Must Reads For The Week 11/22/14

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 PipelineThe pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Ex-CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Shares New Emails From Govt. Official: “She’s Out Of Control, by Erica Ritz, at This story should be known by everybody. If you stand in the way of big Government, you will pay a price. I love when people use to tell me, “That can’t happen here”. Well it is happening here.

Grubergate For Idiots (Such As American Voters): All You Need To Know In 2 Minutes, at Nancy Pelosi isn’t as skilled at lying as the President, as you will see in this short video.

John Kerry Called Gruber, “Our Guide On A Lot Of This, at Why do we allow people like these pompous Senators  make decisions about our lives. Gruber may be correct, we are idiots. Looking at our elected officials tells us more about ourselves than it does them.

25% Of Americans Prefer Socialism Over Capitalism, at When you look at the chart you see that about 63% of the people in the world believe that free market decision-making produces a better outcome, and 29% of the people think that socialism will produce a better outcome. But I would guess that if politicians and bureaucrats were asked the same question, the outcome would probably be that 80%  believe that socialism produces a better outcome than free market decision-making.

How Fraudsters Turned The 24th Warmest October Into The 4th Warmest, at More Global warming chicanery run wild. With the earth cooling over the last 17 years, I think it’s about time we start burning more fossil fuels, which would put more green house gasses into the atmosphere, which in turn would supposedly raise the earth’s temperature back to normal. Who arbitrarily defines normal ?

Man Forced To Apologize For “Sexist” Shirt After Updating Press On Spacecraft That Landed On Comet, at This is a combination of political correctness gone wild, and the feminization of the male.

Wow California County Quietly Votes For Independence From State And Federal Laws, at This is always good for overall liberty even though this council will pass more restrictive regulations than the Federal laws they hope to escape. At least the new democratic tyranny can actually be fought at a local level instead of the federal level.

Middle-Of-The-Road Policy: Lessons From Argentina And Venezuela, by Ivan Carrino, at The middle of the road policy is chaotic.  A country is either moving toward free markets, or toward a centrally planned economy. In which direction are we moving?

Write Your Own Caption, at

Some Captions.

Like An 80′s Boy Band Gone Badly Sadly Wrong.

I Can Understand Obama Wearing This. But Putin!






Obama Wants “Net Neutrality” Regulations. That’s Why We Should Oppose Them.

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Here is a video of The President talking about net neutrality.

Sounds like he really wants to protect us, the little guys, from big corporations doesn’t it. Why should we believe the man who pushed a bill titled, “The Affordable Care Act”, which made healthcare less affordable. Is the term “Net Neutrality” any different from “The Affordable Care Act”. You can bet your life that Net Neutrality regulations will make the internet less neutral, less free, and more expensive.

This video is an example of the truth about Obamacare aka The Affordable Care Act. The administrations favorite economist when it came to Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, is proud of the lies that were told in order to sell Obamacare to the public. When you watch this guy, you are actually watching what the President, his administration, and the Congressmen and Senators who voted for this, think about you.

Obamacare has made individuals less free to choose how they want to pay for their healthcare. Insurance companies were for this law because they thought they would benefit by its passage. With the stroke of the pen, the law created 30 million more costumers for insurance companies. The fact that it expanded Governments power over the individual makes politicians and bureaucrats happy. But who among us wouldn’t want our power expanded?

Net neutrality laws will help the already established tech companies and hurt the upstart competitors who, under normal market conditions, would normally be a check on the big providers. The threat of competitors trying to get market share keeps them in line. This is what Uber is doing to the taxi cartel. Big tech companies will be for this, or at least be tepid in their resistance to it. Once Government regulates the internet, these tech companies will be the protected cartel.

Politicians and bureaucrats will not only be able to tax the internet more easily, they will be able to make rules about content and access. Think of what bureaucrats (Lois Lerner) in the IRS did to stifle liberty minded groups from getting their message out. Politicians and bureaucrats are only in favor of free speech if they agree with what is said, they are never neutral when it comes to losing power.

Politicians and bureaucrats have been trying for years to figure out how to intervene into the internet. The internet is what has allowed our economy to grow in spite of the interventions by the Government and the Fed. Now, for some reason, the President and bureaucrats want to intervene into an area of the economy that has had exponential expansion without the “help” of Government regulations.

Tyrants want to control information because truth is never on their side. Since the internet is the marketplace for truth, even democratically elected tyrants want to have the ability to control and/or propagandize their message.

