Let California And New York Try Single Payer Socialized Healthcare Before We Adopt It Nationally.

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conceptual sign with words not so affordable care act ahead over blue sky

California and NY are in the process of implementing state government run single payer healthcare systems. We should not take any action on National healthcare laws until the results of these two State experiments are known. These articles; “California Single-Payer Bill Puts Dems In Tough Position“, and “New York’s Single-Payer Health Care Plan Would Be More Expensive Than Hew York’s Entire State Government“, talk about the costs that would torpedo the budgets of each state if these bills get implemented.

Obamacare is in the process of collapsing. You probably won’t believe this but, it was designed to collapse. Listen to Jonathan Gruber admit what Obamacare was designed to do (click here to watch clip). Obamacare was supposed to be the next step toward the implementation of a government run single payer healthcare system.

The true test of whether a theory or policy works as advertised is the passage of time. Time will bear out whether something works or fails. The incrementalism of government intervention into the healthcare market over the last 90 years has brought us to this point in time. We have a 90 year test of time to judge if government regulations have produced their intended consequences. The verdict is in. These policies have failed.

But instead of politicians and bureaucrats in government choosing to repeal the regulations that produced bad results, politicians and bureaucrats passed new regulations in an attempt to address the results caused by their previous intervention into the healthcare market (click here New Gov. Healthcare Regulations Will Not Cure The Results Of Previous Gov. Regulations).

Every new regulation designed to ‘fix’ the results of previous regulations reduces options available to consumers and producers of healthcare. The pricing system of the market is distorted. Information about the production and consumption of healthcare is transmitted through the system via market prices. Decisions are made using this false information. Results of decisions using false information can’t possibly turn out well because decision makers are flying blind. This is why Obamacare is collapsing. There is no true pricing system.


1)No new regulations should be passed.

2)The Senate should squash the House repeal and replace bill.

3)The consequences of Obamacare should be allowed happen over time.

4)We should allow the passage of time to show us if the single payer systems of New York and California work to cut costs (truly cut costs not shift costs somewhere else) and increase coverage.


We have an opportunity to find out whether Government run single payer healthcare is the system that provides the best possible coverage at the lowest possible cost.

Even though waiting a few more years to see the results will increase costs, we should wait to witness reality. The increased cost of waiting will be less than the cost of making a premature decision to implement a government run single payer system that we will be stuck with forever no matter how bad it fails.

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Must Reads For The Week 5/27/17

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Another Insurer Quits Obamacare Leaving 25 Counties In Missouri With No Healthcare Options, at zerohedge.com. Here is another state in which Obamacare regulations are collapsing the insurance market. Unfortunately most people think the problem can be solved by implementing more regulations. Allowing individuals and businesses to make unhampered decisions in a free market is the answer. Not a perfect answer. Just the most tolerable best result possible.

Two Examples Of Ponzi Scheme Retirement Systems. This is where social security, medicare and medicaid (Obamacare) are headed. Now Puerto Rico Employee Retirement System Files For Bankruptcy, at economicpolicyjournal.com. Ponzi Scheme: What The Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund Would Be Called It Were A Hedge Fund, at zerohedge.com.

GM Accused In Owner Lawsuit Of Using VW-Like Defeat Devices, at bloomberg.com. This the sixth car company that has been caught cheating on EPA pollution rules. The problem is the over the top EPA rules, not the companies. The companies are acting rationally. This is essentially a black market dealing with over regulation by big government.

“Sell The News: – WTI Tumbles Below $50 After OPEC Disappointment, at zerohedge.com. The OPEC Cartel has lost its power to increase the price of oil. The American shale industry (fracking) should get the credit.

Why The Crazy ‘Net Neutrality’ Demands From The Left, at economicpolicyjournal.com. The left doesn’t want more internet freedom. They want to control the internet. When the left has a choice between more government power and individual freedom they invariably choose government power.

