Must Reads For The Week 8/1/15

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The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Happy 103rd Birthday Milton Friedman, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Yesterday was Milton Friedman’s birthday. Milton Friedman had a talent for explaining complex economic concepts in a way that regular people like me were able to understand. This post by Mark J. Perry has some great quotes and a link to some great videos. Here is a video of Milton Friedman at his best as he takes on leftist Phil Donahue.

Here is the full episode with Friedman on the Donahue show. This is a great lesson on how to talk to a leftist.

Same Attorney In Charge Of Retrieving Lois Lerner’s IRS E-Mails Now In Charge Of Retrieving State Department Benghazi E-Mails!, at A cleaner is a person who gets rid of incriminating evidence at the scene of a crime. Former IRS cleaner Kate Duval, is now going to the State Department to apply her craft to the Benghazi e-mails. Read a previous post titled, Hillary and Benghazi: Call In The Cleaners.

Former Obamacare Chief To Lead Top Insurance Lobby, by Paige Winfield Cunningham, at The incestuous relationship between government bureaucrats and crony capitalists is here for all to see. Here is a quote, “There is no better individual than Marilyn to lead our industry through the increasingly complex health care transformation that is underway,” So let’s see if I understand this. A bureaucrat makes the health care system more complex for businesses, and then gets hired to help businesses with the complexity of the system. Who says government doesn’t create jobs?

Shocker: Louisiana Shooter Was On Psychotropic Drugs And Was Denied A Gun Permit, at   If psychotropic drugs increase the risk of suicide. It doesn’t seem like a big jump to say that they increase the risk of homicide.

Total Collapse: Greece Reverts To Barter Economy For First Time Since Nazi Occupation, at Greece is moving towards barter because citizens can’t get to their money. When you move toward barter you are moving toward a lower standard of living, because transaction costs are higher.

Meanwhile In Venezuela…. The Socialist Paradise Has Arrived, at Like F. A. Hayek said: The centrally planned socialist road leads to serfdom and poverty.

Jim Grant: Financial Prices Should Be Discovered, Not Administered, at Free market prices convey information for how scarce resources can be used in their most efficient way. Artificially set prices convey false information channeling scarce resources to less efficient uses.

Feds Get The Power To Seize Medical Records On ‘Fishing Expeditions’ With No Subpoena From A Judge, by Mark Fitzgibbons, at Another example of the violation of citizens fourth amendment rights to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures without a warrant.

New Male Privilege Tax, at Watch this short video of Mark Dice getting people to sign a petition to pass a “Male Privilege Tax”. Can we survive this kind of ignorance?

How Student Loans Create Demand For Useless Degrees, by Josh Grossman, at Student loans have create a couple of things. 1) Debt serfs who will be making payments for years. 2) Young people with meaningless degrees. 3) Rising college prices. Student loans have created a bubble in college education.




Observations From The Margin: Planned Parenthood, and Abortion.

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Here is the third video from The Center for Medical Progress, about Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby organs. This one is tougher to watch than the other two.


-As I watched the videos about Planned Parenthood harvesting and selling baby organs, I began to understand how the Germans were able to preform experiments on the Jews. They considered the Jews “sub human” as asserted in German policies and laws. And we all know that if it’s a Government policy and/or law, it’s gospel! They killed their conscience over time.

-The 23-year-old procurement technician fainted her first day on the job. When she awoke, she was told: “oh, you’re new huh? Don’t worry, it still happens to a bunch of us. Yeah some of us don’t ever get over it“. The fact that this happens to some of these workers means their conscience is telling them there is something a little wrong about what they are doing. In my experience, when my conscience tells me something is a little wrong, it usually turns out to be a lot wrong. I guess some of them haven’t completely killed their conscience: Yet.

-As I watched the video, I couldn’t figure out how the 23-year-old procurement technician didn’t know what to expect at the abortion clinic. The fact that she is 23 and I was in high school when the Roe v Wade decision became law answers my question. She has grown up in an age where the media and our entertainment culture paint the pro-life side as anti women, and the pro-choice side as heroes standing up against these lunatics. She probably had never heard nor seen what an actual abortion really is. My whole high school was shown a video of an actual abortion. It’s not hard to know what an abortion is after you see one. Why do you think the pro abortion side fights so hard to squash videos like these?

-Why would Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, apologize for the tone and statements of her staff members who were shown on the video? All they were doing was talking callously about a blob of tissue. It wasn’t like they were talking about a life?

