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Walter E. Williams: Common Sense

August 3, 2015

Walter E. Williams is one of the best at explaining concepts, abstract or other wise, to people who aren’t on his level of knowledge about economics and liberty. Being able to communicate clearly is his great talent. Here is a video I saw at It is Dr. Williams at his best.

Excerpts from the video.

“If you tax something your going to get less of it, and if you subsidize it your going to get more of it. What we’ve been doing is subsidizing slovenly behaviour.”

“I often tell people that I am very very happy that I got virtually all of my education before it became fashionable for white people to like black people. So what that meant is that when I got a ‘C, it was an honest to God ‘C’. When I got an ‘A’, it was an honest to God ‘A’. They weren’t practicing Affirmative action and they didn’t give a damn about my self-esteem.

“Americans have lost their love for the American Constitution, and I believe they’re either ignorant or they have contempt for the United States Constitution. Ignorance is curable, but contempt is not.

This short video above is from the video titled Walter E. Williams: Suffer No Fools (click to watch) from the Free To Choose Network.

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