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Must Reads For The Week 3/31/18

April 1, 2018


Armed Resource Officer Stops Maryland High School Gunman, at I have talked to people, who did not know that this happened. Here is an example of a good person with a gun taking out a bad person with a gun. The main stream media barely covered this. Why? It didn’t fit their narrative on the gun debate. These situations can be stopped when you have the resources in place at the moment the s#!+ hits the fan. If you wait for police or SWAT to arrive, it is too late.

Superintendent Says Students Are Armed With Rocks In Case Of A School Shooting, by Peggy Lee, at We know a picture of a gun inside a red circle with line through it doesn’t stop shootings. So having rocks to throw at a shooter is better than having nothing when you are operating under the constraint of a gun free zone. A gun free zone takes a gun out of the hands of a law-abiding persons. But it does nothing to constrain a person with bad intent. At least this school accepts the fact that some sort of weapon is needed to fight against a bad guy with a gun. But it is not wise to take a rock to a gun fight.

There Is No ‘Epidemic Of Mass School Shootings’ – Children Are More At Risk When They Ride In A Car, Swim In A Pool, Or Put Food In Their Mouths, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. You have a .2% or 1 in 491 chance of dying in a car accident, a .1% or 1 in 1,133 chance of drowning, a .03% or 1 in 3,461 chance of dying by choking on food, and a .01% or 1 in 11,125 chance of dying by mass shooting. Which has more press coverage by the main stream media? Perception is not reality. Perception is a tool used for political purposes.

Protesters Say Ban Assault Weapons ….Whatever They Are.

You can’t take anyone seriously who has no idea what they are talking about. Their opinions are tied to emotion and not facts and logic. People like this become useful idiots for politicians and tyrants.

Protesters Talk Gun Control At March For Our Lives.

Are these people ignorant or stupid? Being ruled by emotions makes you stupid.

Actors Cold Read Gun Facts Off Of A Teleprompter.

You can educate ignorance, but you can’t do anything about stupidity.

Police Seize First Firearms Under Florida’s New Gun-Control Laws, at The question is who determines whether a person is a potential risk to himself or others? In the case of the Florida school shooter, there  were enough facts that the FBI said they made a mistake by not going after this kid. But what happens when tyrants in government have the discretion to determine potential risk to self or others? Where is the line to be drawn? More importantly, who decides where the line is drawn?

Do The Kids Know This? at Hitler, Stalin and Mao all confiscated guns before they killed multiple millions of their citizens. And Stalin and Mao were the darlings of the left.

You Can Try To Repeal The 2nd Amendment, But You Can’t Repeal History, by David Harsanyi, at   The 2nd Amendment protects the right of the people to protect themselves from their own government when it becomes tyrannical. Excerpt from the article: “Noah Webster reasoned that, “The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any bands of regular troops….” His only mistake was trusting the whole body of the people would always uphold the Constitution. “

Contemporary liberals often view this form of rhetoric against the government as an endorsement of sedition……What contemporary critics fail to comprehend, however, is that founding generation believed those who would undermine the inalienable liberties explicitly laid out in the Bill of Rights were the ones committing sedition.”


Against The Whole Concept Of The ‘Balance Of International Payments’, by Robert Higgs, at When you trade with (purchase something from) another person, each person receives more in value than what they gave up. The exchange would never take place otherwise. When you purchase a candy bar for $2 dollars. You value the candy bar more than the $2 and the store values the $2 more than the candy bar. The store owner doesn’t have to purchase something from for  $2 to “balance the payment”. The account is balanced when a trade (or exchange) is made. It doesn’t matter if the trade is $2 for a candy bar, or if a car company in America purchases steel from a steel company in China.

Trump’s Steel And Aluminum Tariffs, by Walter Williams, at    That which is seen and that which is unseen. Excerpt from the article: “Last Week, President Trump enacted high tariffs on imports of steel ad aluminum. Why in the world would the U.S. steel and aluminum industries press the president to levy heavy tariffs?”

“The answer is simple. Reducing the amounts of steel and aluminum that hit our shores enables American producers to charge higher prices. Thus U.S. steel adn aluminum producers will earn higher profits, hire more workers and pay them higher wages. They are the visible beneficiaries of Trump’s tariffs.

But when the government creates a benefit for one American, it is a virtual guarantee that it will come at the expense of another American – an unseen victim. The victims of steel and aluminum tariffs are the companies that use steel and aluminum. Faced with higher input costs, they become less competitive on the world market……To become more competitive in the world market, some firms may move their production facilities to foreign countries that do not have tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum.

