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Ted Cruz Tells The Truth About McConnell, Reid, The Senate, and Crony Capitalism

July 27, 2015

Last Friday Senator Ted Cruz took to the floor of the Senate and did something very few politicians do, he told the truth. He tells it like it is about republican majority leader Mitch McConnell, minority leader Harry Reid, career politicians in both parties, republican leadership, how the Senate operates, the Export Import bank, and the crony capitalist corporate welfare system our Government has become. He pulls back the curtain and allows us to see what really goes on in congress, although many of us have a good idea. Here is the video of his speech. Watch it all. It is one of the best you will ever see and hear.

Here are some excerpts:

“The majority and minority leader, arm and arm, should not team up against the American tax payers.”

“we loot the taxpayer to benefit wealthy powerful corporations.”

“Do you know what he (McConnell) didn’t bring up (for a vote). Is my amendment to end the congressional exemption from Obamacare the corrupt deal Harry Reid cut with President Obama to exempt members of congress. We ought to live under the same rules as everyone else. But the majority leader doesn’t want to vote on that.”


Ted Cruz should be applauded for standing up to power. I’m sure Senator McConnell will not say anything about what Ted Cruz said in hopes that it will go away quickly. McConnell will not forget this and will pick his spot to chop the legs out from under Cruz. Probably after Ted Cruz finds a horse head in his bed.

I’ve said this before but it is worth repeating. The battle is not between the R and the D. The battle is between big government central planners in both parties and each individual citizen. We should not allow ourselves to be split up into groups and pitted against each other for their political gain. We should consider ourselves one big gang of individuals who all want the same thing, Government out of our lives. We should be free to make our own decisions and not be dictated to. A gang of individuals couldn’t be ignored by politicians.

As Ted Cruz stated, “the majority and minority leader, arm in arm, should not team up against the American people“. It is time for us to team up and force politicians to shrink government.

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