ESPN And The Bursting Of The Sports Bubble, at William L. Anderson, at mises.org. Excerpt from the article: “ESPN is losing 10,000 subscribers every day so far in 2017. In the past six years they have lost 13 million subscribers and that subscriber loss is escalating each year.” Add this to the fact that ESPN has contracted to pay the NFL, NHL, NBA, and NCAA top dollar for broadcasting rights over the next 4 years, and we can see ESPN is on a path to lose billions of dollars. When these contracts run out these sports organizations will not be able to command as high a price for their product. These organizations will have to run on less revenue. Costs will have to be cut and normally that means the cost of labor. The amount of money for the salaries of coaches and players will decrease. More from the article: “...while it is tempting to say that “ESPN pays for this,” in reality, it is the consumer of cable/satellite television that ultimately decides the size of the ESPN payouts, and consumers are stating their preferences with their checkbooks, and there is nothing ESPN can do about it.” The consumer ultimately sets the wages of workers.

A Canadian Town Wanted A Transit System. It Hired Uber, by Craig S. Smith (NYT), at sfgate.com. What is the cost difference between a government run transit system and a market solution to a transit problem? A lot! The only problem is if tax payers dollars are going to subsidize the cost of Uber, you can bet your life that the price Uber would normally charge will increase.

Has The Drug War Incentivized Police To Treat Citizens Like Terrorists? at zerohedge.com. Incentives matter.

Class Focused On Greco-Roman Books May Be Changed After Students Complain It’s Too White, at thecollegefix.com. Why would anyone give in to such insanity? But you know Reed College will give in to the tyrannical minority. Just a thought: Didn’t Greeks and Romans have olive color or darker skin?

Some Data To Ponder Now That Calling America ‘A Land Of Opportunity’ Is considered To Be A Microaggression, at economicpolicyjournal.com. Ethnic minorities have the highest household incomes. Proving that the US is still the land of opportunity. Look at the chart in this article.

Ruperta The elephant Is Starving In A Venezuelan Zoo! Sign Petition To Get Her Transferred, at onegreenplanet.org. These environmental crazies are more worried about this elephant, than the starving people of Venezuela

Islamists Threw A Christian Politician In Jail For ‘Blasphemy’ Against Quran, at thefederalist.com. This is an example why people are afraid to say anything against Islam. But these same people have no fear of blaspheming Christianity.

Theresa May To Create New Internet That Would Be Controlled And Regulated By Government, at independent.co.uk. This is what the leftists in the US would love to be able to do.




Lying Politician Assaults Fake News Journalist! Does Anyone Care?

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 Two Victorian gentlemen with pistols in a duel.

Republican house candidate Greg Gainforte is running for the Montana open house seat vacated when congressman Ryan Zinke was appointed as Interior Secretary by Donald Trump. Last night Gainforte reacted to questions by Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs by slamming him to the ground.

Two professions I hold in low regard are politicians and journalists. People in these professions have an unbearable degree of hubris about the importance of their jobs. They will do anything to maintain their positions of power. I generalize about people in these professions because it saves the time it would take to gather information in order to make a judgement on each individual in these professions. So if these two want to have a Burr vs. Hamilton type duel, have at it, I could care less.

In this article, Montana House Candidate Charged With Assault After “Body Slamming” Guardian Reporter (at zerohedge.com.), we see there are conflicting accounts about the facts leading up to how these two ended up on the ground. So who do you believe? A politician’s account backed up by his aides, or a journalist’s account backed up by Fox news journalist? ……….. I’m waiting………still waiting……..time’s up……..So you don’t care either.

The purely political response to the incident by Tyler Law, from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is what you would expect: “Greg Gainforte must immediately withdraw his candidacy after his alleged violent assault of an innocent journalist,..” Asking for the candidate to withdraw as well as the use of the adjectives ‘violent’ and ‘innocent’ are predictable.

I hope people will look at this and have their eyes opened about what a joke politics and journalism is. Don’t be fooled by political lies or journalistic fake news. We the people give politicians and journalists their power.

Oh! By the way. Rob Quist is the democrat running against Gainforte. I went through a few articles and his name wasn’t listed. I had to google who was the democrat running for the open Montana house seat to find his name and background (click here).

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Must Reads For The Week 5/20/17

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How The Obama Precedent Empowered Trump, by Victor Davis Hanson, at victorhanson.com. Excerpt from the article: “A supposedly disinterested media’s ecstasy over Obama’s election ensured that its subsequent revulsion at Trump could be taken no more seriously. Once a journalist declares a president a god or capable of sending shocks down one’s leg, then he would be no more credible if he were to pronounce another president the anti-Christ or capable of causing boils on one’s appendages…….A critical media is not a mere reset button that one turns on and off at one’s convenience. Instead, once it was short-circuited after 2008, its burned-out switch cannot be flipped back on in 2007. In sum, there is no longer a believable media that can offer credible critiques of the Trump presidency.”