Even if the President and the FCC succeed in getting regulations, the internet Jeannie is out of the bottle. They will show their true tyrannical colors with these regulations, but the marketplace will find ways to deliver a highly demanded market good outside of these Government regulations. The tighter they squeeze, the more will slip from their hands.


Bowling Ball And Feather Fall At The Same Rate

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Brian Cox visits the worlds largest vacuum chamber in Sandusky Ohio to prove that all objects fall at the same rate in a vacuum. What results the first time the bowling ball and the feather are dropped, before the air is pumped out of the chamber, is what we would all expect because this is what we observe in our everyday life in earths atmosphere. What happens when they are dropped after the air is pumped out of the chamber, is a surprise to most people who have never seen this before.



I have seen this experiment before. In the summer after my freshman year in high school I watched Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott perform the same experiment on live TV from the moon. He dropped a feather and a hammer in the vacuum of space, proving Galileo’s theory that all objects fall at the same rate.


The Space Power Facility that houses the worlds largest vacuum chamber was built in 1969. This must have been where the faked moon landings were filmed. Why did they go through all that trouble, just to show one experiment that wouldn’t have worked anywhere on the earth?

I saw the bowling ball and feather story at

Must Reads For The Week 11/15/14

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 PipelineThe pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

China’s Latest Ghost Town: A $50 Billion Fake Replica Of Manhattan, at If you build it they will come. Not really. Printing counterfeit money by China’s central bank has created a real estate bubble that can’t be supported by economic reality. When counterfeit money is created and pushed into and economy, it creates counterfeit economic activity. These counterfeit activities will eventually be liquidated. Scarce resources, land, and labor that could have been used in real economic activity is instead wasted on activities that was made possible by the central banks counterfeit money.

Venezuela Using Fingerprint Scanners To Ration Food Basics Including Milk, at Free market prices coordinate production and consumption. When prices are fixed by central planners in Government, information about supply and demand is distorted and shortages are the result. Prices ration scarce resources in a free market, and Government planners ration scarce resources in a centrally planned system. If you don’t know someone important in Government, expect to be hungry.

The Fed’s Paint By The Numbers Delusion About The Labor Market, by David Stockman, at Look at the charts in this article to see what is really happening in the labor market.

Reducing Capital gains Taxes Would Encourage Investment And Grow Canada’s Economy, at Rolling back Government intervention, no matter how small, will encourage economic activity. Governor Scott Walker didn’t roll back government very much in Wisconsin and the States economy improved. What would happen economically in the US if Government intervention was rolled back by just 5%?

Landrieu Pushes Keystone Vote In Bid To Boost Energy Industry, Runoff Chances, at If she truly wanted to boost the energy industry, Senator Landrieu would have been pushing this for the last 4 years. The only reason she is pushing this now is to save her political skin. I hate politics because staying in power is the over-riding incentive in every decision politicians make. Public servants, or self servants? You decide.

Africa: A Tragic Continent, by Walter E. Williams, at The answer to all of our problems in America is, in the words of Dr. Williams, ” a political system in which there are guarantees of private property rights, free markets,…and the rule of law.” Unfortunately, as Joseph Sobran said decades ago, “the constitution is no threat to our current form of Government.”

Legislators Block Low-Cost Eye Exams In Michigan, by Anne Schieber, at Either Government wants to make decisions for us because they 1) think they are smarter than us, or 2) they want to protect status quo businesses who disdain competition. Either way we loose. I saw this article at carpe diem blog.

Five Things That Used To Be Free, But Aren’t Anymore, at

Germany Wants Gender Equality For Traffic Lights, at, via cape diem blog. Political correctness out of control.

I Love Cell Phone Cameras, at The more police overstep their authority when dealing with the people they are supposed to “serve”, the more citizens will escalate their resistance to cops. The young men obviously have no respect for the police, and with good reason. The good will, that was accorded fireman and cops after 9/11, no longer exists. Who’s fault is it? The militarization of police forces started the escalation.

Gruber Tells The Truth About Obamacare!

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Jonathan Gruber was the go to guy when it came to lying about the Affordable Care Act. In this video he tells us what the anointed, (politicians, bureaucrats, academics, lawyers, and journalists), actually think about us the benighted masses. The public was sold a bill of goods that was a complete lie. But if you understood economics you knew the Affordable Care Act wouldn’t make healthcare “affordable”. How could adding a layer of bureaucracy to a healthcare system that was already deemed “unaffordable”, make healthcare affordable? It couldn’t.