-I know it’s illegal to traffic in fetal tissue. But why is it illegal if it’s a blob of tissue and not a life? Instead of donating the fetal tissue, why shouldn’t these women be paid for what essentially is their property? I know it is illegal to sell your organs, like one of your kidneys, but fetal tissue is not a womans organ. Should the evil non profit corporation Planned Parenthood be allowed to use these women to make money? Shouldn’t Congress pass a law that redistributes some of the wealth of Planned Parenthood to the women who actually supply the raw material that PPH sells?

-The talking point that apologists are using to defend the actions of Planned Parenthood is;  ‘the video was highly edited to show Planned Parenthood in a bad light’. But The Center for Medical Progress released the full videos along with the documentary videos. When you want to use an edit to show someone in a bad light, you never release the full video. The main stream media knows this, it’s their standard operating procedure.

-Should your tax dollars go to fund Planned Parenthood when this “non-profit” organization gets major funding from corporations like Avon, Microsoft, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Macy’s, Starbucks, and Nike to name a few, (more here)?

-I google searched ‘Cecil the lion’ and got 39.5 million results. I google searched ‘Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts’ and there were 1.67 million results. Is this a reflection of the media not supplying the Planned Parenthood story, or of people not demanding the story? Read this article, Planned Parenthood Tells Reporters To Suppress Coverage, Reporters Happily Agree.

Here is the fourth video from The Center for Medical Progress.


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Must Read “Leftovers”

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The Newest Obamacare Fail: Penalties of $36,500 Per Worker, at This new IRS penalty is a result of different interpretations of the Affordable Care Act. Or is it a money grab by the IRS. We should not be surprised that a 2500 page bill that allows bureaucrats to make more laws as they desire could be interpreted differently by the IRS. Since the IRS had to be expanded to enforce the Obamacare fine/tax, logic would follow that they have to find more money law breakers to justify their existence. Because there wasn’t enough money mined from the tax payers as only 6.6 Million Americans Were Forced To Pay The Individual Mandate Tax In 2014 for a total of only $1.2 billion. That’s chump change when you’re talking 3 plus trillion in government spending.

“Fannie And Freddie Are Back Bigger And Badder Than Ever“: NY Times Warns, at The only difference this time is “the government has decided to “sweep” almost all the duo’s profits into its own coffers, to be used as a slush fund for general government expenses“. This won’t end well will it! “What do you expect to happen when the people responsible for running the economy into the ground are rewarded with bailouts and deemed “Too Big To Jail?”

Paul Krugman On The Minimum Wage: 1998 vs 2015. by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Let’s go to the replay official!…… “Upon further review Krugman’s view on the minimum wage is…….”

“Why I Don’t Tip In Seattle” Left For Bartender, at You can’t raise the minimum wage in a vacuum. There will be consequences that many couldn’t even foresee, like not tipping.

A Criminal Inquiry Is Being Sought Over Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Use, at Two inspectors general are asking the justice department to investigate Hillary Clinton. I don’t expect anything to be done because the Clintons are above the law. But as this scandal drags on, Hillary may not escape being found guilty in the court of public opinion.

IRS Agents Rob Convenient Store,  video from Institute for Justice.

No comment needed.

Lets End With A Positive Story

Black Cop: Why I Helped That White Supremacist, at The people of South Carolina didn’t riot after blacks were killed in a church by a racist. Officer Leroy Smith gives everyone a lesson on how to handle the situation when he helps a man who was suffering from heat stroke at a KKK rally. South Carolina must have a different set of values than a lot of other places in this country, like Ferguson and Baltimore. Actions speak louder than words.

Ted Cruz Tells The Truth About McConnell, Reid, The Senate, and Crony Capitalism

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Last Friday Senator Ted Cruz took to the floor of the Senate and did something very few politicians do, he told the truth. He tells it like it is about republican majority leader Mitch McConnell, minority leader Harry Reid, career politicians in both parties, republican leadership, how the Senate operates, the Export Import bank, and the crony capitalist corporate welfare system our Government has become. He pulls back the curtain and allows us to see what really goes on in congress, although many of us have a good idea. Here is the video of his speech. Watch it all. It is one of the best you will ever see and hear.

Here are some excerpts:

“The majority and minority leader, arm and arm, should not team up against the American tax payers.”

“we loot the taxpayer to benefit wealthy powerful corporations.”

“Do you know what he (McConnell) didn’t bring up (for a vote). Is my amendment to end the congressional exemption from Obamacare the corrupt deal Harry Reid cut with President Obama to exempt members of congress. We ought to live under the same rules as everyone else. But the majority leader doesn’t want to vote on that.”


