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We Are Reaching The Tipping Point.

February 20, 2013
Teeter Totter

Teeter Totter (Photo credit: lambdachialpha)

Consumption is starting to over take production as these charts show. Government spending is an exchange of confiscated, borrowed, or counterfeited dollars for a good or service that has been produced. These dollars represent certificates of purchase that can be exchanged for anything produced in the market. Legal tender laws decree that these dollars have to be accepted for all debts, public or private. The Fed has a legal monopoly on money production, and the fact that the Fed has counterfeited 3 trillion plus dollars since 2008 means that they have stolen 3 trillion dollars worth of goods and services from the private sector over the last four years. (more…)

Walter E. Williams, The Free Market Is Not Allowed To Work.

January 7, 2013

From the video, “When H.L. Mencken was asked what is the definition of an election he said, and I quote,”Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is an advance auction on the sale of stolen goods”.”

If the intervention of Government into the market could be limited to the theft of our production through taxation, our economy wouldn’t be in as bad a condition as it is. Government couldn’t have grown as intrusive as it has, if it was limited to spending only what it steals in taxes, and because it would (more…)

Counterfeiting by the Federal Reserve, Although Legal, Still Results in Theft.

September 29, 2012

Counterfeit—1. make an imitation of something genuine so as to defraud. 2. an imitation made to deceive.

The Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History

The Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History (Photo credit: CityGypsy11)

Is it legal for you to counterfeit money and try to purchase goods with your printed dollars? It’s illegal because it is theft. You are exchanging something for nothing. You get a good or service that was the property of someone, and they get a counterfeit bill. When that person tries to use the counterfeit bill in a future exchange and it is swiped with the pen and found to be counterfeit, at that moment he knows the good or service he once owned was stolen.

When the Federal Reserve injects counterfeit money into the economy it’s (more…)