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Observations From The Margin

December 18, 2015

Observation Tower

-People on the left are citing the constitution for their outrage to Trump wanting to temporarily stop Muslim immigration. This is curious at best considering the left has traditionally used the constitution for toilet paper. Now they want to wrap themselves in the very document that stands in the way of everything these central planners want to do.

-The left brands certain groups of people as bigoted toward another group simply because they are not a member of that group. But isn’t the left just as guilty of bigotry against the non favored groups by simply choosing a favored group?

-Politicians place each of us into groups that can be labeled by race, sex, religion, profession etc. Since we are looked at as members of groups. I have a question? When is an activity by a few members of a group considered an outlier? And when does an increased number of people engaged in the activity cross the line and become a discernible profile of the group?

-When Romney ran for President in 2012, I heard conservatives say that we need a businessman to “run the country”. Now we have Trump leading in the polls and conservatives are saying, and he is saying, that we need a businessman who knows how to make deals. We don’t need a businessman. We need someone in the Presidency who understands how the free market works. Businessmen don’t need to know how a free market works to be successful in a free market economy. In fact businessmen like Trump donate to and lobby politicians so they can use the power of government to help their businesses and at the same time hurt their competitors. This is why Trump has donated to both parties. He is playing the political game. So when he says he’s “not a politician”, he is wrong from the standpoint of dealing with bureaucrats. But when it comes torpedoing political correctness, he is correct. This is the basis of his support. I like this part of him because it upsets the big government political class of both parties. But I wish his supporters would understand that he is not a free market guy. He is for government solutions to economic problems.

-After the recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino the President came out and spoke about gun control before the bodies were even cold. Does he realize he is driving even more nails into the coffin of gun control. Humans have a natural instinct for self-preservation. When we see people shot dead by terrorists,who are willing to fight to their death, our natural instinct tells us we need to protect ourselves against these types of situations. Since cops can’t arrive in time to stop terrorist attacks, people are deciding to arm themselves. It’s our natural instinct for self-preservation, and Presidential pontifications about gun control are seen as either ignorant, stupid, or political.

-The Republicans pusillanimous (click here) behavior in standing up to the left, as was just demonstrated by speaker Ryan caving in on the recent budget ‘deal’, is the reason that Trump, Cruz, and Carson are the leading Republican candidates. The beltway establishment hasn’t figured out that the huddled masses don’t want another political insider in a position of power.

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Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler


Observations From The Margin

November 20, 2015

Observation Tower

-Did the Democrats schedule their recent debate on a Saturday evening so no one would watch it?

-I never thought I’d see the day when an avowed socialist would run for the Democratic presidential nomination. Their candidates have always tried keep that hidden.

-Does anyone other than the President believe that global warming is the biggest threat to the world?

-Here is my solution to the “illegal immigration” problem. 1) Enforce the existing laws pertaining to immigration and the border. 2) As illegal immigrants come in contact with our government systems ( legal system, welfare system, and educational systems), deport them. 3) Make it less costly and time-consuming to become a legal immigrant to the U.S. If you change the incentives, you will change behavior.

-After the attacks in Paris, I thought President Obama would suggest that the French pass stricter gun laws. You never let a serious crisis go to waste.

-A lesson from the attacks in Paris: The first responders are the people involved in the incident. The police and firemen are the second responders. So each of us should be aware of our surroundings, and be prepared to take the proper action (fight or flight) if a situation arises. And everyone who has a concealed carry permit, should carry.

-The unrest on college campuses over the last few weeks is an example of colleges reaping what they have sown. Political correctness,  multiculturalism, and diversity have produced ignorant unrealistic kids.

-I drove my truck to the auto repair shop last week without any brakes because a brake line ruptured. I found out the only reason you can go fast is because of brakes?


Political Cartoons by Chip Bok


Observations From The Margin

September 3, 2015

Observation Tower

Observation  (Photo credit: mooglet)

-There are two groups of people I automatically dislike, politicians and people in the media. It’s about the profession not necessarily the person. If I think the person is honorable and fair I will tolerate them, and if I think the person is arrogant and biased my dislike turns to loathing. Part of the reason Donald Trump is doing so well is he doesn’t give members of these groups the respect these megalomaniacs think should be lavished upon them. Whether it’s Jorge Ramos or Megyn Kelly, I don’t mind how Trump treats them. Watch the video of his press conference (click here) and see him dismiss Jorge Ramos and then answer a question about Megyn Kelly.

-Journalists wrap themselves in their first amendment rights using it as an inoculation against accusations of being bullies. They do have a first amendment right to ask questions, just as each of us has a first amendment right to ask questions. They don’t seem to understand that the person who is asked the question has a right to not answer the question.