Politicians love having seen beneficiaries and unseen victims….In the cases of the steel and aluminum industries, company executives will know whom to give political campaign contributions. Workers in those industries will know for whom to cast their votes. The people in the steel and aluminum using industries may not know whom to blame for declining profits, lack of competitiveness and job loss. There’s no better scenario for politicians. It’s heads politicians win and tails somebody else loses.

Trade War: What Is It Good For?

Why We Learn Nothing About Trade, by Carmen Elena Dorobat, at The ideology of 17 century mercantilism was destroyed by the ideas on free trade by the classical liberals of the 19 century. Unfortunately these protectionist ideas keep rising from the dead. It is time to drive a stake through the heart of this failed ideology once and for all.


Socialist Utopia: Child Gangs Fight For “Quality Garbage” With Machetes In Venezuela, at How bad is it when your best option for getting food is to fight others for the possibility of finding it in the garbage?

Venezuela Faces A Terrible New Crisis: A Shortage Of Blood, by Rachelle Krygier, at There is a shortage of medical supplies and blood in this socialist utopia. Economic systems produce different standards of living.

Venezuelans Report Big Weight Losses in 2017 As Hunger Hits, by Vivian Sequera, at Venezuelans have lost an average of 24 pounds over the last year. There are consequences of choosing socialist central planning over free market capitalism.

The Venezuela Diet – Remy



Must Reads For The Week 3/17/18

March 18, 2018

Bankrupt Baltimore ‘Somehow’ Finds Money To Fund Lawyers For Illegal Immigrants, at This how government at every level works. Spend more money no matter how big your debt burden is. And especially if that spending helps you politically.

California High-Speed Rail Is A Budgetary Trainwreck As Cost Soars 20% to $77 Billion, at Government makes bad decisions about infrastructure spending. Why? Because it doesn’t make these decisions beholden to a market pricing system. They have unlimited access to tax dollars, which means operating at a loss does not constraint their spending.

The FBI Now Admits It Could Have Prevented The Florida High School Shooting, at We have been brainwashed to look to government for solutions to every “problem”? Since government is made up of fallible human beings, why would we think they are better at weighing trade offs than we are? The incentives and constraints individuals in Government work under are different than the incentives and constraints individuals in a free society operate under. The real question is, who should make decisions? Individuals in a free market or individuals in government?

Mass Shootings & Psychiatric Drugs, at Excerpt from the article: “When it comes to the debate over mass shootings in America, why does the discussion always to toward tougher gun laws? And yet, we are not talking about the role of antidepressants and other psychiatric medication. The truth? The connection between mass shooters and these medications is stunning.” Since  these drugs can cause suicidal thoughts, can they also cause homicidal thoughts?

Another Liberal-Created Failure, by Walter E. Williams, at Another example of the unintended consequences of liberal policies. The liberals started to shut down mental hospitals in the 70’s because they thought the mentally ill could be mainstreamed through the use of psychotropic drugs. It didn’t turn out as planned. What are the chances of individuals in government saying they made a mistake and giving power in this area back to the states and cities? Not very good.

Venezuela Faces A Terrible New Crisis: A Critical Shortage Of Blood, at Reporter Rachelle Krygier thinks the problem is because of, “Lower oil prices and populist policies by the late Hugo Chavez and his successor have plunged Venezuela into a spiraling economic emergency. The health system, which is also plagues by Mismanagement and corruption, is crumbling.” All of us know that socialist central planning is the reason Venezuela is in the mess it is in. Rachelle Krygier is either ignorant of economics, or she doesn’t want to blame the collapse on her socialist vision of the world. Either way. Nice analysis!

The Best Way To Compete With China Is To Free The Economy, by Thorsten Polleit, at  State capitalism can never compete with free market capitalism. Protectionist policies and tariffs are moves toward State capitalism or are moves away from free market capitalism. Why would you pick policies that we know will not work toward making ‘America great again’? Economic ignorance!

American Laws – Not Chinese Laws Make American Industry Less Competitive, by Justine Murray, at Government regulations and taxes are the reason businesses in America started to move their operations out of the country in the first place. Getting rid of regulations and decreasing taxes will bring some businesses back. But protectionist tariffs will drive up consumer prices which will ultimately cost jobs.

