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Must Reads For The Week 1/14/17

January 14, 2017

Rand Paul Is Right: Republicans Ready To Support Trillion Dollar Increase In Budget Deficit, at Chuck Schumer Slams Republicans For Proposing $9 Trillion In New Debt, at Rand Paul is truly upset that his party is proposing this debt increasing budget. Chuck Schumer should be thrilled that this budget will increase the spending of the Federal Government. He never met a (taxed, borrowed, or printed) dollar he didn’t want to spend. All Schumer is trying to do is get the conservative base upset at the Republican establishment. He doesn’t have to try, we have been upset at the Republican establishment for 16 years. That is what the last 3 election cycles have been about.

John Harwood Asks “Who Do You Believe America; Wikileaks or US Intel Officials?” Gets Surprising Answer, at The fact that he asked this question tells us he doesn’t understand why the election turned out like it did.

Trump Calling CNN Fake News. Trump has turned the media’s “fake news” construct around on them. “Fake News” was supposed to be used against the internet, conservative blogs, and Fox News. Now it is being used against the main stream media’s crumbling monopoly on information. The market eventually crushes monopolies. Just ask OPEC.

America’s Abundant, Low-Cost Fossil “Fuels Of The Future” Will Be Our Dominate Energy Source For Decades, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Obama and the environmental crazies don’t understand that they can’t force their utopian ideas about green energy on to reality. Reality always wins. No one wants higher cost energy forced on them when lower cost energy is available. If an individual thinks the subjective psychic benefit of using high cost green energy out weighs the lower cost of fossil fuels, by all means let him buy green, as long as it is not subsidized by the tax payers. And don’t get the government to force your subjective choice on me.

Pope Francis Now International Monetary Guru, at The Pope should stay within his area of expertise which is mercy and reconciliation, not economics and monetary policy. The fact that the Pope and central bankers have the same economic and monetary policies, proves the Pope is fallible.

CPS School Loses Beloved Library Due To Budget Cuts, by Julie Unruh, at Parents wanted to man the check out process at the library after budget cuts axed the librarian at Pritzger Elementary in Chicago. Unfortunately the teachers union didn’t like the market solution to their monopoly position and wouldn’t have any of it. The Union said “the volunteers could wipe out the librarian position permanently”. And I thought the teachers unions were in it for “the children”?

Heating Empty Buildings”: Billion Pound British Biomass Subsidy Scandal, By Eric Worrall, at Unintended, but forseeable, consequences of green energy subsidies. British people are heating empty buildings to get the subsidy. From the article: “Businesses that signed up could receive 160 pounds from the government for every 100 pounds they spent on fuels, such as wood pellets, burnt in biomass boilers. As people spotted the gains to be made, there was a surge in applications and costs spiralled.”

Judge Dismisses ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed’s Lawsuit Against Conservatives, at ‘Clock Boy’s’ original story was fake news from the start. Obama even tried to push this Muslim backlash narrative. I guess if you can’t find real discrimination against Muslims, you make it up.


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