educate them that liberty is superior to central planning. I think the tide is turning because these two responses would never have been given just a few years ago.

These responses show the fundamental differences between liberty and central planning that is summed up so well in my favorite quote by F. A. Hayek, “The coordination of men’s activities through central planning or through voluntary cooperation are roads going in very different directions. The first to serfdom and poverty the second to freedom and plenty.”

We have been slowly going down the road to serfdom for too long, it is time to change direction.

Here is Senator Rand Paul’s response.

Here is Senator Mike Lee’s response.

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Walker’s State Of The State Address vs. Obama’s State Of The Union Address

January 29, 2014

These two videos show the difference between a Governor who trusts the wisdom of individuals, and a President who trusts the special wisdom of Government bureaucrats.

In Governor Walker’s state of the state address, he is able to talk about the actual results of policies that have rolled back Government intervention in the free market, although not as much of a rollback for my taste. In the President’s state of the union address, he is painting a vision about a fantasy world that can be created by expanding the decision-making of Government, while shrinking market based decisions by individuals.

Walker’s policies have brought $900 million more in tax receipts than the state spends. Obama’s exponential expansion of Bushes policies, read here,  has increased the Federal debt by $7 trillion.

Walker is going to refund the tax surplus to the individuals who produced it, allowing them to use the dollars as they see fit. Obama is talking about expanding government even farther than he already has, which means taking more from producers. The Federal Government can’t spend anything that it first doesn’t confiscate from you, therefore, all Government spending is simply the substitution of politician’s decisions on how to spend the money taken in taxes, for your decision on how you would have used those confiscated dollars.

Walker understands that real jobs are created by individuals making decisions in the market. Obama thinks jobs are created from top down decrees by Government bureaucrats and politicians.

In this video Walker seems to understand the importance of producers. He understands that you get less economic activity if you burden producers with taxes and regulation.

Contrast what Walker said with what the President says in the video below, if you can get through it. The Presidents speech is more of a theatrical production with soaring rhetoric, appealing to your emotions instead of your brain.

The fact that the Peoples Republic of Wisconsin can change course and slowly start heading in the direction of individual liberty gives me hope for the country as a whole. We may be at a point in history where liberty is on the rise and the state is on the decline. It may not seem that way if you look at the present political situation, but just remember it is dark in the middle of a tunnel. I think more individuals are changing their thinking about the role and scope of Government in their lives. Politics will follow this sea change, it won’t lead it. In Rand Paul’s response to the state of the union show, he talked about how Federal Reserve policies caused our economic problem in the first place. This is an example of the sea change, because the Federal Reserve would never have been talked about, let alone been accused of causing the problem, just five years ago.

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