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Must Reads For The Week 5/5/18

May 6, 2018


No Teachers Are Not Underpaid, at Teachers salaries are paid by tax payers. Teachers pensions are paid by tax payers. Teachers benefits are paid by tax payers. Even the taxes teachers pay are paid by tax payers. Teachers work about 185 days a year. So I think they are “greedy” when they walk out for more money, like they did recently in Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona. Quit whining and do your job.

New Test Results Reveal A “Lost Decade” For Academic Progress In Public Schools, at If this is the kind of product these teachers produce, you could say they are over paid. Do your job.

Predictions: No College Graduation Speaker will Mention The 29% Gender College Degree Gap For The Class Of 2018, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Women receive 58.5% of all college degrees compared to 41.5% for men. Do we need a men’s version of title IX.

Public University Admits Its Faculty Awards That Block Men And Whites Are Illegal, by Greg Piper, at I’m not surprised that they were discriminating against men and whites. I’m surprised they admitted it.

If Solar And Wind Are So Cheap, Why Are They Making electricity So Expensive? by Michael Shellenberger, at Government mandates and subsidies are the only reason more expensive wind and solar energy is produced. It wouldn’t happen under normal market conditions.

Crisis In Cali: Workers Face “Buckets Of Feces and Needles” As Homelessness Worsens, at It is hard to believe this kind of homelessness could happen in the ‘socialist paradise’ of San Francisco. I think the only solution is a tax increase on the productive.

AFL-CIO Demands We Never Use The Self-Serve Checkout, by Andrew Moran, at I wonder if the AFL-CIO ever considered that raising the minimum wage above what the market will bear has anything to do with workers losing their jobs to automation.

The Appropriateness Of Marxism In The New York Times, by Robert Wenzel, at from the article”….it is quite appropriate that an ode to Marx is featured in the Gray Lady, which provides the marching orders for the pseudo-intellectuals who are driven more by hate than by logic. The capability for deep thought and analysis required to understand how the world really works and the beauty of freedom is missing from these people. They are about the crossed mental wires of rage, contradiction and general illogic—sounds Marxian to me.”

NSA Spied On 534 Million US Calls In 2017, Up Sharply From 2016, at This is another example of government running amok. Who will stand up to this government agency? No one. Because establishment politicians and bureaucrats (aka the deep state) want the expansion of government power.

Trump Put A Tariff On Chinese Steel: Now North Carolina Pig Farmers Could Feel Pain, at Here is an example of the indirect consequences of tariffs.

Treasury Increases Auction Sizes To Fund Soaring Deficit, Launches 2-Month Bill, at The US had to borrow $488 billion to fund last quarters debt. Is that kind of debt sustainable? Cutting the Federal Budget, especially entitlements, is the only way out of this mess.

The Latest Panic Over “Assault Weapons”, by Jose Nino, at Excerpt from the article: “…. “assault weapon” is a politically invented term gun control advocates …..have used over the past few decades to instill fear among the general populace. The media enjoy creating lurid images of criminals toting “military-grade” weapons after every shooting, but any serious analysis of these incidents will quickly pick apart this myth. Cosmetics notwithstanding, firearms like the AR-15 function no differently from regular handguns. To add even more confusion, media talking heads use the terms “assault rifle” and “assault weapon” interchangeably. Assault rifle actually refers to a military firearm that possesses semi-automatic and automatic settings. AR-15s can’t be classified as assault rifles due to only featuring a semi-automatic setting.”

Cuomo Directs Dep. of Financial Services to Urge Companies To Weigh Reputational Risk of Business Ties To The NRA and Similar Organizations, Government force and resources are behind whatever Governor Cuomo Decrees. This should be considered a threat.

Judge Mulls Dismissal Of Manafort charges, “Sharply Questioned” Mueller Overreach, at Mueller can’t find any evidence related to Trump colluding with Russia. So he prosecutes Manafort on charges that have nothing to do with Russian collusion. Why? Not only to gain leverage on Manafort to lie about Trump. But he needs some scalps to justify the investigation.