Must Reads For The Week 5/14/16

May 14, 2016

8th-Grader Investigated For Forgery After Using $2 Bill , at When a girl tried to pay for lunch using a 2 dollar bill, school officials confiscated the bill, said it was fake, and sent her to the police office. The officer said she could be in big trouble. Why would these “authorities” think that anyone would counterfeit a 2 dollar bill? If someone was going to counterfeit money, wouldn’t you think they would get more bang for their buck, so to speak, by picking a higher denomination bill? Also when you see a 2 dollar bill, doesn’t it catch your eye because you don’t see one that often? Why would someone counterfeit something that brings that much scrutiny? I wish the Fed would have gotten this much scrutiny for printing trillions of dollars over the last ten years.

Wyoming Welder, Facing $16M Fines, Beats EPA In Battle Over Stock Pond, at Andy Johnson obtained a state permit to build a stock pond on his land in 2012. After it was constructed, the EPA claimed he needed the agencies permission to build it. The Pacific Legal Foundation represented Mr. Johnson in his fight against the EPA. The federal government has agreed to resolve the case. When the full force of the Federal government is used against individuals, organizations like Pacific Legal Foundation are their only chance to fight back, because the monetary cost is so high. This is just another example of tyrannical individuals using the power of their position in government.

Increase in CO2 Is Literally Making The Planet Greener,at Who would have thought that increasing the amount of plant food would increase plant growth? Maybe CO2 isn’t really a pollutant, even though the EPA says it is.

Ohio Cities Pre-Sale Home Inspections Unconstitutional, at This is tyranny at the local level. Some Ohio cities are attempting to collect inspection fees and impose fines by mandating inspections on home sales. This is a warrantless search and is therefore unconstitutional.

How Uber And Lyft Were Driven Out Of Austin, at The taxi cartel and special interests colluded with local government to protect their monopoly status. Only government has the power to stop individuals from entering the market. Monopolies can’t exist in a free market. Monopolies are created by Government forcing competitors out of the market. Just another example of government tyranny.

Uber Ends Ride-Sharing Service In Sweden, at  Swedish central planners force out Uber. Uber said “Sweden needs a modern and clearer regulatory framework for the emerging sharing economy.” Actually Sweden is a modern socialist state. What Uber needs is old-fashioned free market capitalism, not the modern day crony socialist or crony capitalist system that exist in todays world.

Raw Venezuela: Looters Burned Alive, While Streets Filled With People Killing Animals For Food, at Here is your socialist paradise. I know all you Bernie (and Hillary) supporters think that the only reason socialism didn’t work in Venezuela is because the right tyrants people weren’t in charge of centrally planning the Venezuelan economy. Planning an economy might be a little more difficult than just promising free stuff. Who is going to produce all the free stuff that you want to give away?

Obama Lawsuit Against N.C. Isn’t About Civil Rights. It’s About Crushing Dissent, at You never let a serious (or not so serious) crisis go to waste. The President’s Justice department is using the power of the Federal Government to force a one size fits all decision onto 300 plus million Americans. This is simple. Allow property owners to make the decisions on their bathroom policy. Allow state and local governments along with schools to make their own bathroom policies. The Federal government should not be sticking their nose into the business of the people and the states. Tenth Amendment anyone.

What Could Have Possibly Raised Your Costs”, Hillary Clinton Can’t Answer Why Obamacare Costs Are Soaring, at I thought we all knew that adding another layer of Government bureaucracy and regulations to an industry that already had massive bureaucratic and regulatory intervention wasn’t going to bring the cost down. The only question was how would the blame for the increased cost be shifted away from the government and on to the private sector.

California Tax Revenues Miss Projections By $1 Million As Residents Flee The State, at At some point people decide the cost of staying in California is greater than the benefit of remaining there. Think of how bad it would have to be for most people to make the decision to leave their state and settle somewhere else? Government regulation and taxes have consequences.




Must Reads For The Week 8/1/15

July 31, 2015
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Happy 103rd Birthday Milton Friedman, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Yesterday was Milton Friedman’s birthday. Milton Friedman had a talent for explaining complex economic concepts in a way that regular people like me were able to understand. This post by Mark J. Perry has some great quotes and a link to some great videos. Here is a video of Milton Friedman at his best as he takes on leftist Phil Donahue.

Here is the full episode with Friedman on the Donahue show. This is a great lesson on how to talk to a leftist.

