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Must Reads For The Week 12/6/14

December 6, 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Opinions vs. Facts, by Thomas Sowell, at Dr. Sowell lends us his common sense analysis, so we can better understand the Ferguson situation. The must read of the must reads.

Race Hustler Eric Holder Called Out, at Milwaukee County Wisconsin Sheriff, David Clarke, unloads on race hustlers like Sharpton and Holder.

Watch Obama Make The Case Against His Executive Order On Immigration.

The Worlds Biggest Chocolate-Maker Says We’re Running Out Of Chocolate, by Roberto Ferdman, at I love chocolate so this article is important to me. Dry weather along with a fungal disease in West Africa has reduced global cocoa production by 30%. The demand for more cocoa is rising because of economic growth in China and more over all world demand for dark chocolate, {which contains 70% chocolate compared with 10% in regular chocolate bars). But don’t worry because the same economic forces of supply and demand that are bringing the price of oil and gas down, will eventually do the same thing for chocolate. As the price goes up individuals will produce {supply} more at the higher price, and individuals will consume {demand} less at these higher prices, eventually bringing the price down.

Forget High Minimum Wage Order Takers: Pizza Hut Will Just Read Your Mind Instead, at You can order based on what toppings your eyes look at the longest. We are at the beginning of big changes in the way we do everything. Individuals in Government won’t be able to keep up with, let alone try to regulate things that are about break through.

Your Barber May Be Closed But We’re Always Open, at Shortcut is an on demand service that brings a barber to your house, work, or hotel room. It’s Uber for hair.

Vision For The Future: 1 Million Fewer Cars On The Road, by Kimiko, at It’s Uber’s version of car pooling. When there are multiple trips that start and end at similar locations, or when there are riders along the route taken, they will take the same car and share the cost. Spontaneous activity in the market that will help ease traffic congestion in ways that the smartest central planners could never imagine.

The Flying Car Is (Almost) Here, by Josh Dean, at A step closer to “The Jetsons“.

Under Pressure From Uber, Taxi Medallion Prices Are Plummeting, at Once again the status quo monopoly is about to crack. Government regulations have artificially kept the prices for taxi medallions high for decades. Economic forces in the market always have a way of winning.

Jobs: Shale States vs. Non Shale States, at The President is trying to take credit for this, even though his administration has done everything in its power to shut down or limit oil production.

Uber Banned In Vegas, at Big taxi doesn’t like competition from the little guy, so they run to the Government for some help.

Here It Comes: Master Card Seeks “Level Playing Field” For Bitcoin Regulation, at Are we beginning to see a pattern: Status quo companies lobby their buddies in Government, in order to get rid of their upstart competitors. It is apparently less costly to do this, than compete in the market with these upstarts. The myth is, big business likes competition. In reality they liked competition when they were the up start competitors. They don’t like it as much once they get near the top.

The Difference Between Men And Women, I will make no comments about this post!



Must Reads For The Week 8/23/14

August 22, 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)


Jamie King Took An Uber Car To Give Birth, Youtube Video From Late Night With Conan O’Brien. Actress Jamie King said, “I know that they say they’re three minutes away, and an ambulance, you don’t know. So I can rely on Uber. I took an Uber there.” Satisfied customers are the reason Uber will succeed.

Peer-To-Peer Lending Is Poised To Grow, by Yuliya Demyanyk, at New technology is bringing buyers and sellers together more efficiently.

TeVido BioDevices 3D-Prints Skin And Fat Grafts For Breast Cancer Survivors, by Sara Ines Calderon, at 3-D printing using fat and skin for grafts “that stay alive and not need to be redone over time”. Truly unbelievable.


Salt Lake City Slaps Rideshare Drivers With $6,500 Fines, by Lee Davidson, at Government regulation is the only thing that can harm Uber.


Winnipeg Still Dealing With 18 Metre Snow Pile In August, by Josh Elliott, at Street maintenance manager Jim Berezowsky said, “… this year, he’s seeing more snow than usual. “It is significantly higher than in years past… “We didn’t receive the extreme heat that we usually do.”

Global Warming Computer Models Confounded As Antarctic Sea Ice Hits New Record High, by David Rose, at Since  Global Warming disciples can’t get the weather cooperate with their models, they’ll  have to use propaganda to make their global warming models fit every weather event.

US Having Coolest Summer On Record, at We have to start pumping more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere in order to get temperatures back up to “normal” levels.


Today’s Surveillance Society Beyond Orwellian, at Why are individuals in Government making the internet a surveillance apparatus? Because big Government attracts and produces individuals who are “unscrupulous and uninhibited” which are both totalitarian tendencies.

California “Kill Switch” Bill Could Be Used To Disrupt Protests, by Jake LaPerruque, at I saw this at Politicians and bureaucrats don’t like an informed citizenry.


*This is starting to remind me of the Duke rape case. It fits a preconceived narrative, until the facts finally come out.

*Why did the race hustlers and the media pick this particular story. Why didn’t they pick this story, Michael Blair Shot by Police in Fort Bend County Texas (watch video). {Family calls for help after their mentally ill son locks himself in the bathroom threatening to hurt himself}

*The break down of the rule of law starts when politicians and bureaucrats ignore the law that they mandate the citizens follow.  Citizens will start to defy the law, and a gradual escalation starts on both sides. This didn’t just start last week.

*It’s hard to believe anyone in this situation is telling the truth. The truth is the foundation not just of how we interact with each other, it is the foundation of our ethics, our morals, and the rule of law. When the foundation collapses, so does the structure that is built on it.

*Politicians, bureaucrats, and journalists are trying to separate us into as many groups as possible in order to pit us against each other. This allows them to control us by controlling the narrative. We have to understand that there are two and only two groups; 1) politicians and bureaucrats who have access to the sword government power, and 2) we who are expected to obey the sword of Government power. The American Revolution was fought to give the individual sovereignty over the Government. This has been flipped upside down, and it’s time to flip it back.


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