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Must Reads For The Week 6/18/16

June 19, 2016


Dealing With An Active Shooter, at After hearing about the shooting in Orlando last week I wondered how 320 people could let one individual with two guns inflict so much damage. The first thing people have to understand is each person is a first responder in these types of situations. The police are the second responders. I think it is important to have an understanding of what to do in a situation like this. Here’s a video that can help you be prepared for a situation that 99.9% of us will never have to deal with. Always be prepared.

You Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste, at Whenever there is a mass shooting this article I wrote after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 gets many views. It covers how politicians use every “crisis” to advance their political agenda. They have been trying to politicize mass shootings to advance their agenda to make the second amendment obsolete. The process on how they deal politically with a crisis is explained in this article.

After Terrorist Attack In Orlando, Bigoted U.S. Gun Owners Everywhere Offering FREE Shooting Lessons To Gays, at No comment necessary.

Five Alligators Killed And Opened Up To Find Signs Of Boy Who Was Attacked By Alligator, at The 2-year-old getting killed by an alligator shows the tragedy of the human condition. It is sad indeed. But as I look at this situation I can’t find any outrage by animal rights activists because the 5 alligators were killed and cut open to look for the boys remains. I conclude that 5 alligators aren’t equal to the 1 gorilla. Remember the outrage over what happened to the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo two weeks ago. Not a peep from these groups this week.  Would it have taken 10 alligators being killed to bring the outrage? All we can say is 5 wasn’t enough.

“Allah Knows Best” Child Sex Grooming, Prison Brainwashing And A Month Of Islam In Great Britain, at Mark Steyn’s book “America Alone” published in 2006 predicted this. Read this book. It is probably too late for Europe to turn the trend around, but it is not too late for America.       A Short Coarse On Understanding Muslims, at When do the actions of members of a particular group cross the line of being an outlier activity to being an observable pattern of behaviour?

Obama Legacy Will Be Power Blackouts, at 1) Producing electricity from”green” energy is more costly than producing it from carbon based fuels. Why would we want to replace a more expensive way of producing electricity with a more expensive way of producing it? 2) Producing electricity from wind and solar can’t be done when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining. Where as electricity can be produced from fossil fuels every second of every day. Why would we replace a constant flow of electricity with an intermittent flow of electricity? Because of power and politics.

Supreme Court Delivers A Second Defeat To EPA’s Agenda In Last 7 Days, at Excerpt  from the article, “...the decision re-affirms that property owners across the country can hold overzealous federal bureaucrats immediately accountable in court for erroneous assertions of control over wetlands,…..”  We will take any victory we can against the federal governments use of force against the individual.

Three Facts Prove Climate Alarm Is A Scam, at Unfortunately there is no convincing the environmental extremists that they may be wrong no matter how much evidence you show them.

Police: Rancher Lassos Bike Thief Outside Oregon Wal-Mart, at Being a cowboy is a compliment.


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Must Reads For The Week 10/3/15

October 2, 2015

Every time there is a mass shooting there’s one thing you can count on. The President will trot out in front of the cameras before the bodies are even cold and play politics. I wrote an article in December of 2012 after the Sandy Hook shootings titled “You Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste” (click here). It showed the template politicians and radicals use to exploit a crisis. The President followed the template then, he has followed it religiously since then and he is following it now. I don’t even have to update this article, just read it as is.

Investing In Schools: Capital Spending, Facility Conditions, and Student Achievement, at Study by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds no evidence that capital sending by schools improves student achievement.

Pro-NYC Charter Schools Group Airs TV Ad, ‘Progressives’ Scream Racism, at Teachers Unions don’t care if children get a better education. They only care about growing the number of teachers, and the salaries and benefits of the teachers.

Milton Friedman – The Way To Improve Schools video from

Questions To Millennials: Why Are You Not Mad As Hell Yet? at Millennials are going to be stuck paying for their student debt, Obamacare, social security (that they will never see), early retirement for government workers, all the debt Government officials have piled up just to name a few. It is inter-generational theft. You should be pissed off at my generation for getting you into this mess, I know I am. The question is: What are we going to do about it?

UN Aims To Eradicate Extreme Poverty, Hunger, Illiteracy and More, at The UN panel of 27 eminent thinkers said the number one threat to achieving these goals is, drum roll please, climate change (aka global warming). It is easy to set dates on goals, when your excuse for not reaching these goals can never be denied.

