Must Reads For The Week 2/6/16

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Obama To Propose $10 Dollar A Barrel Tax On Oil, at We can’t win. An increased supply of oil because of fracking, plus a stagnating global demand for oil has brought the price of oil down to around $30. Now this guy wants to increase the cost of oil by $10 dollars a barrel. Do you think this tax will ever be rolled back when the price of oil goes back up?

Texas Adopts New York Values On Fantasy Football, by Tho Bishop, at Most people hate big business because they lobby government for favors. I contend that these businesses would have no incentive to lobby for special favors if the government hadn’t usurped the power to regulate these particular businesses. In a true free market these businesses only incentive would be to satisfy customers, not lobby government for protection or favors.

Oops Again? A Key Server Gets Wiped By IRS, by Steve Sherman, at Is it just me or is this becoming a pattern?

The Fed Wants To Test How Banks Would Handle Negative Interest Rates, at The bank of Japan has recently adopted negative interest rates. Would you have ever believed 5 years ago that we would be talking about this. Negative interest rate is a ploy to get individuals to take their cash out of banks and spend it. It’s just another attempt at stimulating the economy by negative incentives. The previous QE stimulation apparently hasn’t worked as the central planners planned.

Was The Ethanol Lobby The Big Loser In Iowa This Year?, by Ryan McMaken, at Ted Cruz won in the corn state of Iowa even though he was for phasing out the taxpayer-funded Ethanol subsidies.

Advanced Reactor Nuclear Power Resurgence In The US, by Ronald Bailey, at The radical environmentalists should be all in for nuclear energy if they were serious about cutting CO2 emissions.

An Open Letter To Barack Obama About Gender Payback Regulations, by Don J. Boudreaux, at The President is using the apples and oranges comparisons between men and women’s pay differences to push for more government regulations. Even though he pays men on his staff more than the women on his staff. When will we ever learn? Read here, Obama Proposes New Rules To Close The Sex Pay Gap Even Though There Is A 16% Sex Pay Gap In His White House, at carpediemblog.

Can Anyone Doubt That Hillary Clinton Failed To Safeguard State Secrets, by Andrew Napolitano, at The fact that she used a private server to conduct State department business is a violation of the law. The fact that some of these E-mails were classified just adds to the number of charges that can be brought against her.

School Gives Handicapped Children The In Bathroom, at Another example of the politically correct left having a scale of value on who’s important. Handicapped people are ranked below transgendered people. The left will throw previously protected people overboard for newly protected people. Which group will someday over take the transgendered as their most favored group?

Anti-Capitalist Club Desperate For Money To Pay Its Bills, at I’m amazed that these anti-capitalists protest the very system that has produced the wealth that has allowed them to protest it. Maybe they will start to realize that there is no free lunch?

A Surprising Opponent Of The War On Cash, at The German Government has joined the war on cash. So has JP Morgan.  JP Morgan Continues The War On Cash, at

Isn’t it Strange? by Walter E. Williams, at Lets end with the Great Walter E. Williams. Excerpt from the article, “Isn’t it strange that after a bombing, everyone blames the bomber, his upbringing, his environment, his culture but …after a shooting, the problem is the gun?


Cartoons from Click here for more.

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

I wish this was true for the Republican leadership establishment. I know it’s true for a vast majority of the grass roots.

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Observations From The Margin

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Observation Tower

Observations About The Results From Iowa

-Every media expert predicted that Trump and Hillary would win. They would have been wrong on both predictions if Hillary hadn’t won six Iowa precincts on a coin flip. Man is she lucky!

-The top 5 on the Republican side, Cruz, Trump, Rubio, Carson, and Paul, garnered 89% of the votes. Three of these became Senators because of support of tea party and liberty groups. The other two are not politicians. All five are outside of the Republican establishment {defined by me as Republicans in positions of power who want to increase the power of government, and think that everything revolves around what happens inside the Washington beltway}. The establishment candidates, Bush, Christie, and Kasich got 7% of the vote. It looks like the grass-roots are fed up with the Republican establishment.

-It’s interesting how the Republican establishment is hinting that Rubio is their guy now that the candidates they pushed, finished completely out of the mix. Are they trying to pressure Rubio into being one of them just because he was a member of the gang of eight? Do they think they can co-opt his candidacy? Would you consider him to the left or to the right of McCain or Romney, the last two republican establishment candidates for president?

-Ted Cruz was unapologetically for phasing out ethanol subsidies while campaigning in Iowa. Iowa is the top corn producing State. The Governor of Iowa told the people of Iowa not to vote for Cruz. Donald Trump came out for ethanol subsidies. Cruz Won. Cruz must have done a great job of explaining why he was against these subsidies to the people of a State whose cash crop is corn!