Ted Cruz should be applauded for standing up to power. I’m sure Senator McConnell will not say anything about what Ted Cruz said in hopes that it will go away quickly. McConnell will not forget this and will pick his spot to chop the legs out from under Cruz. Probably after Ted Cruz finds a horse head in his bed.

I’ve said this before but it is worth repeating. The battle is not between the R and the D. The battle is between big government central planners in both parties and each individual citizen. We should not allow ourselves to be split up into groups and pitted against each other for their political gain. We should consider ourselves one big gang of individuals who all want the same thing, Government out of our lives. We should be free to make our own decisions and not be dictated to. A gang of individuals couldn’t be ignored by politicians.

As Ted Cruz stated, “the majority and minority leader, arm in arm, should not team up against the American people“. It is time for us to team up and force politicians to shrink government.

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Must Reads For The Week 7/25/15

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The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Tiny Sage Grouse Casts Giant Shadow Over Rural West, by Bonner Cohen, at Using the endangered species act to take land off-line. Here’s how the government operates. 1) Figure out what land you want to control. 2) Look through the myriad federal environmental laws. 3) Match the law with the land you have targeted to take off-line.

EPA Power Grab Incites States To Consider Nullification, by Kyle Maichle, at Another example of government bureaucrats, in this case the EPA, making rules to control people, cities, and states. I’m glad there is push back by the states. The only thing bureaucrats understand is push back that is as strong or stronger than their own use force.

Green Energy Plunders The Biosphere, by Viv Forbes, at Here is an excerpt from the article. “Green energy is not so green after all. It reduces the supply of food, water and energy available to all life on earth, and it often consumes large amounts of hydrocarbon energy for its manufacture, construction, maintenance and backup.

The Next Target Of The Obama “Green Police” Your Dishwasher, by Russ Hepler, at The DOE is mandating new standards for dishwashers. Get ready for dirtier dishes, more water usage, more energy usage, and more usage of your time. Just remember how The Affordable Care Act is working out.

Liberal University Bans Water Bottles, Causes Increase In Soda Consumption, at More unintended consequences by central planners. The University of Vermont wanted to cut the amount waste from plastic bottles, and also encourage the amount of local tap water consumption. They banned bottled water and spent $100,000 on new water fountains. The students voted on the new regulations by consuming more soda. Of course the response by the central planners is not to repeal the ban. They are going to make rules that deal with the unintended consequence of their previous intervention. This is the familiar pattern of all central planners.

How To Serve A Warrant: 1972 Versus Today, by Lt. Henry Thomas, at Read what a retired police officer says about how Americans have lost their rights as citizens.

We Are All Terror Suspects Under The FBI’s ‘Communities Against Terrorism Program’, by Thomas Neuberger, at Check out the list of activities that make you a terror suspect. How many of us would not be a terror suspect according to this list?

Wisconsin Activists Raided By Political Enemies Win In Court, by Gabriel Malor, at Another example of government abuse of power. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that this was an abuse of power, this time. Can we rely on the courts to rule correctly according to the rule of law? Or is going to court a crap shoot? The rule of law depends on the answers to these two questions.

Hackers Remotely Kill A Jeep On The Highway – With Me In It, at Yes this is possible. Your vehicle is subject to being controlled and crashed by hackers.

Kerry: $100 Billion To Iran, No Big Deal. at Does the  John Kerry know that money is fungible? It can be spent for any purpose their tyrannical Government chooses.

On Demand Doctor Apps Bring Uber Approach to Medicine, at Obamacare will produce a free market in healthcare. It’s high cost will create an opportunity for entrepreneurs to produce services or products that are less expensive, and more productive.



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LoveGov is a project by the Independence Institute. The short videos show the pitfalls of Alexis, an unrealistic college student, as she deals with her tyrannical oppressive boyfriend Scott “Gov” Govinsky.

This is well done, and funny. The guy playing Gov does a great job. But as you think about the problems Gov’s interventions cause Alexis, you begin to see your one-sided relationship with Big Government, and it is sobering to say the least.


More people have to understand that Government decision-making can’t possibly produce as good an outcome as the outcome created when individuals are allowed to make their own decisions. The quote by F. A. Hayek at the top of this blog says it all:

“The coordination of mens activities through central planning or through voluntary cooperation are roads going in very different directions, the first to serfdom and poverty the second to freedom and plenty.”


