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Education System Is A Monopoly Of The Political Left

May 18, 2016

Thomas Sowell

In this recent article by Thomas Sowell titled, Dry Rot In Academia (click here), he makes this statement: “Today one can literally go from kindergarten to becoming a graduate student seeking a PH.D., without ever hearing a vision of the world that conflicts with the vision of the left.”

I’ve coached in high school for decades. My players, most of whom end up just being students in college, tell me about the professors they have. The conversation usually starts something like this, “coach you won’t believe the professor I have for ……” The evidence is overwhelming that academia is biased toward big government central planning. These elites either don’t understand how free markets work, or don’t trust individuals to make their own decisions in a free market.

Here are some excerpts from the article.

“Conservative critics who object on grounds that the views of the left are wrong miss the point. Regardless of whose views become a monopoly, education suffers…. As a young Marxists in college during the 1950’s heyday of the anti-Communist crusade led by Senator Joseph McCarthy, I had more freedom to express my views in class, without fear of retaliation, than conservative students have on many campuses today.”

“Even liberal professors can be adversely affected by the narrow groupthink that prevails. Without an opposition to keep them on their toes, they can develop sloppy habits to dismissing or even demonizing differing viewpoints, instead of practicing and teaching their students how to come to grips with opposing beliefs.”

“There are many examples of the intellectual and moral dry rot on the many campuses across the country where groupthink of the left substitutes for education.”


George Will

In this article by George Will titled, Due Process Is Still Being Kicked Off Campus (click here), he states this: “Academia’s descent into perpetual hysteria and incipient tyranny is partly fueled by the fiction that 1 in 5 college students is sexually assaulted and that campuses require minute federal supervision to cure this. Encouraged by the government’s misuse of discredited social science…colleges and universities are implementing unconstitutional procedures mandated by the government.”

These colleges are violating the fourth and fifth amendment rights of students who have had accusations made against them. First of all administrators don’t have enough knowledge to do the job that the legal system is supposed to do. Colleges are going to get their pants sued off for these violations. But it won’t make the people whole whose lives have been ruined.

The 2006 Duke lacrosse rape case fit the narrative about campuses permeated by a “rape culture.” Except there was no rape. In 2014, the University of Virginia was convulsed by a magazine’s lurid report of a rape that buttressed the narrative that fraternities foment the sexual predation supposedly pandemic in “male supremacist” America. Except there was no rape. Now, Colorado State University at Pueblo has punished the supposed rapist of a woman who says she was not raped.”

Title IX of the Education Amendments enacted in 1972 merely says no person at an institution receiving federal funds shall be subjected to discrimination on the basis of sex. From this the government has concocted a right to micromanage schools’ disciplinary procedures, mandating obvious violations of due process.”

“In 2011, the Education Department’s civil rights office sent “dear colleague” letters to schools directing them to convict accused persons on a mere “preponderance” of evidence rather than “clear and convincing” evidence. Schools were instructed to not allow accused students to cross-examine their accusers, but to allow accusers to appeal not-guilty verdicts, a form of double jeopardy.”

Although a “dear colleague” letter is supposedly a mere “guidance document,” it employs the word “must” in effectively mandating policies…..these letters shred constitutional guarantees…..academic administrators nowadays are frequently supine when challenged – it would risk a costly investigation and the potential loss of the 11 percent of their budget that comes from Washington.”


My friend, who had two kids graduate from college tells everyone; “College is the most dangerous place you can send your kids. Not because of any risk of violence. The risk is when they come back, you will not know who they are, unless you’ve constantly communicated with them.

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Must Read “Leftovers”

April 28, 2016

“Affordable” Care Collapses: Top Crony Healthcare Firm Starts To Pull Out Of Some States, at This is no surprise. A single payer government healthcare system was the original goal of our progressive central planners. Obamacare was the first step on the road to a single payer system.

Minimum Wages Were First Designed To Keep Women And Minorities Out Of Jobs, at Excerpt from the article:  “When California legislators voted to raise the statewide minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2022, labor activists cheered. Discounting fears that a $15 minimum might cost some low-wage workers their jobs, activists and their political allies celebrated a victory for fairness and economic justice.  Progressive labor activists took a very different view 100 years ago, when 15 states established America’s first minimum wages. Labor reformers then believed that a legal minimum would hand a raise to deserving white Anglo-Saxon men, and a pink slip to their undeserving competitors: “racially undesirable” immigrants, the mentally and physically disabled, and women.”

U.S. Judge Rules Sandy Hook Victims Can Sue “Military Style” Gun Maker, at If this is true, I guess GM and Ford can be sued when an individual uses the car they produced and kills someone in an accident. I thought the person who committed the crime is the responsible party. This judge should be impeached.

From Ironic To Asinine: Global Gun Control Developments, by Dan Mitchell, at Evidence is showing that law-abiding people are safer in well-armed societies.

How Central Planners Crippled Japan’s Economy, by Yonsthan Amselem, at State regulation along with money printing by Japans central bank have created this mess. Freedom is the cure.

