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Must Reads For The Week 10/27/18

October 30, 2018

How The Media Encourages (And Sustains) Political Warfare, at Since bias is unavoidable. And everything is political. Most of us should realize that main stream media news reports have inherent and varying degrees of political bias. This article gives great insight into what to look for so you don’t get duped by media bias.

UN Climate Change Report: A Choice Between “Mad Max and Hunger Games, at  Weather and climate has become politicized. The article above about media bias also pertains to climate change politics.   Warning! Civilization At Risk, Crisis By 2040, And Other Nonsensical Climate BS, at

The Next Generation Of Ridesharing Is Giving Uber A Run For Its Money, by Brittany Hunter, at People are amazing. Arcade City is a ridesharing app that differs from Uber and Lyft. The creators of Arcade City have figured out a way to get around the regulations that cities passed to outlaw Uber and Lyft. Almost like a black market in ridesharing.

Amazon Prime Killed Sears And Consumers Should Be Grateful, by Brittany Hunter, at Sears started out as a mail order warehouse. It was essentially a slower version of Amazon. Once suburban malls became popular, Sears became anchor stores for these malls, while getting out of the mail order business. When the market changed, as it always does, Sears was too slow to realize its original roots. The fact that Sears is going bankrupt shows us the creative destruction of the free market. Losses are just as important as profits in a market economy. Profits tell us what activities should be continued, while losses tell us what activities are wasting scarce resources and should be liquidated.

The Public-Sector Pension Crisis, by John Stossel, at Cities and states across the country have underfunded public pensions for decades. At some point someone will have to give something up. Whether it the pension recipients giving up benefits, or taxpayers being forced to pay for the a government created problem.

More Than Half Of America Gets More IN Welfare Than It Pays In Taxes, by Ryan McMaken, at Excerpt from the article: “The CBO report reminds us that a great many voters receive government welfare checks of various types, and the perception is that any true cuts in spending will bring a high cost to those who have become accustomed to their taxpayer-funded benefits. Ultimately, the effects on voting patterns and public policy will be very real.

Understanding America’s Enormous 19.5 Trillion Dollar Economy By Comparing US Metro Area GDPs To Entire Countries, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Even with the amount of government intervention as we have in our economy we are still blowing other countries. Free people producing and exchanging in free markets works best for creating the highest standard of living for the most people.

In Defense Of Payday Lending, by Tom Lehman, at Payday lenders do not force anyone to use their services. They are not exploiting people. Consumer advocates want Payday lenders regulated by government, even we all know that government regulation is the sure-fire way to screw up the process of exchange  between individuals. Excerpt from the article: “In a twisted irony that only a collectivist could love, payday lending firms have cropped up, as a response to government regulations that have distorted conventional consumer lending markets, and are now under attack from the very same political class that pressed for these regulations”

Science Wins – Trump Administration Proposes Transgender Policy Based On Biology, at Finally someone realizes that gender and sex are two different things. Gender is a function of grammar. There are three genders in the English language (he, she, it). There are two sexes in biology. Females have an XX chromosome and a male has an XY chromosome. Nothing can change the XX or XY chromosome that exists in every cell of your body. So are people who think a person can change their sex a “science denier”.


Caravan Of Liberal Americans Makes Way Toward Socialist Paradise Of Venezuela, at

Study: 100% Of Events That Contradict Your Narrative Are False Flag Conspiracies, at

Anti-Science Trump Administration To Revert Definition Of Gender To Objective, Scientific Standard, at

Hillary Clinton Makes ‘Get Out The Vote’ Tour Stop In Tijuana, at

Democrat Leaders Announce Brief Moratorium On Calling For Political Violence, at



Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok





Must Reads For The Week 2/7/15

February 7, 2015
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Video Of Cops Pulling Gun On Teens For Having Snowball Fight, Not Telling The Whole Story, at When I saw this video on another site, I was skeptical because there was no film of the snowball fight and no evidence of snowball residue anywhere in the video. Always try to check everything out that you see on the internet. This is a perfect example of how cops would be protected if they were wearing body cameras. The full story would be there for everyone to see.

Venezuela’s Socialist Paradise Turns Into Nightmare, by Peter Foster, at Individuals deciding what to produce, consume, exchange, and save in a free market increases people’s standard of living, and socialist central planning is “The Road To Serfdom“.

What Paul Krugman Thinks The Secret To The Universe Is, at This guy teaches economics at Princeton University! The students should ask for a refund. Does he understand that consumption is the result of production? Or does he think that what we consume appears magically out of thin air because of demand?

I Meet A Climate Concern Activist And Cave, at Trying to change the world, one person at a time. Their wasn’t much hope for this one.

Fixed, The App That Fights Parking Tickets, by Sarah Perez, at This is in the spirit that founded this country. Americans are always trying to find ways around Government interventions.

The Police No Longer Work For You, by Daniel Payne, at A SWAT team raided ten people playing poker. Fairfax police pocketed 40% of the money that was seized. Gambling is illegal in Virginia unless of course it is sponsored by the State. Government politicians and bureaucrats want anything outside of their regulates to be illegal. They want to control every aspect of people’s lives.

Wow…And Interest Rates Aren’t Even Climbing Yet, at The chart shows how the interest we pay on our national debt each year will almost quadruple in the next ten years. And that’s if the interest rates stay as low as they are right now. Unfortunately they have only one way to go, and that’s up. We all know who will pay for this.

Five Ways Liberals Ignore Science, by David Harsanyi, at Vaccines, global warming, genetically modified foods, fracking? What does the scientific process say about these and many other issues? Science is never settled. No one experiment can prove a theory correct, but all it takes is one experiment to prove it wrong.

Plane Hits Bridge In Front Of Car In Taiwan

Pilot’s Body Found Still Clutching Joystick Of Crashed Taiwan Plane, at The pilot saved lives by steering the plane away from buildings before crashing in river.


1500′ Feet Tower

Most Insane Ski Line EVER