-We live in a society that obeys basic rules of conduct that aren’t legislated by government. One of these rules of conduct is we wait our turn in line. When a person tries to cut line, someone usually calls them out by saying, “the end of the line is back there”. The video of Jorge Ramos is an example of someone cutting line. He was not called on and he butted in. When he was told the ‘end of the line is back there’ he kept talking. Most people who aren’t Jorge Ramos followers or Trump haters think Ramos is the anal orifice in this exchange.

-Our country was founded on the rule of law and not of men. When the laws that apply to us don’t apply to the ruling elite, it starts the process of the break down of the rule of law. When we see nothing happen to a politician like Hillary who flat-out broke the law by having her own server, and we get pulled over for ‘following too close’, it pisses us off. Not only do we have less respect for the law and the law givers, we start to push back.

-Journalists in the main stream media have a bias for bigger government. They know their influence increases when big government splits us into groups and pits us against each other. If each of us thought of ourselves as an individual instead of being a member of group, we would be able to see through media bias toward big government.

-For Decades the media has been driving the get-away car for politicians who have been robbing our individual freedom. Mr. Trump has taken out his knife, punctured all four tires and poured sand in the gas tank of the get-away car. They can’t figure out what to do. Trump talks around the media and straight to the people. He understands that many of us think the media is the enemy and he treats them as such. This is a big part of his success.

-Everyone who the media is biased against, yes even some politicians, should look at the Trump template, grow a pair, and treat the media accordingly.

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Observations From The Margin: Planned Parenthood, and Abortion.

July 30, 2015

Here is the third video from The Center for Medical Progress, about Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby organs. This one is tougher to watch than the other two.


-As I watched the videos about Planned Parenthood harvesting and selling baby organs, I began to understand how the Germans were able to preform experiments on the Jews. They considered the Jews “sub human” as asserted in German policies and laws. And we all know that if it’s a Government policy and/or law, it’s gospel! They killed their conscience over time.

-The 23-year-old procurement technician fainted her first day on the job. When she awoke, she was told: “oh, you’re new huh? Don’t worry, it still happens to a bunch of us. Yeah some of us don’t ever get over it“. The fact that this happens to some of these workers means their conscience is telling them there is something a little wrong about what they are doing. In my experience, when my conscience tells me something is a little wrong, it usually turns out to be a lot wrong. I guess some of them haven’t completely killed their conscience: Yet.

-As I watched the video, I couldn’t figure out how the 23-year-old procurement technician didn’t know what to expect at the abortion clinic. The fact that she is 23 and I was in high school when the Roe v Wade decision became law answers my question. She has grown up in an age where the media and our entertainment culture paint the pro-life side as anti women, and the pro-choice side as heroes standing up against these lunatics. She probably had never heard nor seen what an actual abortion really is. My whole high school was shown a video of an actual abortion. It’s not hard to know what an abortion is after you see one. Why do you think the pro abortion side fights so hard to squash videos like these?

-Why would Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, apologize for the tone and statements of her staff members who were shown on the video? All they were doing was talking callously about a blob of tissue. It wasn’t like they were talking about a life?

-I know it’s illegal to traffic in fetal tissue. But why is it illegal if it’s a blob of tissue and not a life? Instead of donating the fetal tissue, why shouldn’t these women be paid for what essentially is their property? I know it is illegal to sell your organs, like one of your kidneys, but fetal tissue is not a womans organ. Should the evil non profit corporation Planned Parenthood be allowed to use these women to make money? Shouldn’t Congress pass a law that redistributes some of the wealth of Planned Parenthood to the women who actually supply the raw material that PPH sells?

-The talking point that apologists are using to defend the actions of Planned Parenthood is;  ‘the video was highly edited to show Planned Parenthood in a bad light’. But The Center for Medical Progress released the full videos along with the documentary videos. When you want to use an edit to show someone in a bad light, you never release the full video. The main stream media knows this, it’s their standard operating procedure.

-Should your tax dollars go to fund Planned Parenthood when this “non-profit” organization gets major funding from corporations like Avon, Microsoft, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Macy’s, Starbucks, and Nike to name a few, (more here)?

-I google searched ‘Cecil the lion’ and got 39.5 million results. I google searched ‘Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts’ and there were 1.67 million results. Is this a reflection of the media not supplying the Planned Parenthood story, or of people not demanding the story? Read this article, Planned Parenthood Tells Reporters To Suppress Coverage, Reporters Happily Agree.

Here is the fourth video from The Center for Medical Progress.


