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Geithner: “I Never Had A Real Job”. Another Example Of Intellectual Inbreeding.

January 28, 2013

In my previous post Federal Reserve Policy Makers Have An Incestuous Intellectual Relationship With Each Other, we talked about how our political aristocracy and the intellectual elite have no knowledge outside of their vision of the world, a vision which was inbreed into them by their education, their job, and the people with whom they associate. This video, from, is an example.


The interesting part of this video is Geithner’s inability to realize his narrow experience is a bad thing. Going from grad school directly to the Treasury, then spending the rest of your professional life in a policy job, isn’t a recipe for developing a wide base of knowledge on which to make policy decisions. The policies they come up with won’t work anywhere outside of the sterile intellectual laboratory that exists only in the minds (more…)