Sock Puppets Taken To An Entirely New Level: ‘Click’ Farms Of 10,000 Phones That Give FAKE Likes, by John Lott, at johnrlott.blogspot.com. Fake likes produce fake stats about which stories are trending on social media. You now have the ability to manufacture fake outrage. Related article – Up To 15% Of Twitter Accounts Are Fake, Study Finds, at zerohedge.com.

Donald Trump’s Big Problem, He Doesn’t Understand Power, at targetliberty.com. Trump is an outsider who doesn’t understand the game played by the insiders.

Dismantle The FBI, And Give Its Money Back To The States, by Ryan McMaken, at mises.org. The FBI has turned into a big bloated money-grubbing political bureaucracy. Its goal is to make sure the FBI is declared the winner in every situation. It’s job of law enforcement can be done better and cheaper if it was decentralized. The leadership of the FBI, (not the rank and file agents), aren’t the guys wearing the white hats like they have been portrayed.

Public-Sector Unions Keep The Gravy Train Flowing To Fire Departments, by Ryan McMaken, at mises.org. Another example of “public servants” feeding at the public trough. From 1980 to 2013 fire runs have declined from 3Million to 1.24 million. In a free market, as demand for a service decreases the supply of that service shrinks also. In the public sector the opposite seems to happen. Government public servants want to protect or increase their skimming operation at the taxpayers expense. Excerpt from the article: “Don’t let these facts get in the way of the romantic view of firefighting perpetuated by popular culture. No organization loves the fantasy version of firefighting better than the public unions that lobby constantly for more lucrative salaries and benefits for firefighters.”

Wind Turbines Are Neither Clean Nor Green And They Provide Zero Global Energy, by Matt Ridley, at spectator.co.uk. Can the taxpayer subsidized experiment of green energy finally be coming to an end? All the money, resources, time, labor and capital that has been wasted on green energy, could have been used for more productive activities. Government “investment” is an oxymoron, because ‘bureaucrats’ aren’t “investing” their own money.  Wasted resources are kept to a minimum in the private sector because businesses suffer losses. But in the public sector waste continues for longer periods of time because of the seeming unlimited supply of taxpayer money.

The reality about green energy is only optional for a little while. Read these articles. Wind Power: Michigan Voters In Three Counties Reject or Restrict It, at nationalreview.com. Oklahoma Ends Wind Tax Subsidy, at instituteforenergyresearch.org. Europe Has Little Output To Show For Its Wind And Solar Investments, at instituteforenergyresearch.org.

More Solar Jobs Is A Curse, Not A Blessing, at cfact.org. More workers employed in an industry that produces higher cost energy is a bad thing. It has taken longer for economic principles to correct for these non productive uses of resources, time, labor and capital. The tax payer money that government has invested in these non productive activities has distorted the market. The inevitable correction is happening. Fortunately economic laws always win.

The Other Shoe Drops: Prime Auto Loan Losses Surge As Recoveries Tumble, at zerohedge.com. Instead of decreasing supply to match decreasing demand, the auto industry brought future demand into the present by pushing subprime loans and low payment leases. We are going to see an over-supply of used cars because the  leases have ended and also because of subprime loan defaults. There is no present demand to support the over production because demand was borrowed from the future to keep the car manufacturing plants operating in the present.





New Gov. Healthcare Regulations Will Not Cure The Results Of Previous Gov. Regulations

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Politicians and bureaucrats are manipulated the masses into believing our healthcare costs can magically be lowered by bureaucratic edicts backed by the force of government. But our political betters fail to mention the high costs of today’s healthcare is a result of previous edicts by politicians and bureaucrats.

The reason we have been so easily manipulated is because, “ We’re All Born In The Middle Of The Story” (click here). Most people think history started the day they were born. They give little thought, or have no understanding of how the world that existed the day they were born came to exist as it did. Where we are today is the result of interventionist decisions made in the distant and recent past by individuals in government which affected previous decisions made voluntarily by individuals in what we can safely call our hampered (free) market system.


How did we arrive at our current “healthcare crisis”? This article by Mike Holly titled How Government Regulations Made Healthcare So Expensive, gives a brief history of how political and bureaucratic intervention, backed by the force of government, has led to our current healthcare mess.

