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Net Neutrality?

February 26, 2015

Here is a video of The President talking about net neutrality.

Sounds like he really wants to protect us, the little guys, from big corporations doesn’t it. Why should we believe the man who pushed a bill titled, “The Affordable Care Act”? Obamacare has made individuals less free to choose how they want to pay for their healthcare. Insurance companies were for this law because they thought they would benefit from its passage. With the stroke of the pen, the law created 30 million more costumers for insurance companies. The fact that it expanded Governments power over the individual makes politicians and bureaucrats happy. But who among us wouldn’t want our power expanded? Is the term “Net Neutrality” any different from “The Affordable Care Act”.

You can bet your life that Net Neutrality regulations will make the internet less neutral, less free, and more expensive.

Net neutrality laws will help the already established tech companies and hurt the upstart competitors who, under normal market conditions, would normally be a check on the big providers. The threat of competitors trying to get market share keeps them in line. This is what Uber is doing to the taxi cartel. Big tech companies will be for this, or at least be tepid in their resistance to it. Once Government regulates the internet, these tech companies will be the protected cartel.

Politicians and bureaucrats will not only be able to tax the internet more easily, they will be able to make rules about content, access, and will probably make you get a license to have a website. Think of what bureaucrats (Lois Lerner) in the IRS did to stifle liberty minded groups from getting their message out. Politicians and bureaucrats are only in favor of free speech if they agree with what is said, they are never neutral when it comes to losing power.

Politicians and bureaucrats have been trying for years to figure out how to intervene into the internet. The internet is what has allowed our economy to grow in spite of the interventions by the Government and the Fed. Now, for some reason, the President and bureaucrats want to intervene into an area of the economy that has had exponential expansion without the “help” of Government regulations.



Tyrants want to control information because truth is never on their side. Even democratically elected tyrants want to have the ability to control and/or propagandize their message. The internet is a marketplace where truth can be discovered, and lies can be uncovered, because of the volume of information that can be brought to bear almost immediately.

The President, the FCC, most democrats, and some republicans are showing their true tyrannical colors by supporting these regulations, but the internet Jeannie is out of the bottle. The marketplace will find ways to deliver this highly demanded economic good outside of these Government regulations. The tighter they squeeze, the more we will slip through their hands.

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Must Reads For The Week 10/18/14

October 18, 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Scientists Have Debunked These 5 Common Myths About Red Meat, at First, I posted this because the video made me hungry for a medium rare steak. Second, these myths about red meat had to have come from some other “scientist”. I guess science is up for debate.

The Corruption Of Science, by William O’Keefe, at Everything is political, even science. Here is an excerpt from the article, “I want to …talk about … the rise of what has been called consensus science. I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. …Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics.”

The Nightmarish Politics Of Ebola, by John Cassidy, at Everything  is political, from the name of the Washington Redskins, to Ebola. As much as I hate politics, it is part of  the reality we live in. Even this article trying to decry the politics of Ebola, is a political article. When it comes to analysis of any event, the first question the cable news anchors ask is, “How will this help or hurt the (President, republicans, democrats, congress)” pick one. I don’t care about Ebola politically. I care about Ebola from an epidemiological stand point. When everything is politicized, Government is to big and intrusive. We are living in the chaotic middle ground between central planning and individual freedom.

The Increasing Precision And Efficiency Of Revolutionary Drilling Technologies Has Made US World’s Greatest Producer, by Mark J. Perry at carpediemblog. The US is now the leader in oil and natural gas production thanks to entrepreneurs and technology. Supplying more oil to the market has helped drop the price of oil. The law of  supply and demand is right again. Drill baby drill.

More Schumpeterian Innovation In Ride-Sharing Service Uber, And Another Reason Big Taxi Is Doomed, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. The upstart competitor (Uber) is putting its efforts into finding ways to serve the consumer better, which in turn expands its business. The status quo monopoly (Taxi Cartel) puts its efforts into trying to keep the upstart competitor out of the market. The consumer will decide which strategy is the best.

The 10 Deadliest Jobs In The US, at Producing a higher standard of living has a cost in lives. But a higher standard of living not only saves lives, it also makes it possible to support a higher population.

Irresponsible ‘Education‘ , and We Can Still Salvage Enough Of The Constitution To Remain A Free And Democratic Nation, by Thomas Sowell, at These are two great articles by my favorite author, and are truly must reads. Thomas Sowell always makes you think. He also makes you debate, with yourself, about how you arrived at the way you think about different subject matters.