-Bernie Sanders was essentially tied with Hillary Clinton in Iowa. It is mind blowing to me how 50% of democrat voters support an avowed socialist, and the other 50% support someone who wants to centrally plan the US economy. Socialist Bernie wants the government to own the means of production. Central planner Hillary wants to leave ownership of the means of production in the hands of the private sector, but she gets to regulate every decision, and skim the profits away in taxes. So I guess the only difference is Hillary won’t tell you what she really is.

-Hillary Clinton’s victory speech didn’t sound like a victory speech. She came across as the unhappy vindictive shrew that she really is. She didn’t seem very happy or thankful for her victory.

-Of the people under 30 who voted in the Democratic caucus, 84% voted for socialist Bernie Sanders. Is this proof that our countries education system is nothing more than an indoctrination camp promoting big government?

Thomas Sowell: Random Thoughts

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Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell’s random thoughts are filled with more substance than most intellectuals specific thoughts. Here are some examples from his most recent Random Thoughts (click here) column.

-“The best New Year’s Resolution I ever made was to stop trying to reason with unreasonable people. That may be especially valuable during an election year.

-“Will this November’s presidential election come down to a choice between a felon and a pied piper?

“The central non sequitur of the political left is that, because America has never lived up to its ideals, it is to be condemned and repudiated. But what society of human beings has ever lived up to all its ideals? Despite all its achievements, America is condemned by the left because it is not exempt from all the sins and failings found in societies around the world.”

“One of the apparently immortal fallacies is the belief that disarming peaceful people reduces violence. That Fallacy underlies both national disarmament and gun control within nations.”

-“Egalitarians never seem to understand that promoting economic equality in theory means promoting resentments and polarization in practice, making everyone worse off.”

-“Some people are surprised at how many young people look favorably on socialism. But socialism is a wonderful sounding idea. Those who have lived through the era of its disasters in the 20th century, or learned about them from history, are likely to see through the appearances to the reality. A young age prevents the former and our dumbed-down education prevents the latter.”

-“Among the common phrases of the past that we seldom hear today is “Non of your business.” Apparently everything is other people’s business these days, including the media’s business and the government’s business.

One of his recent articles titled, The Demand For Villains, is a must read.


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Must Reads For The Week 1/30/16

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The rule of law defined as, 1) general rules, that are 2) known in advance, 3) which apply to the rulers as well as the ruled.

Before you read the next three articles think about this definition, and remember these examples of this breakdown. 1) Nothing happened to the IRS (Lois Lerner) when agents used their power against liberty groups. 2) Hillary promised to bring the person who made the Youtube video to justice. Although blaming the video was an out right lie, the government did put ‘this person’ in jail, but not for the making the video. They put him in jail for a probation violation. 3) Hillary Clinton broke the law by conducting government business on her private e-mail server. The fact that some of the e-mails were classified or top secret only adds more illegality to the original illegal activity. Do you think she will spend any time in jail? Not a snow balls chance…! She is probably trying to find someone who will take the fall for her.

There are so many laws on the books, we can’t possibly know all of them. Each of us can be found to have broken a law if we’ve run afoul of a motivated government agent or agency. Our betters never have to follow the laws that we, the benighted masses, have to follow. This breakdown has been happening for decades, and the push back is about to boil over. The rise of anti establishment candidates in both parties is proof of this.

Grand Jury Indicts Planned Parenthood Video Filmmaker For Organ Trafficking, Issues No Charges Against Planned Parenthood, by Pro-Life activist David Daleiden, who made the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood employees trafficking in baby parts, was indicted on trafficking in baby parts. I like the statement from Daleiden, “We respect the processes of the Harris County District Attorney, and note that buying fetal tissue requires a seller as well.” Who might that seller be? Unfortunately for Mr Daleiden he is on the wrong side of political correctness when it comes to the lefts sacrament of abortion. Read more in this article, Now We Indict Whistle Blowers, Not Oppressors, at the

Deny “Climate Change”? Don’t Live In California! by Russ Helper, at The California Attorney General has joined the Attorney General of New York in trying to prosecute Exxon Mobil for supposedly lying to its shareholders and the public about global warming. If people aren’t allowed to talk about a scientific ‘theory’, we’ve lost our right to free speech. Exxon Mobil is on the wrong side of political correctness when it comes to the lefts sacred scripture about global warming.

Jury-Nullification Activist charged With Felony By Mecosta County Prosecutor, by Bob Unruh, at Keith Wood passed out pamphlets about jury nullification to members of a jury pool. Although jury nullification is legal, the judge didn’t like it and ordered that he be arrested. Mr. Wood was on the wrong side of people who were in positions to bring the full force of government down on him.


How Government Poisoned The People Of Flint, by John Counts, at The city switched its water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River in 2014. In spite of residence complaints about the waters smell, they were told to keep drinking it. Nothing will happen to the people who brought about this disaster. Just like the EPA poisoning the Animus River in Colorado.

