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Observations From The Margin

November 6, 2014

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What does the Republican party gaining control of the Senate, increasing their majority in the House, and winning Governorships in Democratic strongholds like Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland tell us?

-Maybe a growing number of individuals are finally seeing what big Government central planning really looks like, and they don’t like it. The President’s interventionist policies over the last 6 years made him the face of big Government. This made it possible for Republicans to run against him specifically, instead of running against a faceless entity called big Government.

– When the President said “his policies were on the ballot”, no truer statement has ever come out of his mouth. In his press conference the day after the election though, he tried to spin his way out of that statement. It didn’t work. He said the election showed ” the people” wanted their Government to “get stuff done”. No Mr. President, with all due respect, many people want You to get out of their lives and leave them alone. They want the Government to stop “doing stuff”, and/or repeal “the stuff” you have already implemented.

-I love how politicians say “the people” as if it’s a monolithic entity that has a single mind. “The People” is made up of millions of unique individuals. This fact is the reason why Big Government central planning won’t work, because one plan can’t please millions of individuals. Individuals are only happy when they are allowed to make choices based on what they value, not “the” choice that some totalitarian politician tries to force on them.

-If Republicans think that “the people” are now on their side, they are sadly mistaken. I think many individuals understood that the only way to stop the current Government intervention into their lives was to vote in Republicans and try to hold their feet to the fire. Many of us know there is no chance that the Democrat party will ever be for smaller Government. But that doesn’t mean the Republicans are for smaller Government. If establishment Republicans don’t try to stop the growth of Government, if they won’t stand up to the President, guess what happens in the next election.

-If the implementation of Obamacares employer mandate had been implemented in 2014, instead of unconstitutionally delaying it until 2015; if the shale oil revolution hadn’t created a vast majority of the new jobs the President is taking credit for; how much worse would Nov. 4th had been.

-Republican analysts¬† moan about the fact that Romney got 4 million fewer Republican votes than Bush got in 2004, and crow about the fact that they got 5% more votes from Independents than Obama. They say if the Republicans had turned out, they would have won. Did they ever consider that the 4 million Republican votes they didn’t get are actually the 5% increase in independents. Many Independents used to be Republicans and probably still vote Republican.

-The Republican establishment doesn’t like the tea party and the libertarian wing of their party. Why? Because the tea party and the libertarians want Government to shrink while the establishment just wants to win elections so it can take big Government for a test drive. Do we realize that we are putting individuals in power and asking them to give up some of the power they wield? How hard is it to get rid of entitlements? Being in power is the ultimate entitlement.

-Alaska (69%), Arkansas (65%), South Dakota (55%), and Nebraska ((59%), all passed laws that increased the minimum wage. How can voters in these states who voted against expanding Government on the one hand, vote for Government intervention on the other? We know that economic reality won’t allow minimum wage laws to work like the central planners planned (Read: Minimum Wage Laws Create Unemployment). But, from The stand point of individual liberty, do these voters understand that they are interfering with a contract to which the employer and the employee voluntarily agreed. Do they realize that on the same ballot they voted to intervene in individuals lives, and to stop individuals in Government from interfering into their own lives. We have a lot of work to do in educating individuals about economics and individual liberty.

-It has taken 100 years of progressivism to get to this point in time where Government is involved In every aspect of our lives. How long do you think it will take to turn the ship around? It will take more than a few elections cycles. As F. A. Hayek said, “The battle for freedom must be won over and over again, the socialists of all parties must be persuaded or defeated if they and we are to remain free men“. The battle for individual freedom is going to be won at the state and local levels. Governors have to have the stones to stand up to the Federal Government. Rolling back Government is going to happen from the bottom up not from the top down in D.C.














George Will: Faith In Government?

October 19, 2014

George Will was on Fox News Sunday, and here are his comments to the questions, 1)Can we have faith in Government? and 2) Can we trust the Government to do its job?

Here are the highlights from his comments.

“…you asked: ‘can we have faith in Government’? I think we have much more to fear from excessive faith in Government than from to little faith in Government.”

“You asked: ‘can we trust the Government to do its job’? What isn’t it’s job nowadays…this is a government that doesn’t know when to stop.”

The distilled essence….of progressivism is that Government is benign, that it’s a disinterested force. That’s false,¬† and b) it is stocked with experts who are really gifted at doing things…..Republicans do this Democrats do this also…a common theme is excessive faith in the skills of Government.


When we use the word Government we mean individuals in Government. Government doesn’t make policy and decisions, individual politicians and bureaucrats make policy and decisions. The reason these politicians have the power to make and implement certain decisions is because “we the people” set up the frame-work of Government that allows them certain areas in which to legislate. We also elect these politicians to sit in the seat of power. Unfortunately we have allowed them to ignore the boundaries that surround their power, because we don’t hold them accountable once they are elected.

Here are some examples of incompetence at different levels of Government. 1) The Nurse who flew to Akron after being exposed to Ebola, had contacted the Center for Disease Control twice asking them if it was alright to fly, and they said yes (read here). 2) The Parents who called the cops to help with their mentally ill son who locked himself in his room and threatened to harm himself. Eleven shots later their son was dead. The police succeeded in not letting him harm himself (watch here). 3) A 5-year-old girl pointed a crayon at a class mate, and school officials punished her by making her sign a contract that she wouldn’t kill anyone or commit suicide (read here). 4) Need we say more than the Obamacare web site that cost $2 billion (read here). This list is literally endless.

Here is a George Gilder quote about big Government, “The ambitious agenda of contemporary liberalism simply ensures that Government will do nothing well, except to expand itself as an obstacle of growth and innovation. Government best supports the future by refraining as much as possible from trying unduly to shape it.

It is our fault that we have arrived at this point where Government is this big. We are the only ones who can reel this monster in, because politicians and bureaucrats will never vote to reduce their power.

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