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Prager University: How Big Should Government Be?

December 15, 2015


Government should not be bigger than the individual. This means that politicians and bureaucrats in government should not usurp the decision making power that is the purview of the individual. The US Constitution lists and limits the power of the Federal Government. There can be no question that Government power has expanded beyond what the Constitution mandates. Can the power of the individual be restored? The only way this can happen is if Government power is cut back.

How Big Should Government Be? Video from Prager University.

Excerpts from the video.

“When Government grows in size and power these things will happen.”

1)”There will be ever increasing amounts of corruption. (People in government will well government influence for personal and political gain. People outside of government will seek to buy influence and favors.)”

2)”Individual liberty will decline. (The more control government has over peoples lives, the less liberty people will have.)”

3)”Countries with ever-expanding government will either reduce the size of their government or eventually collapse economically. (Every welfare state ultimately becomes a ponzi scheme.)”

4)”In order to pay for an ever-expanding government taxes are continually increased. (At a given level of taxation, the countries wealth producers 1) stop working, 2) work less, 3) hire fewer people, 4) move their business out of state or the country.)”

5)”Big government produces big deficits and ever increasing and ultimately unsustainable debt.”

6)”The bigger the government, the greater the opportunities for doing great evil. (The 20th century was the most murderous century in recorded history and who did the killing? Big government.)”

7)”Big government eats away at the moral character of a nation. (People no longer take care of other people. They know the government will do that.)

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Must Reads For The Week 2/1/14

February 1, 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword...

The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

In Defense Of The Mises Institute, at When the New York Times is trying to fudge the truth, ( lie), about the Austrian school of economics, you know you are making progress in educating people about the economic reality of Government intervention into the economy. Keep spreading economic truth and let it work its magic.

Thanks To Capitalism All These Things Fit Into Your Pocket, at Turning Point USA. Thank you Libertarian Girl for sharing this. Look at the photo and think of the cost of all the devices you would need to replace your smart phone. The good news is Government hasn’t found a way to intervene in the technology market and screw it up. Technology changes quicker than the Government can react. Will the technology side of our hampered health care system progress farther and faster than Obamacare can drag it backward?

Video: Free Americans Exercising Their Rights, at This is part of the push back by Americans against the growing police state, at the federal, state and local levels.. The rattle of the rattle snake is the warning to the intruder that it is too close, the bite comes when the intruder doesn’t heed the warning. This video is the rattle of the rattle snake, lets hope Government understands these warnings so the  bite never has to happen.

Video: Fox News- NSA Is Illegal and Ineffective, at Judge Napolitano’s segment on this video is really good. This is just another reason why people are saying enough, you’ve gone too far.

LA Cop Punches Special Needs Girl, at, and Cop Goes Psycho Waiting For McDonald’s, Pulls A Gun On Teen In Drive Thru, at Thank you Libertas Found for posting these short videos. If we people who have power over you can’t be trusted at the local level, why would you trust people with power at the Federal level?

Video: Get Konnected With The Kronies Action Figures, at Creative spoof of a commercial for krony kapitalist action figures.

76,000 Pounds Of Ribs Burn In Truck Fire, Smell Wonderful, by Tammy Bruce, at Nothing smells better than meat cooking over an open flame.

Ted Cruz ‘s Comments Edited Out Of “Face The Nation”, by Shifra, at Media bias isn’t shocking anymore, it’s just the reality we live under. But in the information age it’s less of a problem.

Government Schools Are Dinosaurs, by Chris Rossini, at The information age is the biggest threat to the brain washing monopoly Government schools have enjoyed. You don’t have to set one foot in a school or college to receive an education. The bigger point that Gary Vaynerchuk makes in this short video is how technology is going to bring about a big cultural shift that will be difficult for us to see because we are living inside of it. This shift will give power back to the individual with a corresponding decrease in the power of Government. We are living in interesting times.

Romney Care Result: It Takes More Than Two Months To See A Specialist In Boston, at When the Government tries to make something more affordable, the result is a longer wait for worse service at a higher price. Isn’t that the exact opposite of how it works in the free market?