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Must Reads For The Week 8/23/14

August 22, 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)


Jamie King Took An Uber Car To Give Birth, Youtube Video From Late Night With Conan O’Brien. Actress Jamie King said, “I know that they say they’re three minutes away, and an ambulance, you don’t know. So I can rely on Uber. I took an Uber there.” Satisfied customers are the reason Uber will succeed.

Peer-To-Peer Lending Is Poised To Grow, by Yuliya Demyanyk, at New technology is bringing buyers and sellers together more efficiently.

TeVido BioDevices 3D-Prints Skin And Fat Grafts For Breast Cancer Survivors, by Sara Ines Calderon, at 3-D printing using fat and skin for grafts “that stay alive and not need to be redone over time”. Truly unbelievable.


Salt Lake City Slaps Rideshare Drivers With $6,500 Fines, by Lee Davidson, at Government regulation is the only thing that can harm Uber.


Winnipeg Still Dealing With 18 Metre Snow Pile In August, by Josh Elliott, at Street maintenance manager Jim Berezowsky said, “… this year, he’s seeing more snow than usual. “It is significantly higher than in years past… “We didn’t receive the extreme heat that we usually do.”

Global Warming Computer Models Confounded As Antarctic Sea Ice Hits New Record High, by David Rose, at Since  Global Warming disciples can’t get the weather cooperate with their models, they’ll  have to use propaganda to make their global warming models fit every weather event.

US Having Coolest Summer On Record, at We have to start pumping more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere in order to get temperatures back up to “normal” levels.


Today’s Surveillance Society Beyond Orwellian, at Why are individuals in Government making the internet a surveillance apparatus? Because big Government attracts and produces individuals who are “unscrupulous and uninhibited” which are both totalitarian tendencies.

California “Kill Switch” Bill Could Be Used To Disrupt Protests, by Jake LaPerruque, at I saw this at Politicians and bureaucrats don’t like an informed citizenry.


*This is starting to remind me of the Duke rape case. It fits a preconceived narrative, until the facts finally come out.

*Why did the race hustlers and the media pick this particular story. Why didn’t they pick this story, Michael Blair Shot by Police in Fort Bend County Texas (watch video). {Family calls for help after their mentally ill son locks himself in the bathroom threatening to hurt himself}

*The break down of the rule of law starts when politicians and bureaucrats ignore the law that they mandate the citizens follow.  Citizens will start to defy the law, and a gradual escalation starts on both sides. This didn’t just start last week.

*It’s hard to believe anyone in this situation is telling the truth. The truth is the foundation not just of how we interact with each other, it is the foundation of our ethics, our morals, and the rule of law. When the foundation collapses, so does the structure that is built on it.

*Politicians, bureaucrats, and journalists are trying to separate us into as many groups as possible in order to pit us against each other. This allows them to control us by controlling the narrative. We have to understand that there are two and only two groups; 1) politicians and bureaucrats who have access to the sword government power, and 2) we who are expected to obey the sword of Government power. The American Revolution was fought to give the individual sovereignty over the Government. This has been flipped upside down, and it’s time to flip it back.


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Must Reads For The Week 3/29/14

March 29, 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword...

The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Seattle Socialist Council Woman Sawant Challenged On Proposed %15 minimum Wage Law, by Essex Porter, at It’s hard enough keeping a regular politician from enacting socialist legislation, how much harder is it when you vote in an avowed socialist. I saw this at

Veterans Affairs Wind Turbine, Built For $2.3 Billion, Stands Dormant, by Tom Steward, at Government politicians and bureaucrats will always pick economic losers because they don’t have to suffer the cost of making a bad choice like an entrepreneur would have to in the free market. It’s easier to risk tax payer money than your own. I saw this at

How One Hospital Deals With Identity Theft, at You can’t make something like this up.

See What A Parent Wrote On Their Childs Common Core Math Assignment, by Oliver Darcy, at When you see the complicated way a student used to solve a simple math problem, you have to ask if people in education realize that time is a scarce resource. The extra time spent solving this problem could be used in a more productive way; like learning basic math.

NY Times Reporter Says The Obama Admin. Is The Greatest Enemy Of Press Freedom In A Generation, by Oliver Darcy, at The press has not been hammering the administration about its abuses of our individual rights. Hopefully they are starting to see how their right to a free press is being infringed. Don’t they understand that tyrannical Governments don’t want a free press, they want the press to be their propaganda arm.

Google Backed Lending Club Brings Peer-To-Peer Lending To Business Loans, by Lena Rao, at Since the Government is trying to torpedo virtual currencies like Bitcoin, I doubt that they can be happy with this trend in lending. The Federal Reserve has a monopoly on electronically printing counterfeit money, and member banks loaning out this counterfeit money is one of the ways the Fed injects it into the economy. The Government will fight peer-to-peer lending and virtual currencies because they are a threat to the Federal Reserves monopoly on money printing, which is how the Federal Government finances its debt. I saw this article at

College Students Fail To Name A Single U.S. Senator, at This short video speaks for itself.

Boeing Has Its Own Government Bank: Is It Creating A Bubble In Boeing Jumbo Jets, at Here is an excerpt from the article, “The Export-Import Bank of the United States is a federal agency that subsidizes U.S. exports through loans and loan guarantees to foreign buyers of American-made goods. U.S. taxpayers bear the ultimate risk if these loans go bad.” Boeing is making out like a bandit on these deals. Crony Capitalism at its best, or worst.

Police Say Ride Share App “Lyft” Violates City Ordinance, by Robert Price, at The battle is always between  established businesses who want their monopoly status protected, and new businesses who create a new market for their service. Creative destruction is the rule in a free market, and protecting the status quo is the rule in a crony capitalist system. Politicians and bureaucrats don’t want the decisions of millions of individuals in the market to interfere with who they think should succeed or fail.



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