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Must Reads For The Week 5/23/15

May 23, 2015
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)


Electroloom Is a 3D Fabric Printer In The Making, by Natasha Lomas, at This is mind-blowing. Even when I watched the video of the 3D printer in action, I thought, what am I watching? The one question I had when I watched the video was; Why did they go to China to make Electroloom into a more usable product? Why couldn’t they do what they wanted to do here? Was Government regulations a reason they couldn’t finish there work here? I’m just asking, I don’t know why.

BioBots Is A 3D Printer For Living Cells, by Natasha Lomas, at BioBots can “build 3D living tissues and miniature human organs for research and pre-clinical screening, such as drug testing as a replacement for animal testing“. You can test on more complex human cells instead of less complex animal cells. A step forward to the possibility of 3D printing usable human organs.

Bocusini Will 3D Print Your Food Like A Fine Robotic Pastry Chef, by John Biggs, at The 3D printer uses small cartridges of chocolate, fudge, sugar, and marzipan, to create tasty small objects. I the day coming when you can fill the cartridges with some type of eatable food product that can be transformed to taste like your favorite meal.


Warning: Put Away All Sharp Objects!

Illinois, Chicago Run Out Of Options, Christine Williamson, Years of kicking the pension can down the road has finally caught up with politicians and bureaucrats.

Where Greeks Are Stashing Their Cash—German Cars, Not Mattresses, at When a currency is perceived to be loosing its value, people will not hold it. They will exchange it for goods. The Greeks are getting German cars, and the Germans are getting printed depreciating currency. It’s a something for nothing exchange.

School Cafeteria Food Fight: FLOTUS vs. Students, at Students are posting photos of their paltry lunches on social media. The US Department of Agriculture has decided to post photos to counter act the students photos. All I know is, you are not going to win a social media food fight with young people if you make it an, us against them scenario.

The Governments Message For Heavily Indebted Students: Don’t Pay Us Back, at The Federal Government takes over student loans. Than it hooks students into huge debt. Now it is taking the first steps to forgive the loan balances. Is this the start of Universal College Education, like Universal Health Care. Watch out tax payers.

Regulations Holding Back U.S. Energy Infrastructure Investment, by Mark J. Perry, at In New England, a pipeline shortage caused by unpredictable Government regulations, has led to significantly higher costs of electricity and natural gas. We’re shooting ourselves in the foot with over regulation.

Net Neutrality: Obama’s FCC Puts Internet, American Innovation At Risk, by George Gilder, at George Gilder knows about the economics of technology. This is ‘the’ must read of todays must reads.

DEA Strikes Again: Seize Mans Life Savings Under Civil Asset Forfeiture Without Charges, at This is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. How can this go on in America. This is the kind of thing that happened behind the iron curtain back in the day.

Why Minimum Wage Laws Are ‘Phased In’, (Hint: It’s An Attempt To Hide The Terrible Consequences). by Bryan Caplan, at Obamacare was and is being phased in like this. When consequences happen gradually, people don’t notice as much. Even though the end result is still the same: fewer jobs at the higher price.


Al Sharpton’s Daughter Suing NYC For $5 Million Over Ankle She Sprained On Soho Sidewalk, at She said the sprain left her in “permanent pain and mental anguish”. Who says kids don’t learn from their parents?


Must Reads For The Week 1/24/15

January 24, 2015
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Quote Of The Day: “Venezuela Must Deepen Socialism To Improve Economy” – President Maduro, at Moving toward socialism has created mile long lines for basic goods like toothpaste, toiled paper, and soap. So the obvious solution is to blame whats left of the private sector, and implement more central planning.

Shortages In Venezuela Have Created A New Profession: Getting Paid To Stand In Line To purchase Things For Other People, at Standing in line is one way scarce resources are rationed in a centrally planned economy. Who says Government intervention can’t create real jobs?

Did “Stealing From Americans” Just Stop? AG Holder Moves To End Civil Asset Forfeiture, at Thank you AG Holder for upholding the constitution, probably for the first time in your career.

What 4th Amendment? Police Across America Are Using Radars To See Inside Peoples Homes, at AG Holder, now that your on a roll, do something about this violation of our constitutional rights. Reattach the chains of the constitution around the neck of Government.

Bill Proposed To Allow Voting Without US Citizenship, at The 15th amendment says, “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” It’s clear that only citizens have the right to vote, it doesn’t mention anything about non citizens right to vote being denied or abridged.

Obama Administration Won’t Let Hobby Lobby Decision Apply To Religious Groups, by John Lott, at Big Government bureaucrats will not allow anybody to escape their tyrannical mandates without paying a heavy price. These same politicians and bureaucrats don’t have to comply with the Obamacare mandates they forced on us.

Maryland Parents Investigated For Letting Their Children Walk Home Alone, by Hanna Rosin, at Whose decision should this be? The parents, who know the children best, or a nanny state bureaucrat who doesn’t.

There’s No Inflation Unless You Eat, Heat Your Home, Get Sick, Travel, Go To School Mail Letters, Or Do Your Taxes, at Look at the price increases on all of the items listed in this article.

Questions And Answers On The Individual Shared Responsibility Provision, irs.govaffordablecareact. I love bureaucratic propaganda. “The Individual Shared Responsibility Provision” is a another way of saying a fine or tax (whichever word John Roberts wants to use today), for not having health insurance as mandated by Obamacare. Who thinks a phrase like, “individual shared responsibility provision”? That’s right, someone who is trying to deceive people. Just scan some of the language in this IRS publication, it will make you sick.

Amazing Ambulance Drone, at Ambulance drone gets to an emergency much quicker than an regular ambulance. Another interesting way to use technology.

Elon Musk To Build Hyperlink Track, Likely In Texas, by Jacob Pramuk, at A system that transports people in pods through tubes at 600 mph. You could go from LA to San Fran in 30 minutes. Is this even possible?

NJ Turnpike I-95 Crash Black Ice Trailer Flip, at

Who was luckier, the guy taking the video or the truck driver being filmed?