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Checkers Or Chess, Who Got Played In Syria? You Did

September 18, 2013
Chess game and play clock with the pieces in t...

Chess game and play clock with the pieces in their initial position. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw this at Kids Prefer Cheese, It is a tweet from Russian chess grandmaster and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov. I’ve thought of our President as a grandmaster community organizing checkers player who got stuck playing foreign policy chess. He doesn’t think any intelligence exists beyond his own brilliance. This tweet by Kasparov shows that maybe our checker player got checkmated, or maybe he thinks he got enough political cover from Putin to come out of this smelling like a rose. We must understand he is not just playing a foreign policy chess game, he is playing this foreign policy chess game inside of what he considers a bigger and more important game, which is getting us to see him as a believable and trust worthy leader which would help him further advance his domestic agenda. Having foreign countries think of him as a strong leader on the world stage is secondary (more…)


Some Humor To Take The Edge Off

September 11, 2013

I saw these  at

Obamacare is the means to the single payer end. It must be defunded, because once it’s implementation starts in earnest, it will be impossible to get rid of. What was the last Government program that was allowed to die on the vine? Politicians won’t even revamp the post office, even though it is loosing billions a year, so they won’t have the stones to repeal Obamacare.

Everything that we are witnessing concerning Syria, are means to the end of the President trying to get out of the political corner he painted himself into.

There IS a “time sensitivity” to a strike against Syria. Delay gives them time to hide what they don’t want destroyed, and delayed punishment’s effect is degraded with each passing day.

It’s not just about passing the buck, it’s about having someone out on the limb with him.

On the one hand we are threatening to use force against the Assad Regime who, as the President said, is no threat to the U.S. And on the other hand, using this force would be helping Al-Qaida, the organization that was responsible for 9/11 and is still an enemy today.

137007 600 Al Qaida in Syria cartoons

A Keynesians Dream, Cruise Missile Strikes In Syria.

September 6, 2013
A Raytheon Tomahawk Block IV cruise missile du...

A Raytheon Tomahawk Block IV cruise missile during a U.S. Navy flight test at NAWS China Lake, California (Nov. 10, 2002) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If we believe Keynesian economics, cruise missile strikes will help our economy, and the Syrian economy. First let’s look at how it is supposed to help our economy. By launching a couple hundred cruise missiles at roughly $1 million a pop, the Government will have to spend over $200 million to replace the missiles that are consumed in the attacks. Cruise missile maker Raytheon will be the beneficiary of the spending as they will get paid to produce at least 200 cruise missiles. Raytheon’s employees, stock holders, and the companies who supply parts to Raytheon, for these missiles, will have more money to spend, and as the money circulates through the economy it will stimulate even more consumption. As we all know consumption drives the economy, and if we can stimulate consumption through government spending there will be never-ending economic growth.

The same basic principle is in play as we look at how the Syrian economy will be helped by our cruise missile strikes. What ever our cruise missiles destroy, has to be replaced, whether it is buildings, vehicles, military equipment, and yes even the chemical weapons. Part of the collateral damage will be people, but if you look at it unemotionally, employment will improve because unemployed people will have to take the place of the employed who died. Employment will also improve as people will have to be employed to rebuild what was destroyed by the cruise missile strikes. Since Government only spends on important projects, for the common good, and the private sector spending is for frivolous things that individuals desire, our targeting of Government property will have an optimal stimulative effect for the Syrian economy.

We are consuming missiles when we launch them, and as we know consumption grows the economy. We could be selfish and create a stimulative effect for our economy only, if we launched these missiles into the ocean or a deserted place on the globe, but we are creating a secondary stimulative effect by dropping these missiles on real things. Fortunately for the Syrians we are targeting them, we could have chosen numerous other countries to stimulate with our cruise missile strikes. (more…)

Thomas Sowell Tells Us What Syria Is All About

September 5, 2013

As only he can, Thomas Sowell sifts out the B.S. and finds the golden nugget regarding Syria. Hard to believe it’s political. The article titled Serious About Syria?, is just another gem that we come to expect every time he puts a pen to paper. It seems that our President is a grand master checkers player, unfortunately he is playing foreign policy chess. Here are some excerpts from the article. (more…)

Observations From The Margin

September 2, 2013
Observation Tower

Observation  (Photo credit: mooglet)

– Why is the administration so worried about civilians being killed in Syria, when it wasn’t worried about the civilians being killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen by our drone strikes? Would the President have been ok with Assad if he had killed the same amount of civilians with drone strikes?

– The President is going to congress to seek authorization for the use of force in Syria for three reasons that I can see. 1) If congress doesn’t give him authorization, he can use it as a reason not to go in. It would essentially be his get out of jail free card from the “crossing the red line” jail of his own making. 2) If congress passes a resolution of force, “he” is no longer out on a limb by himself, if “we” attack and it doesn’t workout. 3) The length of time it will take to get this authorization (congress is back in session Sept. 9th), will put this issue so far in the rear view mirror, it will be “old news”. All of these give the president plenty of political cover, and that’s the most important thing to a politician.

– Thomas Sowell uses a term, “thinking beyond stage one”, Frederic Bastiat uses, “that which is seen, and that which is not seen”, when talking about the unintended consequences of a particular action. When it comes foreign policy, I don’t think the administration sees the long-term consequences of their stage one thinking.

– Why would you put off the implementation of something as wonderful as Obamacare, unless its implementation wouldn’t be so wonderful for you politically.

– Do the fast food workers who went on strike for higher wages from their employers realize they are angry at the wrong group of people. They shouldn’t be angry at their employers, they should be angry at consumers for not being willing to pay a higher price. The consumer ultimately pays the worker’s salary, and has no obligation to consume the same amount at the higher price. Remember when the cost of anything goes up, there will be less of that activity, and labor is no exception.

– I think the President should appoint a member of The Lavender Hill Mob, as the next Federal Reserve Chairman.

– When people get upset that congress is taking another recess, or the President is taking another vacation or playing another round of golf, instead of working; I always tell them we would be better off, and it would be less expensive, if we paid them double and sent them on a paid vacation for the duration of their terms. They couldn’t intervene into our lives, and we would be just fine.

– Minority children are usually helped the most by school voucher programs. The Justice Department is trying to block the Louisiana school voucher program, on the grounds that some of these students are in districts that remain under desegregation orders, and these vouchers would impede the desegregation process. Real children’s futures sacrificed to an imaginary God.

– I don’t understand all the hand wringing about concussions in football. I figured out concussions were probably a bad thing when I was playing 8th grade football. I tried to tackle, or I couldn’t get out of the way of, a guy who out weighed me by 50 pounds. I saw the flash of light when we collided, or when he ran over me, and I knew that wasn’t good. Every one knows the risks of playing football, and each person weighs these risks against the benefits and either keeps playing or quits playing.