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The President and Vice President Don’t Support Ending The Filisterbuster Rule

November 21, 2013
President Barack Obama and Vice President Jose...

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The move by the Senate Democrats to end the filibuster rule on Presidential appointees isn’t even supported by the leaders of the Democrat party, President Obama and Vice President Biden. President Obama and Vice President Biden are righteously indignant about the ending of the filibuster rule because it would take away a constitutional check on the majority. I applaud these staunch defenders of the constitution against the tyranny of the majority, and the fact that their own party is in the majority shows real courage. Watch the videos below and be prepared to be inspired by the tough stance these two intrepid leaders take.



I want to sincerely apologize for getting this post wrong. I thought these two videos were responses to todays vote in the Senate which ended the filibuster rule for appointees. These videos are actually from 2005 when both men were in the Senate and both were righteously indignant over the Republican controlled Senate talking about getting rid of the filibuster. Why would anybody believe anything a politician says after what has gone on the last two months?

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“The Structural Endgame of the Fiscal Cliff”, by Charles Hugh Smith.

January 14, 2013
Ready to collapse.  An old building in the Wil...

Ready to collapse.  (Photo credit: gbaku)

This article, The Structural Endgame of the fiscal Cliff, at, by Charles Hugh Smith, whose site is, is the sober reality about where we really are economically and politically as a nation. When our political leaders say “the wealthy among us have to pay their fair share” they are trying to get you to think that the primary reason the Government is in so much debt is because these “wealthy” aren’t taxed enough. Like a magician trying to get you to look over here while the exchange is taking place over there, these spend thrift politicians hammer the “wealthy” as greedy because, for some crazy reason, they don’t want to pay more in taxes than what they are legally bound to pay, while these same politicians who greedily spend 1.3 trillion dollars more than they take in taxes, are being ignored, as the primary reason for the debt problem.   Here are some quotes from the article. (more…)