Government intervention, starting in the early 1900’s, has worked to restrict the supply of and increase the demand for healthcare. The result of restricting supply and increasing demand is higher prices. Since the previous interventions of politicians and bureaucrats have increased the cost, the present politicians and bureaucrats are trying to shift the costs to the already insured and to the taxpayers.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“In 1910, the physician oligopoly was started during the Republican administration of William Taft after the American Medical Association lobbied the states to strengthen the regulation of medical licensure and allow their state AMA offices to oversee the closure or merger of nearly half of medical schools and also the reduction of class sizes. The states have been subsidizing the education of the number of doctors recommended by the AMA.”

  • “In 1925, prescription drug monopolies begun after the federal government led by Republican President Calvin Coolidge started allowing the patenting of drugs. (Drug monopolies have also been promoted by government research and development subsidies targeted to favored pharmaceutical companies.)”
  • “In 1945, buyer monopolization begun after the McCarran-Ferguson Act led by the Roosevelt Administration exempted the business of medical insurance from most federal regulation, including antitrust laws. (States have also more recently contributed to the monopolization by requiring health care plans to meet standards for coverage.)”
  • “In 1946, institutional provider monopolization begun after favored hospitals received federal subsidies (matching grants and loans) provided under the Hospital Survey and Construction Act passed during the Truman Administration. (States have also been exempting non-profit hospitals from antitrust laws.)”
  • “In 1951, employers started to become the dominant third-party insurance buyer during the Truman Administration after the Internal Revenue Service declared group premiums tax-deductible.”
  • “In 1965, nationalization was started with a government buyer monopoly after the Johnson Administration led passage of Medicare and Medicaid which provided health insurance for the elderly and poor, respectively.”
  • “In 1972, institutional provider monopolization was strengthened after the Nixon Administration started restricting the supply of hospitals by requiring federal certificate-of-need for the construction of medical facilities.”
  • “In 1974, buyer monopolization was strengthened during the Nixon Administration after the Employee Retirement Income Security Act exempted employee health benefit plans offered by large employers (e.g., HMOs) from state regulations and lawsuits (e.g., brought by people denied coverage).”
  • “In 1984, prescription drug monopolies were strengthened during the Reagan Administration after the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act permitted the extension of patents beyond 20 years. (The government has also allowed pharmaceuticals companies to bribe physicians to prescribe more expensive drugs.)”
  • “In 2003, prescription drug monopolies were strengthened during the Bush Administration after the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act provided subsidies to the elderly for drugs.”
  • “In 2014, nationalization will be strengthened after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (“Obamacare”) provided mandates, subsidies and insurance exchanges, and the expansion of Medicaid.”

“The history of medical cost inflation and government interference in health care markets appears to support the hypothesis that prices were set by the laws of supply and demand before 1980 and perhaps 1990. Even the degree of monopolization and nationalization promoted by politicians before 1965 was not enough to cause significant cost inflation and spending increases (Figure 2) until demands created by Medicare and Medicaid outstripped the restricted supply of physicians and hospitals.”


Can we get back to a free market healthcare system, or are we going to end up with a government-run single payer system? The passage of time means there will always be change, so no one can predict where this ends because nothing is ever final. We had a free market healthcare system at one point in time. But eventually politicians and bureaucrats granted monopoly status to doctor licensing boards, medical schools, drug companies, and insurance companies, on the one hand, and subsidized the use of healthcare on the other. The incremental change over time was hardly noticeable. But decades later we are close to a government-run wingle payer healthcare system.

Now that “One-Third Of Americans Are On Government Healthcare” (click here), it will be difficult to get rid of this “entitlement”. We’ve already heard the Democrats talking about how all the people who have health insurance because of Obamacare, will lose it under the Republican replace bill. They neglect to tell you about how the increased premiums of the already insured, plus taxpayer subsidies are paying for it (That which is seen and that which is not seen – Bastiat).

If you add the entitlement of government granted monopoly positions in the supply of healthcare we can see that moving away from government central planning of healthcare and toward a free market in healthcare will be difficult. Change will happen either incrementally or categorically.

The American Healthcare Act (click here to see what is in the bill), passed by the Republican controlled house, is an attempt to incrementally repeal and replace Obamacare. It is not a very good attempt. Republican leaders can only muster enough courage to try incremental change at this point. The Republican bill is not enough to change the direction on the road we are traveling.