Same Attorney In Charge Of Retrieving Lois Lerner’s IRS E-Mails Now In Charge Of Retrieving State Department Benghazi E-Mails!, at A cleaner is a person who gets rid of incriminating evidence at the scene of a crime. Former IRS cleaner Kate Duval, is now going to the State Department to apply her craft to the Benghazi e-mails. Read a previous post titled, Hillary and Benghazi: Call In The Cleaners.

Former Obamacare Chief To Lead Top Insurance Lobby, by Paige Winfield Cunningham, at The incestuous relationship between government bureaucrats and crony capitalists is here for all to see. Here is a quote, “There is no better individual than Marilyn to lead our industry through the increasingly complex health care transformation that is underway,” So let’s see if I understand this. A bureaucrat makes the health care system more complex for businesses, and then gets hired to help businesses with the complexity of the system. Who says government doesn’t create jobs?

Shocker: Louisiana Shooter Was On Psychotropic Drugs And Was Denied A Gun Permit, at   If psychotropic drugs increase the risk of suicide. It doesn’t seem like a big jump to say that they increase the risk of homicide.

Total Collapse: Greece Reverts To Barter Economy For First Time Since Nazi Occupation, at Greece is moving towards barter because citizens can’t get to their money. When you move toward barter you are moving toward a lower standard of living, because transaction costs are higher.

Meanwhile In Venezuela…. The Socialist Paradise Has Arrived, at Like F. A. Hayek said: The centrally planned socialist road leads to serfdom and poverty.

Jim Grant: Financial Prices Should Be Discovered, Not Administered, at Free market prices convey information for how scarce resources can be used in their most efficient way. Artificially set prices convey false information channeling scarce resources to less efficient uses.

Feds Get The Power To Seize Medical Records On ‘Fishing Expeditions’ With No Subpoena From A Judge, by Mark Fitzgibbons, at Another example of the violation of citizens fourth amendment rights to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures without a warrant.

New Male Privilege Tax, at Watch this short video of Mark Dice getting people to sign a petition to pass a “Male Privilege Tax”. Can we survive this kind of ignorance?

How Student Loans Create Demand For Useless Degrees, by Josh Grossman, at Student loans have create a couple of things. 1) Debt serfs who will be making payments for years. 2) Young people with meaningless degrees. 3) Rising college prices. Student loans have created a bubble in college education.




Must Reads For The Week 2/7/15

February 7, 2015
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Video Of Cops Pulling Gun On Teens For Having Snowball Fight, Not Telling The Whole Story, at When I saw this video on another site, I was skeptical because there was no film of the snowball fight and no evidence of snowball residue anywhere in the video. Always try to check everything out that you see on the internet. This is a perfect example of how cops would be protected if they were wearing body cameras. The full story would be there for everyone to see.

Venezuela’s Socialist Paradise Turns Into Nightmare, by Peter Foster, at Individuals deciding what to produce, consume, exchange, and save in a free market increases people’s standard of living, and socialist central planning is “The Road To Serfdom“.

What Paul Krugman Thinks The Secret To The Universe Is, at This guy teaches economics at Princeton University! The students should ask for a refund. Does he understand that consumption is the result of production? Or does he think that what we consume appears magically out of thin air because of demand?

I Meet A Climate Concern Activist And Cave, at Trying to change the world, one person at a time. Their wasn’t much hope for this one.

Fixed, The App That Fights Parking Tickets, by Sarah Perez, at This is in the spirit that founded this country. Americans are always trying to find ways around Government interventions.

The Police No Longer Work For You, by Daniel Payne, at A SWAT team raided ten people playing poker. Fairfax police pocketed 40% of the money that was seized. Gambling is illegal in Virginia unless of course it is sponsored by the State. Government politicians and bureaucrats want anything outside of their regulates to be illegal. They want to control every aspect of people’s lives.

Wow…And Interest Rates Aren’t Even Climbing Yet, at The chart shows how the interest we pay on our national debt each year will almost quadruple in the next ten years. And that’s if the interest rates stay as low as they are right now. Unfortunately they have only one way to go, and that’s up. We all know who will pay for this.

Five Ways Liberals Ignore Science, by David Harsanyi, at Vaccines, global warming, genetically modified foods, fracking? What does the scientific process say about these and many other issues? Science is never settled. No one experiment can prove a theory correct, but all it takes is one experiment to prove it wrong.

Plane Hits Bridge In Front Of Car In Taiwan

Pilot’s Body Found Still Clutching Joystick Of Crashed Taiwan Plane, at The pilot saved lives by steering the plane away from buildings before crashing in river.


1500′ Feet Tower

Most Insane Ski Line EVER