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Must Reads For The Week 4/1/17

April 1, 2017

Trump Threatens To Fight Freedom Caucus In 2018, Freedom Caucus Isn’t Intimidated, Trump blames the freedom caucus for the defeat of the “Repeal and Replace” bill. He doesn’t understand the members of the freedom caucus are for getting government out of our lives. They understand government central planning can’t work if the goal is to lower healthcare prices. Government central planning transfers power from the individual to politicians and bureaucrats. These guys won’t be intimidated. Most of them had to fight the Republican establishment to win their seats in congress. People are mistaken if they think the Republican establishment wants to shrink the power of government.

Obamacare Explosion Could Happen On May 22nd, Here’s Why, at The Republicans won a law suit to stop tax funded healthcare subsidies in 2014.The Obama administration filed an appeal. The Trump administration has to decide whether to continue the appeal. If they decide to stop the appeal it will raise healthcare premiums because the subsidies will disappear. This is a good thing because it will allow economic reality to run its course.

Schools Ready To To Ditch Michelle Obama’s Awful Er’ Healthy Lunches, at I hope we keep getting rid of government regulations forced on us by central planning busybodies. Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act Doesn’t Work As Planners Planned.

Your Pension Will Be At The Center Of America’s Next Financial Crisis, at Government and union pension plans are underfunded. They will not be able to fulfill the promises they made.

Six Graphs That Reveal Big Problems For Student and Auto Loans, by Jonathan Newman, at People are over leveraged. They aren’t going to be able to pay back their loan obligations. Easy credit doesn’t stimulate the economy. It creates debt serfs. It misallocates scarce resources to areas of production that can’t be sustained. It allows the financial system to skim wealth from the middle class.

The Problem With Paid Parental Leave, Xiong Yue, at What will happen when the cost of employing a worker doesn’t cover what they produce? The labor will go away. Just like minimum wage increases. Central planners create unintended consequences.

Trump Thinks Your Car’s Gas Mileage Is….Your Business, at EPA standards for gas mileage are going to decrease under Trump. Central planners shouldn’t make these decisions. Allow consumers and producers to make these decisions.

The Real Reason Leftwing Groups Are Freaked Out By Trumps EPA Pick, at Environmental groups have been receiving money from corporations who have been strong armed by the EPA. The EPA fines Corporations for EPA violations. The EPA tells these corporations if they ‘donate’ a lesser amount to environmental groups, they will not have to pay the full amount of the fine. Government agencies aren’t political are they?

House Committee Passed Bill To ‘Audit The Fed’, at This won’t get enough support to be passed. But we need to keep putting it out there so people might get educated on the Fed.

How The Left Learned To Love States’ Rights, by Andrew Syrios, at Finally the left agrees that the federal government has too much power. Blue State California Actually Agrees With Red State Texas: The Federal Government Has Too Much Power!

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Must Reads For The Week 2/25/17

February 25, 2017

Four Agencies To Abolish Along With The Department Of Education, by Ryan McMaken, at The Department of Homeland Security, The EPA, The Department of the Interior, and The Department of Agriculture should be cut along with the Department of Education according to Ryan McMaken. I would also cut 10% from the budget of all the other agencies just for starters.

The “Washington Monument Syndrome” Strikes Again As Trump Imposes Hiring Free, by Tate Fegley, at When Government budgets get cut, the first thing a Government Agency gets rid of is the most popular programs. Because nobody notices if you cut things that aren’t important ( shouldn’t have existed in the first place). Government agencies try to protect their fiefdom, at the expense of the tax payer (in dollars and regulations).

With Sales Depressed By Soda Tax, Philly Gorcers Look To Cut Jobs As Mayor Blames “Greedy” Soda Industry, by Eric Boehm, at Who would have thought that raising the price would mean less demand? Less demand to the point of laying off workers?

Don’t Strangle AirBnb; Cut Its Competitors Some Slack, by A Barton Hinkle, at The hotel industry should be lobbying the Government to get rid of cumbersome regulations on their industry instead of lobbying  government to pass more regulations in an attempt to crush their competition. The consumer looses when Government intervenes.

Move Over Greece, Italy’s Crisis Will Be Worse, at The world is changing. Governments in countries attempting to control every aspect of an individuals life are being tossed out by voters. That is what BREXIT was about.

South Australia Falls Victim To Green Hubris, by Jordan McGillis, at Mandating the use of an intermittent supply of electricity like wind comes with a price. That price is rolling blackouts when electricity use surges past the point where intermittent wind can’t keep up with the increased demand.