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‘CAR WARS’ Return Of The Jitneys

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The battle between upstart competitor Uber and the monopoly held by the taxi cartel isn’t anything new. Around 1915, owner operated taxi services called ‘jitneys’, fought this battle against the government created rail transportation monopoly. The rise of Uber and their battle with the taxi cartel reminded me of something I read in Thomas Sowell’s book Knowledge and Decisions, published in 1980. (Everyone should read this book.) In the chapter, Trends in Economics, Dr. Sowell talks about “forcibly changing costs” through government regulation. Here are his words. Does this sounds eerily similar to what Uber is doing?

“The history of American transportation, from municipal bus and street lines to railroads and airlines is a history of government – imposed cross-subsidies. Initially, municipal transit was privately owned by a number of firms operating streetcars along various routes. The creation of city-wide franchises – monopolies – was usually accompanied by fixed fares, regardless of distance traveled or transfers required. “

“When a price is simply made higher by government fiat…it conveys a false picture of the “society”, thereby causing potential consumers to forego the product even though others are perfectly willing to supply it for a price that they are willing to pay.”

“Like most price discriminators, municipal transit was vulnerable to competitors who chose to serve the overcharged segment of their customers. Around 1914-1915, the mass production of the automobile led to the rise of owner-operated bus and taxi services costing five cents and therefore called “jitneys” the current slang for nickles:”

“The jitneys were owner-operated vehicles which essentially provided a competitive market in urban transportation with the usual characteristics of rapid entry and exit, quick adaptation to changes in demand, and, in particular, excellent adaptation to peak load demands. Some 60 percent of the jitneymen were part-time operators, many of whom simply carried passengers for nickel on trips between home and work. Consequently, cities were crisscrossed with an infinity of home-to-work routes every rush hour.

The jitneys were put down in every American city to protect the street railways and, in particular, to perpetuate the cross-subsidization of the street railways city-wide fare structures. As a result, the public moved to automobiles as private rather than common carriers…”

“The rush-hour traffic congestion caused by thousands of people going to work separately in individual automobiles has been denounced by social critics as “irrational” and explained by some mysterious psychological attraction of Americans to automobiles. It is, however, a perfectly rational response to the incentives and constraints conveyed. The actual costs and benefits of automobile-sharing are forcibly prevented from being conveyed by prices. As in other areas, claims of public irrationality are a prelude to arguments for a government-imposed “solution” to the “problem”. As in other areas, it is precisely the government’s use of force to prevent the accurate transmission of knowledge through prices that leads to the suboptimal systemic results which are articulated as irrational intentional results of a personified “society”.”

“…maintenance of incumbent transportation entities, often implies the maintenance of incumbent technologies ie., subsidized obsolescence, resisting the phasing out of existing modes of operation, as competing modes arise…..competing modes with technological or organizational advantages are either penalized or prohibited (as in the case of the jitneys), to preserve incumbent organizations and technology.”


Uber is the modern-day version of the jitneys from 100 years ago. The taxi cartel is the protected “incumbent transportation entity”. The street rail system couldn’t foresee a competitor until a new technology, the automobile, came into existence, just as the taxi cartel couldn’t foresee a competitor until a ride sharing app came into existence. Government created monopolies look to government for help in stifling competition. When a business begins to expand because they win a larger share of the market, its efforts turn away from serving customers and toward protecting their market position. They lobby government to pass regulations making it more difficult, if not illegal, for competitors to enter the market. The combination of big business and big government is toxic to the economy and consumers.


In this article, Once A Sure Bet, Taxi Medallions Becoming Unsellable, there is a video of a Chicago taxi driver complaining about Uber drivers not having to jump through all the government hoops that taxi drivers have to jump through to be licensed to drive people around. He doesn’t realize that he is actually making the case against government intervention into the taxi industry. Starting with the price of the taxi medallion and going through all the other costly regulations is an indictment of government, not Uber.

This article, Major Trouble For Uber In California, is an example of governments trying to regulate Uber, at the cost of the consumer. Politicians and bureaucrats don’t understand that a free market creates the incentive for businesses to provide great service, or the consumer has an option of going to a competitor. Under a government created monopoly system the business has no incentive to provide great service for the consumer, because there are no competitors, (Think DMV) read this article, Uber vs Big Taxi: Time To Resolve Driver Complaints – Seconds/Days vs. Years.

The consumer pays a higher price because the supply of cabs is limited to the amount of medallions issued by the government. In a free market supply and demand coordinates the number of cab  drivers and passengers at a particular price. Allowing the price to change, allows supply and demand to be continually coordinated according to the changing values of demanders and suppliers.



The ride sharing Genie is out of the proverbial bottle. Governments can’t stop it. With how quickly technology changes, don’t be surprised if something different comes along that will challenge Uber as the most cost effective way of transporting people from one place to another. Can you say, “Beam me up Scottie”?


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