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The Result of The Break Down of The Rule of Law.

November 15, 2012

If the rule of law is defined as “general rules, known in advance, and applying to the rulers as well as the ruled”, than the breakdown of the rule of law is caused by government making laws that are micro managing, so numerous we can’t possibly know them in advance, and not applying to the rulers, only to the ruled. The expansion of Government regulations and mandates into every aspect of our lives has led to a push back. This video shows how a truck driver deals with Government agents at a check point twenty miles inside the border of the state of Texas. You can watch videos like this all day. Citizens are starting to assert their fourth and fifth amendment rights when they are stopped by police or other Government agents.

Citizens are not complying with what seem like simple and reasonable requests by police and Government agents. Go to youtube and type in “police abuse of power”, and watch videos of police and Government agents bullying, intimidating, and abusing the very citizens they are supposed to protect. This escalation of force is going to be met with an equal escalation of resistance. (more…)