Billions Gone: 2016 Olympic Venues In Brazil Are Now In Ruins, by Alice Salles, at Why do politicians think that building the infrastructure to put on a three week one and done event, like the Olympics, would have any lasting economic effect? Hosting the Olympics is a waste of scarce resources that have alternative uses.

Obama Allows Wind Turbines to Legally Kill Eagles, at Once again the left has a choice between two competing interests. In this case they must choose between  their beloved green energy and natures creatures. Obama has made a decision that increasing the amount of eagles killed by wind turbines by 4 times the previous number, is an acceptable trade off for his beloved green energy. But what would you expect from the oracle on green energy just before he left office. Obama’s ‘Science’ Article Long On Symbolism, Short On Substance, at

Calexit – Beat The Crowd, at We’ve talked about California wanting to exit the U.S. But the real Calexit has and is already taking place. The real Calexit is the exit of individuals from California to states that have lower taxes and less regulation. No shock here. When you increase the cost of being a resident of California, you will have fewer residences.


MSM Touts New Poll Showing Record Obamacare Support; Ignores 14 – Point Dem Over Sampling, at Here is an example of the MSM creating fake news from a fake poll.

White House Bars CNN, NYT, Others From Media Briefing, The MSM doesn’t know how to respond to Trump when he fights back, because past Republicans would have caved in at the first sign of media pressure. This should be the new template for how to deal with media bias. The media bullies don’t know what to do when they get their nose bloodied.

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Blue State California Actually Agrees With Red State Texas: The Federal Gov. Has Too Much Power!

February 2, 2017

Election or referendum in United States of America. Calexit - California is secede From USA. California republic Independence Campaign. Vector illustration. Hashtag Calexit on USA flag.

Is California going all Texas on us? Texas is known for its independence. It’s not fond of the Federal government mandating what it has to do. Remember the Texit movement? Does the recent Calexit movement mean that California is seeing the light that the Federal government has too much power?

The only difference between the Texit and the Calexit is the media and the elites think it is cool when California talks secession, but not so much when Texas talks secession. Read this article, “Can Texas Legally Secede From The United States?” from June of this year. It paints a bleak picture for the Texit movement.

In this article titled, Calexit: Record Number Of Californians Support Secession, New Poll Finds, one in three California residents are in favor of a “peaceful withdrawal” from the Union. Why the sudden move toward states rights? If you guessed because they don’t like Trump’s potential executive orders you guessed correctly. The only reason they would be afraid of the Presidential over reach is if the position of the Presidency had the power to be lord over the States.

In this article, California is Threatening To Cut Off Funds to Washington, California is looking for ways to suspend financial payments to Washington. I have always thought this is a great idea. If you don’t send the Federal Government money, it has nothing to use for extortion.

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The power of our chief executive increased under George W. Bush. It grew exponentially with Obama’s executive orders that were never seriously challenged by the opposition party. Now that the President is not a progressive central planning democrat, the left thinks the position has too much power. I agree with them. The Federal government in general and the Presidency in particular have usurped powers that the Constitution never gave them.


Even though California is tardy, welcome to the 10th amendment party. The 10th Amendment states: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This means that the Federal Government only has the powers enumerated in Articles 1 through 6 of the Constitution. Any powers not listed, are reserved to the States or the people.


We should all agree that the Federal Government has too much power. Can we all work together to roll back the powers that the Federal Government has usurped from us? We should not wait until the other party wins before we talk about how big the Government has grown. If both sides of the aisle work together to roll back Government power we will be able to do it through the political and legal process.

If we wait any longer the only choice is for states to actually attempt secession. The cost of this has proven to be very high, look at the Civil War. The only thing keeping states from seceding is the power we have allowed the Federal Government to usurp.


Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who I have a great deal of respect for, said: “If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede.” I respectfully disagree with Justice Scalia.

The Declaration of Independence (click here) is a founding document that states the reasons why we wanted to secede from the British Empire. Here is what it says:

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for on people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”…………

“…….Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security…….”

Our country seceded from what our founders saw as a despotic British Empire. If secession, was used by our foundering fathers, isn’t it our birth right as sons of these founders to use the same process to, “dissolve the political bands which have connected us“, when Government becomes tyrannical?

Fortunately we don’t have to reach the point of secession if both Red and Blue States can agree that the Federal Government has too much power. We can not just believe this when the opposition party has the power in Washington. We have to do something about it when our own party is in power or this will end badly.


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