China Launched Yuan Gold Fix To Exert More Control Over Price Of Gold, at While we are caught up in the question of who should be on the $20 bill, China moves closer to adopting Gold as its currency.

Fundamentally Transforming America, at This cartoon is sad but true. Before Obama became  President said, “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America.” No one asked the question, “transform it into what.”

The Progressive “Consensus” Is Dictatorship For Rest Of Us, by George Will, at Progressives know what is best for us, and we will not be allowed to question what they’ve chosen. This isn’t micro-aggression, this is macro-aggression.

George Will Outlines What Should Be In Every Commencement Speech

June 11, 2015

In this video from Prager University, George Will covers truths that most commencement speakers would never consider uttering.

Here are some excerpts from the video.

“….Your tuition has been much too costly, for which you can blame the Federal Government and the avarice of the University. Washington has produced a bubble in higher education just like it produced a bubble in housing. Some Government planners decided that too few people owned homes. So the planners decided to force an increase in home ownership. They lowered lending standards for people seeking a mortgage. This produced a glut of sub-prime loans and sub-prime borrowers, and then a crash.”

“Next some Government genius decided that there were too few college students. So Government made student loans and other tuition subsidies easier to get. Of course colleges and universities responded by increasing tuition to capture these Government subsidies. Which is why the cost of college has been rising four times faster than the rate of inflation…..There is now over a trillion dollars of student loan debt….Most of you are graduating today with debt. In effect you are graduation with a mortgage but no house. And what did you get for all this expense? A sub-prime education.”

This video is really good watch the whole thing.

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As The Number Of Laws Increase, Individual Freedom Decreases

April 15, 2015


In a recent article by George Will titled, How to proceed when everything is a crime?, he says there are “an estimated 4,500 federal criminal statutes – and innumerable regulations backed by criminal penalties… The presumption of knowledge of the law is refuted by the mere fact that estimates of the number of federal statutes vary by hundreds.

The unelected bureaucrats in regulatory agencies have piled rule on top of rule, and congress, which created these regulatory agencies, has abdicated its law making responsibility to them, and won’t use its power to rein them in. With the amount of laws that are on the books, almost everyone has broken some obscure law without even knowing it.

It is said that, “ignorance of the law is no excuse”, but if it is impossible to know, let alone understand every law, how can you be held responsible for not being able to do the impossible.

Thomas Sowell has defined the rule of law and freedom  as such.

“THE RULE OF LAW–Rules known in advance, applied generally, and constraining the rulers as well as the ruled.”

“FREEDOM–Exemptions from the power of the rulers and a corresponding limitation on the scope of all laws, even those of democratically elected Governments.”

As more laws that get passed, we move farther away from the rule of law, and closer to a point where we lose our individual freedom. Our only chance of turning this around is to get people to understand that individual freedom is in their best interest, and when government doesn’t abide by the rule of law it becomes the enemy of individual freedom and must be stopped.

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George Will: Faith In Government?

October 19, 2014

George Will was on Fox News Sunday, and here are his comments to the questions, 1)Can we have faith in Government? and 2) Can we trust the Government to do its job?

Here are the highlights from his comments.

“…you asked: ‘can we have faith in Government’? I think we have much more to fear from excessive faith in Government than from to little faith in Government.”

“You asked: ‘can we trust the Government to do its job’? What isn’t it’s job nowadays…this is a government that doesn’t know when to stop.”

The distilled essence….of progressivism is that Government is benign, that it’s a disinterested force. That’s false,  and b) it is stocked with experts who are really gifted at doing things…..Republicans do this Democrats do this also…a common theme is excessive faith in the skills of Government.


When we use the word Government we mean individuals in Government. Government doesn’t make policy and decisions, individual politicians and bureaucrats make policy and decisions. The reason these politicians have the power to make and implement certain decisions is because “we the people” set up the frame-work of Government that allows them certain areas in which to legislate. We also elect these politicians to sit in the seat of power. Unfortunately we have allowed them to ignore the boundaries that surround their power, because we don’t hold them accountable once they are elected.

Here are some examples of incompetence at different levels of Government. 1) The Nurse who flew to Akron after being exposed to Ebola, had contacted the Center for Disease Control twice asking them if it was alright to fly, and they said yes (read here). 2) The Parents who called the cops to help with their mentally ill son who locked himself in his room and threatened to harm himself. Eleven shots later their son was dead. The police succeeded in not letting him harm himself (watch here). 3) A 5-year-old girl pointed a crayon at a class mate, and school officials punished her by making her sign a contract that she wouldn’t kill anyone or commit suicide (read here). 4) Need we say more than the Obamacare web site that cost $2 billion (read here). This list is literally endless.

Here is a George Gilder quote about big Government, “The ambitious agenda of contemporary liberalism simply ensures that Government will do nothing well, except to expand itself as an obstacle of growth and innovation. Government best supports the future by refraining as much as possible from trying unduly to shape it.

It is our fault that we have arrived at this point where Government is this big. We are the only ones who can reel this monster in, because politicians and bureaucrats will never vote to reduce their power.

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