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The Media, Slowly Being Dragged Into Covering Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell’s Murder Trial.

April 17, 2013
Media landscape

Media landscape (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

Why has the media been dragged kicking and screaming into this story? We’re told that journalists can put their personal biases aside and cover a story right down the middle: but, if they don’t cover a particular story, we won’t be able to discern the truth about the assumptions concerning their biases, or are their biases revealed by the stories they don’t report? Here is a link to a story on the Blaze, which shows a video clip from Glenn Beck’s TV show, about the Dr. Gosnell story. It doesn’t matter what you think of Glenn Beck, the questions and issues he raises about the media, and progressives in general, and late-term abortions in particular,  have to be confronted.

Physicist Werner Heisenberg said, “…separation of the observer from the phenomenon to be observed is no longer possible.” In other words, how you think determines what you see, and when your thinking produces an incorrect perception about reality, it doesn’t change the underlying reality, it only masks it in your mind. At some point you have to change your thinking to fit reality, instead of trying to change reality to fit your thinking.

If the stories the main stream media chooses not to report shows their bias, how can you trust they are not being biased on the stories they choose to report?