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Must Reads For The Week 8/15/15

August 14, 2015

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Fed Finally Figures Out Soaring Student Debt Is Reason For Exploding College Costs, at The Fed has figured out that when money, from debt and money printing, is injected into a particular area of the economy, it raises the price (creates a bubble). Does this revelation hold true for all of the Feds printed money that has gone into the stock market?

The Doctor Won’t See You Now, at  The laws of economics will be strictly obeyed.  The money quote from the article, “Many exchange policies limit patients’ choices of doctors and hospitals in order to keep premiums down in the face of Obamacare’s intrusive regulations and costly mandates.”  Who could have predicted that?

Navajo Nation Vows To Hold EPA Accountable, at  The EPA is responsible for releasing 1 Million, 3 Million gallons of toxic waste water into Colorado’s Animus River.  Like all Government agencies they are currently blaming the contractor for the accident.  Tough luck for New Mexico and Utah who are downstream from the toxic release.  I haven’t heard a peep from the media or environmental groups about this.  I guess it’s neither illegal nor a big deal if the government does it.  I wish the Navajo nation good luck in any lawsuit.  It’s great to be the tyrant, king!

Did EPA Intentionally Poison Animus River To Secure SuperFund Money?, at  It appears that a retired geologist predicted that the EPA would foul the Animus River a week before it actually occurred.  The implications of his accusations are chilling.  Never let a good crisis go to waste?

The Battle Intensifies: Police Raid Uber’s Hong Kong Office, at  Car Wars! Return of the Jitneys continues.  At this point, a rational government would realize they can’t put the genie back in the bottle.  Protecting special interests always trumps rationality but it can’t defeat the basic laws of economics.

Going Breadless in Venezuela, at  Socialism and price controls rear their ugly head again as bread shortages are the new norm in Venezuela.  Weren’t there food riots last week?  Don’t they have a toilet paper shortage as well?  Hey, let them eat cake!  Sorry, that’s reserved for the rulers.

Minimum Wage Effect?, at Carpe Diem Blog.  January to June job losses for Seattle area restaurants reaches 1300.  While there are many reasons for declining employment, artificially raising the price of labor means you will have less of it.  Businesses must make adjustments to increased costs.  My guess is that one unintended consequence will be less tipping for servers.

China’s Currency Policy: Devastating Manipulation or a Form of Generous Foreign Aid to Americans?, at Carpe Diem Blog.  This is a very different take on China’s recent efforts to devalue their currency.  Government intervention in currency whether it is printing counterfeit money, zero point interest rates, fractional reserve banking, or devaluing will always have unforeseen and negative consequences.  As for devaluing currency, how do you jump off a cliff halfway?

The Disturbing Messages In Police Recruiting Videos, at The Washington Post.  You don’t have to watch all the videos to get the point.  Why would you stress violent confrontation in your recruiting videos?  Even the Marine Corps doesn’t do that and they have the best military recruiting videos bar none.  If it is part of the recruiting tactics then it is likely the emphasis of their training.  When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Make sure you check out the last recruiting video by the Decatur Alabama police.  Quite the difference!

Serfdom USA!, at  Let’s end the week with some laughs.  This is for all of the true Austrian Economics Addicts out there.



Must Read “Leftovers”

July 28, 2015

The Newest Obamacare Fail: Penalties of $36,500 Per Worker, at This new IRS penalty is a result of different interpretations of the Affordable Care Act. Or is it a money grab by the IRS. We should not be surprised that a 2500 page bill that allows bureaucrats to make more laws as they desire could be interpreted differently by the IRS. Since the IRS had to be expanded to enforce the Obamacare fine/tax, logic would follow that they have to find more money law breakers to justify their existence. Because there wasn’t enough money mined from the tax payers as only 6.6 Million Americans Were Forced To Pay The Individual Mandate Tax In 2014 for a total of only $1.2 billion. That’s chump change when you’re talking 3 plus trillion in government spending.

“Fannie And Freddie Are Back Bigger And Badder Than Ever“: NY Times Warns, at The only difference this time is “the government has decided to “sweep” almost all the duo’s profits into its own coffers, to be used as a slush fund for general government expenses“. This won’t end well will it! “What do you expect to happen when the people responsible for running the economy into the ground are rewarded with bailouts and deemed “Too Big To Jail?”

Paul Krugman On The Minimum Wage: 1998 vs 2015. by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Let’s go to the replay official!…… “Upon further review Krugman’s view on the minimum wage is…….”

“Why I Don’t Tip In Seattle” Left For Bartender, at You can’t raise the minimum wage in a vacuum. There will be consequences that many couldn’t even foresee, like not tipping.

A Criminal Inquiry Is Being Sought Over Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Use, at Two inspectors general are asking the justice department to investigate Hillary Clinton. I don’t expect anything to be done because the Clintons are above the law. But as this scandal drags on, Hillary may not escape being found guilty in the court of public opinion.

IRS Agents Rob Convenient Store,  video from Institute for Justice.

No comment needed.

Lets End With A Positive Story

Black Cop: Why I Helped That White Supremacist, at The people of South Carolina didn’t riot after blacks were killed in a church by a racist. Officer Leroy Smith gives everyone a lesson on how to handle the situation when he helps a man who was suffering from heat stroke at a KKK rally. South Carolina must have a different set of values than a lot of other places in this country, like Ferguson and Baltimore. Actions speak louder than words.