I think categorical change is the only thing that will turn us around and get us headed in the other direction. The inevitable collapse of our present healthcare system will bring about the opportunity for this categorical change back toward a free market healthcare system. The scary part about a collapse, is it also presents the opportunity for central planners to attempt the implementation of a government-run single payer healthcare system. How do we make sure a free market, and not a government run system, will rise from the ashes of a healthcare collapse?


Being born in the middle of the story doesn’t mean we have to be ignorant about the whole story. The election of Trump, or the rejection of the status quo embodied by Hillary, shows people instinctively know something is wrong with our healthcare system. Trump ran on the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. The fact that people instinctively know something is wrong provides an opportunity to help them understand how government regulations have led to our current healthcare system. How our current healthcare system is not a free market system. How more regulations are not the solution. How the best answer to our failing healthcare system is to allow free market solutions, which means getting rid of existing government healthcare regulations.

Growing numbers of people know something is wrong. They have to understand how we arrived at this point in time. Because when they are faced with the categorical decision between single payer or free market they won’t be fooled by political demagoguery.

Here are some articles about free market solutions for healthcare.

The Bill To Permanently Fix Healthcare For All. at market-ticker-.org

A Four Step Healthcare Solution. at mises.org.

The Impossible Healthcare Solution: Go Back To Cash. at oftwominds.org.


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Must Reads For The Week 5/13/17

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Why Tesla’s Solar Roof Is Just Another Giant Taxpayer Gift To Elon Musk, at zerohedge.com. Elon Musk is skilled at getting his hands on taxpayer money. He is nothing more than a welfare recipient. If a business isn’t profitable without taxpayer money, it shouldn’t exist. Taxpayer money shouldn’t be given to any businesses.

The Minimum Wage Eats Restaurants, at econoicpolicyjournal.com. As the minimum wage rises via government decree. Restaurants close. If these restaurant owners were as talented as Elon Musk, they would get taxpayer dollars from government to pay for the mandated minimum wage increase.

How Fed-Enabled Zombie Companies Crush Productivity Growth, at zerohedge.com. Excerpt from the article: “When lagging firms don’t go bust, they hog scarce resources and drag down productivity…..The survival of weak companies drags down average productivity, but the consequences for growth are even worse. Since such firms take up scarce resources, their prolonged survival (or their delayed restructuring) inflates wages relative to productivity, depresses market prices and undermines investment – all of which deters the expansion of productive companies, particularly startups, and amplifies the mismatch of skills.”

On The AFL-CIO’s Inflated 341-to-1 CEO-To-Worker Pay Ratio, And The Statistical Legerdemain Used To Produce It, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. When ‘fake stats’ are never analyzed they produce ‘fake news’. The media accepts ‘fake stats’ as long as they fit the media’s vision of the world.

How Capitalism is Setting Washerwomen Free, at fee.org. Excerpt from the article: “Has anything changed the world more than the internet? …….one invention – an engine of liberation – has had a far more powerful effect on daily lives. He means the washing machine…….the greatest invention of the industrial revolution. It freed women from the chore of laundry – or at least from spending one full day a week every week doing it.”

Would You Lease – To -Own A Pair Of Sneakers, by George Pickering, at mises.org. Excerpt from the article: “Unlikely as it is that debt-financed Air Jordans will touch off the next worldwide recession, they nevertheless offer a microcosm of the forces currently forming unsustainable bubbles in an increasing number of markets throughout the economy.”

Trade Ignorance and Demagoguery, by Walter E. Williams, at jewishworldreview.com. I wish Trump would sit down with Dr. Williams for a day and learn something about economics.

California, Illinois, and New York Keep Losing People to Other States, by Ryan McMaken, at mises.org. People are voting with their feet. High taxes, increasing regulations and the high cost of living are incentives that force people to escape to greener pastures.

The Most Dangerous Book On Economics Ever Written For Kids, at economicpolicyjournal.com. The left is propagandizing children into believing capitalism is bad and communism is good.

Hero’ Stopped Mass Murder By Crazed Bar Patron Who Was Armed To The Teeth, Police Say, at dallasnews.com. Gunman who killed sports bar manager is shot by concealed carry holder. Good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with gun.