This article, Jonathan Gruber Failed To Disclose His $392,600 Contracts With HHS, by emptywheel, at, is another example of people thinking they are above the law, especially when they work for Government. Remember Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner forgot to pay his taxes when he was working for the International Monetary Fund (read here).

This arrogant ass sickens me to my core. Our founders told us not to trust anyone in positions of power. It is our fault we have allowed Governmental power to expand to the degree that it has today. It is our responsibility to try to roll it back. This is going to be a long fight because big Government progressives are entrenched in both parties.

The first article below was written in the fall of 2012, and the other was written in the fall of 2013. I think we nailed it.

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Observations From The Margin

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Observation Tower



What does the Republican party gaining control of the Senate, increasing their majority in the House, and winning Governorships in Democratic strongholds like Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland tell us?

-Maybe a growing number of individuals are finally seeing what big Government central planning really looks like, and they don’t like it. The President’s interventionist policies over the last 6 years made him the face of big Government. This made it possible for Republicans to run against him specifically, instead of running against a faceless entity called big Government.

- When the President said “his policies were on the ballot”, no truer statement has ever come out of his mouth. In his press conference the day after the election though, he tried to spin his way out of that statement. It didn’t work. He said the election showed ” the people” wanted their Government to “get stuff done”. No Mr. President, with all due respect, many people want You to get out of their lives and leave them alone. They want the Government to stop “doing stuff”, and/or repeal “the stuff” you have already implemented.

-I love how politicians say “the people” as if it’s a monolithic entity that has a single mind. “The People” is made up of millions of unique individuals. This fact is the reason why Big Government central planning won’t work, because one plan can’t please millions of individuals. Individuals are only happy when they are allowed to make choices based on what they value, not “the” choice that some totalitarian politician tries to force on them.

-If Republicans think that “the people” are now on their side, they are sadly mistaken. I think many individuals understood that the only way to stop the current Government intervention into their lives was to vote in Republicans and try to hold their feet to the fire. Many of us know there is no chance that the Democrat party will ever be for smaller Government. But that doesn’t mean the Republicans are for smaller Government. If establishment Republicans don’t try to stop the growth of Government, if they won’t stand up to the President, guess what happens in the next election.

-If the implementation of Obamacares employer mandate had been implemented in 2014, instead of unconstitutionally delaying it until 2015; if the shale oil revolution hadn’t created a vast majority of the new jobs the President is taking credit for; how much worse would Nov. 4th had been.

-Republican analysts  moan about the fact that Romney got 4 million fewer Republican votes than Bush got in 2004, and crow about the fact that they got 5% more votes from Independents than Obama. They say if the Republicans had turned out, they would have won. Did they ever consider that the 4 million Republican votes they didn’t get are actually the 5% increase in independents. Many Independents used to be Republicans and probably still vote Republican.

-The Republican establishment doesn’t like the tea party and the libertarian wing of their party. Why? Because the tea party and the libertarians want Government to shrink while the establishment just wants to win elections so it can take big Government for a test drive. Do we realize that we are putting individuals in power and asking them to give up some of the power they wield? How hard is it to get rid of entitlements? Being in power is the ultimate entitlement.

-Alaska (69%), Arkansas (65%), South Dakota (55%), and Nebraska ((59%), all passed laws that increased the minimum wage. How can voters in these states who voted against expanding Government on the one hand, vote for Government intervention on the other? We know that economic reality won’t allow minimum wage laws to work like the central planners planned (Read: Minimum Wage Laws Create Unemployment). But, from The stand point of individual liberty, do these voters understand that they are interfering with a contract to which the employer and the employee voluntarily agreed. Do they realize that on the same ballot they voted to intervene in individuals lives, and to stop individuals in Government from interfering into their own lives. We have a lot of work to do in educating individuals about economics and individual liberty.

-It has taken 100 years of progressivism to get to this point in time where Government is involved In every aspect of our lives. How long do you think it will take to turn the ship around? It will take more than a few elections cycles. As F. A. Hayek said, “The battle for freedom must be won over and over again, the socialists of all parties must be persuaded or defeated if they and we are to remain free men“. The battle for individual freedom is going to be won at the state and local levels. Governors have to have the stones to stand up to the Federal Government. Rolling back Government is going to happen from the bottom up not from the top down in D.C.














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