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Must Reads For The Week 4/26/14

April 26, 2014


The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Markets In Everything: A 3D Printed Hand For Less Than $50, by Mark J. Perry, at This replaces a prosthetic arm that cost $42,000. If politicians really wanted health care to become “affordable”, they would have never passed the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Instead they would have repealed all laws regulating health care and health insurance. This would have allowed the market to simultaneously bring prices down while increasing the quality of healthcare. Obamacare will provide a longer wait for lower quality care at a higher price.

18 Spectacularly Wrong Apocalyptic Predictions Made Around The Time Of The First Earth Day In 1970, Expect More This Year, by Mark J. Perry, at Using climate science to predict the future of the earth, is just like using a persons palm to predict his future. Both are confidence games.

Video: Matt Rosendale Is A True Patriot, at Great political ad.

Courts Uphold Drivers’ Right To Tip Off Other Motorists To Police Speed Traps, at Cops say the purpose of speed traps is  traffic safety, not revenue enhancement. So shouldn’t they be happy that drivers are slowing down when they are flashed by on coming drivers.

Obama’s Green-Energy Boondoggles Leave The Tax Payer In Red, by Justin Sykes, at Quoting Robert Bradley Jr., “When government tries to pick winners and losers, it typically picks losers. Why? Because the free market consumers pick winners to leave the losers for government.”

Elderly Man Beaten By Police, by Lauren Pozen, at This man is being charged with assaulting a police officer, what did he do head butt the cop. This is another example of why you should take care of problems yourself instead of calling police.

BASE Jump From Worlds Tallest Building, by Skydive Dubai. No words necessary, just watch the video.

The Logical Progression Of “Public Accomodation”, by Jim Fedako, at Excerpt from the article, “… those who cheer the growth of government when it abuses someone else need to realize that what goes around, comes around…Ludwig von Mises noted that either negative rights to person and property are enforced or we are on the slope to slavery: there is no middle way. Think you can pick a stopping point mid-slide? Good luck. The guy riding the slide in front of you is waxing away.”



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Must Reads For The Week 10/5/13

October 5, 2013
The pen is mightier than the sword...

The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Shutdown-palooza Is Sickening, by Chris Rossini, at What if the Government shuts down, and nobody cares.

America’s Oil And Gas Is Booming But Could Be Better As Team Obama Watches From The Sidelines, by Mark J. Perry, at I honestly think the administration wants high energy prices. Thank God for what’s left of the free market.

I Need Thee Oh I Need Thee, at This video shows Sam Robson singing lead and singing 8 back ground vocals all at the same time.  Technology produces even more creativity in the people who use it.

Over 93% Of EPA Employees Considered Non-Essential, by Tony Lee, at I’m upset that there are 16,205 employees at the EPA. I found this at

Boy Suspended After Using Finger As Pretend Gun, by Amaka Ubaka, at When will we stand up and say “enough”. The progressives are trying to intimidate school kids into thinking guns are bad. I found this at

Public Servants Or Public Masters, at Video shows police turning a police dog loose on a subject already on the ground. David Castellani was charged with aggravated assault, with the police claiming he punched an officer and choked the police dog.

United Nations Climate Change Report Wrong As Usual, at The climate change hoax is falling apart.

How Obama Care Wrecks The Work Ethic, by Casey Mulligan, at When workers are forced to pay for a parasites healthcare, workers won’t have an incentive to work as much.

The Result of The Break Down of The Rule of Law.

November 15, 2012

If the rule of law is defined as “general rules, known in advance, and applying to the rulers as well as the ruled”, than the breakdown of the rule of law is caused by government making laws that are micro managing, so numerous we can’t possibly know them in advance, and not applying to the rulers, only to the ruled. The expansion of Government regulations and mandates into every aspect of our lives has led to a push back. This video shows how a truck driver deals with Government agents at a check point twenty miles inside the border of the state of Texas. You can watch videos like this all day. Citizens are starting to assert their fourth and fifth amendment rights when they are stopped by police or other Government agents.

Citizens are not complying with what seem like simple and reasonable requests by police and Government agents. Go to youtube and type in “police abuse of power”, and watch videos of police and Government agents bullying, intimidating, and abusing the very citizens they are supposed to protect. This escalation of force is going to be met with an equal escalation of resistance. (more…)