The Dirty Truth About “Organic”, by Henry Miller, at If Government officials are involved in setting the standards for what constitutes organic, do you think organic could possibly be a scam?

Crony Socialism: Government Bailouts Do Not Save Jobs, by Doug Reich, at Businesses fail because the consumer has decided that they are not productive economic activities. Government officials bailing these businesses won’t change this reality. HT

From Ireland to Germany to Italy to Mexico: How Americas Source of Immigrants has Changed in Each State From 1850 to 2013, at Hat Tip to Carpe Diem Blog. It is interesting to see the changes in the country of origin of immigrants to the United States over the decades starting in 1850. In certain periods in history you would have thought we were being invaded by the Irish and later by the Germans. The difference is these immigrants weren’t immigrating to a welfare state.

“Bacha Bazi” Obama’s Silence On Afghan Military Raping Children, at All you multiculturalists who think that all cultures are equal and shouldn’t be judged, read this and tell me what you think. Our soldiers are being punished, by our military, for trying to stop child rape by Afghan military officers because it is part of their culture. Our guys should be receiving medals for stopping child rape.

Must Reads For The Week 8/15/15

August 14, 2015

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Fed Finally Figures Out Soaring Student Debt Is Reason For Exploding College Costs, at The Fed has figured out that when money, from debt and money printing, is injected into a particular area of the economy, it raises the price (creates a bubble). Does this revelation hold true for all of the Feds printed money that has gone into the stock market?

The Doctor Won’t See You Now, at  The laws of economics will be strictly obeyed.  The money quote from the article, “Many exchange policies limit patients’ choices of doctors and hospitals in order to keep premiums down in the face of Obamacare’s intrusive regulations and costly mandates.”  Who could have predicted that?

Navajo Nation Vows To Hold EPA Accountable, at  The EPA is responsible for releasing 1 Million, 3 Million gallons of toxic waste water into Colorado’s Animus River.  Like all Government agencies they are currently blaming the contractor for the accident.  Tough luck for New Mexico and Utah who are downstream from the toxic release.  I haven’t heard a peep from the media or environmental groups about this.  I guess it’s neither illegal nor a big deal if the government does it.  I wish the Navajo nation good luck in any lawsuit.  It’s great to be the tyrant, king!

Did EPA Intentionally Poison Animus River To Secure SuperFund Money?, at  It appears that a retired geologist predicted that the EPA would foul the Animus River a week before it actually occurred.  The implications of his accusations are chilling.  Never let a good crisis go to waste?

The Battle Intensifies: Police Raid Uber’s Hong Kong Office, at  Car Wars! Return of the Jitneys continues.  At this point, a rational government would realize they can’t put the genie back in the bottle.  Protecting special interests always trumps rationality but it can’t defeat the basic laws of economics.

Going Breadless in Venezuela, at  Socialism and price controls rear their ugly head again as bread shortages are the new norm in Venezuela.  Weren’t there food riots last week?  Don’t they have a toilet paper shortage as well?  Hey, let them eat cake!  Sorry, that’s reserved for the rulers.

Minimum Wage Effect?, at Carpe Diem Blog.  January to June job losses for Seattle area restaurants reaches 1300.  While there are many reasons for declining employment, artificially raising the price of labor means you will have less of it.  Businesses must make adjustments to increased costs.  My guess is that one unintended consequence will be less tipping for servers.

China’s Currency Policy: Devastating Manipulation or a Form of Generous Foreign Aid to Americans?, at Carpe Diem Blog.  This is a very different take on China’s recent efforts to devalue their currency.  Government intervention in currency whether it is printing counterfeit money, zero point interest rates, fractional reserve banking, or devaluing will always have unforeseen and negative consequences.  As for devaluing currency, how do you jump off a cliff halfway?

The Disturbing Messages In Police Recruiting Videos, at The Washington Post.  You don’t have to watch all the videos to get the point.  Why would you stress violent confrontation in your recruiting videos?  Even the Marine Corps doesn’t do that and they have the best military recruiting videos bar none.  If it is part of the recruiting tactics then it is likely the emphasis of their training.  When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Make sure you check out the last recruiting video by the Decatur Alabama police.  Quite the difference!

Serfdom USA!, at  Let’s end the week with some laughs.  This is for all of the true Austrian Economics Addicts out there.