The Supreme Court Backs Electricity Fascism, at The Supreme Court is allowing Government intervention into the pricing system for energy via the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, (have you ever heard of this commission?). Even the Court wants the government to circumvent the decision-making by individuals in free markets.

Common Core To Cost CA. Nearly $10 Billion, And The Nation $80 Billion, by Joy Pullmann, at You will pay through the nose so the elite can brainwash the next generation into thinking that everything flows from “benevolent” government.


Dallas Fed Survey Crashes To 6-Year Low As D Word Is Uttered, at Economic forces are in the process of correcting what all the money printing brought about.

Bubble Watch: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (OK Just Planes And Ships), by Paul-Martin Foss, at There is an over-supply of planes and ships compared to the demand for them. More monetary mischief.

Central Banker Warns Of Coming Financial Collapse, by Joseph T. Salerno, at Excerpt from the article; “Debts have continued to build over the last eight years and have become a potent cause for mischief. It will become obvious in the next recession that many…. will never be serviced or repaid, and this will be uncomfortable for a lot of people who think they own assets that are worth something.

Want To Know What The S&P 500 Does Next? Just Look At The Fed’s Balance Sheet, at Amazing how the S&P 500 tracks right along with the electronically printed money the Fed has injected into the financial markets through the process of purchasing mortgage-backed securities and government debt. Is this causation or correlation?

Brazil’s Easy-Money Problem, by Lucas Vaz, at Brazil’s economic problems were brought about by central planning monetary intervention in the form of bank credit expansion. Aka money printing.

Norway’s Largest Bank Proposes A Raid On Cash, Joseph T. Salerno, at Say hello to fees on cash holdings, negative interest rates, and bail-ins.

This Is Why “Everyone Was Shocked” By The Bank Of Japan Announcement, at The BOJ followed the ECB and the central banks of Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland in adopting negative interest rates. This is an attempt to incentivize people to spend cash to stimulate the economy,instead of holding it as savings. When will they ever learn that injecting money into the economy is a short term benefit that creates a long term problem.


Allowing Transgender Olympians Is Unfair To Women, by Brandon Morse, at Ladies; how does it feel to be ahead of men but behind gay, bisexual, and transgender people on the value scale of the politically correct elite? Don’t complain about it or you will be labeled a transgenderphobe, bisexualphobe, and a homophobe. Remember when the elite used to pit men against women, and we were the ones who were called sexists? Oh the good old days!

Guerrilla Artist “Sabo” Crashes Bernie Sanders’ Art Expo, at Bernie Sanders put out a call to artists. He wanted them to use their talents in the art of political revolution. Unfortunately, or fortunately for us, Sabo created this.




Gainesville Police Officer Shoots Hoops With Kids After Receiving Complaint About Them

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Gainesville Police Officer Bobby White responded to a complaint of kids playing basketball loudly in the street. He responds by playing ball with them. Says he is going to bring back up to get a little game on tomorrow.



Officer Bobby White treated these kids like he would want to be treated. He didn’t know Shaq would show up and be his back up.  We can all learn a lesson from Officer White and Shaq.



Related video? Guys snowboard behind jeep during last weeks snowstorm. NYPD treat these guys like Officer White treated the kids playing basketball.

Hillary vs. Trump: Seriously?

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Hillary Clinton – American Politician by LibertyPen.

Hillary thinks she is a member of the ruling aristocracy and above the law. She is in favor of government solutions for every problem. What you want for yourself doesn’t matter to her. She knows what’s best for you.


The Donald, The Widow, And Eminent Domain, by Institute For Justice.

Trump thinks he is a member of the business aristocracy and above the law. As a businessman, he used the force of big government as the solutions to his problems. What you want for yourself won’t matter to him. He knows what’s best for you.


The only difference between Hillary and Trump is that one is running as a Democrat and the other is running as a Republican. But make no mistake about it, both are playing for the same Big Government team. Anyone who believes in the sovereignty of the Individual over the state, as spelled out in the Constitution, should think about what these two have said and done in the past. Government coercion will increase if either one is elected.

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Thomas Sowell: Wealth, Poverty, and Politics

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As most of you know Thomas Sowell is one of my favorite authors. The first book by Dr. Sowell that I read was Vision Of The Anointed. I was hooked. The amount of insight per words written is staggering. His ability to make the complex understandable to regular people like me sets him apart from others. I try to read everything he’s written.

Dr. Sowell talks about his new book titled Wealth, Poverty, and Politics with Peter Robinson on Uncommon Knowledge sponsored by The Hoover Institution. This video covers interesting topics from economics, to culture and ethnicity. It is worth the investment of time to watch this.

Quote from the video,“Milton Friedman said if government took over the Sahara Desert, there would be a shortage of sand.


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