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A Tornado vs.The Fed, Which Is More Destructive?

May 27, 2013
Shamrock Texas Tornado

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s been a week since the tornado went through Moore Oklahoma and I have yet to see an article or comment by an “economist” saying that the destruction by the tornado will help the economy and create jobs. This is what was said after Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey and New York, read here and here. We showed the errors of this analysis in this post titled, Hurricane Sandy and the Broken Window Fallacy. But like all shallow thinking,  this fallacy will never be put to rest once and for all, so let’s be ready to shoot it down when it rears its head again.

Let’s look at the similarities and the differences between the destructive power of this tornado, and the destructive power of the Fed and the Government. It’s a version of the broken window fallacy. (more…)


Some Videos Of The Tornado In Oklahoma.

May 21, 2013

Watch the Tornado start to form and grow in this video.

Stunning Time-Lapse Video Of 2-Mile Wide Oklahoma Tornado, at This is amazing video from a helicopter in time-lapse, all the way to when the tornado seemingly disappears.

Intense Oklahoma Tornado Footage, at Storm chasers capture the size and intensity of the storm.

Here is a video of a family coming out of the storm cellar after the tornado hit.

Aerial footage of the damage.

Nature is powerful, people are resilient.