Senate Hearing Summary: Everything you Thought You  Knew About Russia/Comey Just Got Destroyed, at zerohedge.com. Does anyone outside of the Washington establishment really think this is important? This is the political game of who can make the other side look bad. The people inside the beltway don’t understand how much people outside the beltway are sickened by the political game. We don’t want to play this game or watch this game played anymore.




Must Reads For The Week 5/6/17

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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai On Why He Is Rejecting Net Neutrality Rules, at reason.com. Free speech and access to information are important tools in pushing back against the propaganda of status quo institutions. Government bureaucracies, political parties, mainstream media, the Fed and it’s banking satellites, the health system, and our education system are just a few that need their power reduced. These institutions do not like information about their skims and scams to be found out.

Why The New York Times Is Cheering On “Censorship Algorithms”, at zerohedge.com. U.S. mainstream media  wants to use algorithms to purge the internet of stories it decides is fake news. They don’t like the fact that their monopoly on information no longer exists. Every status quo institution wants to hold on to its power. Fortunately for us the internet genie is out of the bottle.

The Pope’s Favorite Straw Man: Individualism”, by Ryan McMaken, at mises.org. It is OK for the Pope to be ignorant about economics, as long as he doesn’t pontificate about economics.

ESPN Anchor Admits Network Failing Because Of Politics, at tammybruce.com. People watch sports to escape the political BS they are bombarded with everyday.

Jimmy Kimmel Opens Up About His New Born Son’s Heart Surgery And Praises Obamacare, at npr.org. Emotion is not thinking. This is why I haven’t watched any late night shows since Johnny Carson. I don’t want to be preached to by someone who is supposed to make me laugh. We are headed toward a single payer government-run healthcare system and Kimmel obviously supports this. This direction will not be stopped by the House repeal bill. Does Kimmel understand that under his desired government-run single payer system, a bureaucrat, guided by bureaucratic rules, would have decided if his son would have had the surgery or not. It wouldn’t have been his decision. Emotional pleas do not change the reality of the cost of healthcare goods and services. Government subsidies, taxes, rules and regulations created these high cost. After the costs rise, Government then passes regulations that attempt to hide or shift the costs to someone else. Getting back to a true free market in healthcare is the only way to lower healthcare costs. What are the odds of that happening?

Obamacare Implosion: Last Major Healthcare Provider Pulls Out Of Iowa Leaving No Options In 2018, at zerohedge.com. Also: Obamacare “Death Spiral”: Maryland Insurer Seeks 50% Premium Increase for 2018, at zerohedge.com. How is our centrally planned healthcare system working out?

Maduro Hands Out Free Homes, Hikes Minimum Wages To Counter Angry Protests Wave, at zerohedge.com. Free stuff and setting prices is socialist central planning. Government intervention like this is how Venezuela got into this mess in the first place. How are these policies going to improve a situation that policies like this produced?

Philly Beverage Tax Blowback: Coca Cola Sales Plunge 32%, at zerohedge.com. Who would have thought increasing the price would lead to less being consumed. This is incremental socialism.

Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Camp Is Ecological Mess. State May Sue To Recover Losses, at kfgo.com. Do as I say not as I do. These people protested the pipeline because of possible ecological disasters. In the process, they created a real ecological disaster. We should never take these kinds of people serious.

It Takes 79 Solar Workers To Produce Same Amount Of Electric Power As One Coal Worker, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Even thought solar and wind are subsidized by tax payer dollars, they can’t match fossil fuels in producing cheap efficient energy.

Northern Arizona U. Professors Claim Student Recordings Are Part Of An Attack, at arizonadailyindependant.com. Students are pushing back against the education establishment.

Barack Obama Officially Endorses Emmanuel Macron, at zerohedge.com. Obama says the hell with influencing elections covertly. I’m going to try to influence the French election overtly. People who think that governments don’t try to influence elections are naive. Did Russia try to influence our election? Yes. Did Obama try to influence Netanyahu’s election (read here)? Yes. Did Obama try to influence the Brexit vote (read here)? Yes. Did late night shows try to influence the election? Yes. Did the mainstream media try to influence the election? Yes. Did wall street try to influence the election? Yes. Did unions try to influence the election? Yes. Did you try to influence the election? There is a big difference between trying to influence an election and tampering with the casting and counting of votes.


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