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Observations From The Margin

June 10, 2015


Observation Tower

Observation  (Photo credit: mooglet)

-What is the top rung on the progressive ladder of sin? Trying to put these sins in an order that makes sense is a task that angels wouldn’t dare attempt, but progressive politicians seem to think they are up to the task. For a long time I thought that being called a racist was the top rung on the ladder of sin, but recently I think being called a homophobe has taken over being the top rung. But just wait, if Hillary becomes the Democratic candidate for president, being a sexist will be the top rung. What happens if multiple possible sins can be committed against an individual because they are a member of multiple groups, like a black gay woman? Does having the possibility of multiple sins being committed against you make you a more important mascot to be used by politicians? If we all grew thicker skins and become less sensitive to being offended, politicians wouldn’t have as much control over us.

-Why would we be surprised that the Clinton Global Foundation is nothing more than a money laundering scheme? The Clintons did the same thing on a smaller scale when they were using the Lincoln bedroom to raise money during their eight years in the White House.

-The Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal is simple to understand. Hillary broke the law when she used a private e-mail server instead of the Government e-mail server. Don’t listen to her verbal sleight of hand when she tries to explain it.

-The recent theft of government employees records by hackers (we think it was China) begs the question, How much easier would it be to hack into Hillary Clintons private e-mail server than to hack into a Government server? The Government encryption is much more difficult to crack than the standard encryption used on Hillary’s private server.

-Do you think there was any information on Hillary’s server that a foreign country could use to blackmail Hillary Clinton if she ever became President?

-I have said that the altercations between Police and citizens will start to increase because of the breakdown of the rule of law. Thank you politicians and bureaucrats. When the law doesn’t apply to you, (Hillary e-mail server), and you pass so many laws that it makes it impossible for an individual to know them all, what do you expect.  Politicians and bureaucrats, don’t have to deal directly with the people affected by these laws like the police do, but they do get to ride in on their white horses with solutions to the tension between police and citizens. People won’t follow the law when they think the laws are arbitrary and petty, and also when they think the laws don’t apply to our “rulers”. As much as I think that there are instances that police are breaking the law and just wielding power, there are many instances where individuals make situations worse by not complying. Because I know police and citizens don’t have wings and halos, I judge each of these situations, seen weekly on the news, on it’s own merits without picking a side before hand. Police and citizens have to deescalate these situations and start treating each other with more respect. If we don’t take care of this at the point where police and citizens meet each other,  we are opening the door for politicians and bureaucrats to use the “crisis” to step in and become even more tyrannical.

-Remember during the process of passing the Affordable Care Act, Nancy Pelosi saying “you have to pass it to see what’s in it”? How did that turn out? We are witnessing the same type of process with the secrecy surrounding the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement being pushed by President Obama. Should we trust this kind of process?

-I’ve stated this before but let’s try it again. People are born with either an xx or an xy sex chromosome. And no matter what anyone, including Bruce Jenner, feels his gender is, his sex is either male (xy) or female (xx). No amount of surgery or hormone replacement therapy can change that.

-How can Bruce Jenner receive the Arthur Ash award for courage at the ESPYs when it doesn’t take courage to do something that the main stream media, politicians, and the Hollywood culture support. Courage is demonstrated when you swim against the politically correct current.




Observations From The Margin

November 6, 2014

Observation Tower



What does the Republican party gaining control of the Senate, increasing their majority in the House, and winning Governorships in Democratic strongholds like Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland tell us?

-Maybe a growing number of individuals are finally seeing what big Government central planning really looks like, and they don’t like it. The President’s interventionist policies over the last 6 years made him the face of big Government. This made it possible for Republicans to run against him specifically, instead of running against a faceless entity called big Government.

– When the President said “his policies were on the ballot”, no truer statement has ever come out of his mouth. In his press conference the day after the election though, he tried to spin his way out of that statement. It didn’t work. He said the election showed ” the people” wanted their Government to “get stuff done”. No Mr. President, with all due respect, many people want You to get out of their lives and leave them alone. They want the Government to stop “doing stuff”, and/or repeal “the stuff” you have already implemented.

-I love how politicians say “the people” as if it’s a monolithic entity that has a single mind. “The People” is made up of millions of unique individuals. This fact is the reason why Big Government central planning won’t work, because one plan can’t please millions of individuals. Individuals are only happy when they are allowed to make choices based on what they value, not “the” choice that some totalitarian politician tries to force on them.

-If Republicans think that “the people” are now on their side, they are sadly mistaken. I think many individuals understood that the only way to stop the current Government intervention into their lives was to vote in Republicans and try to hold their feet to the fire. Many of us know there is no chance that the Democrat party will ever be for smaller Government. But that doesn’t mean the Republicans are for smaller Government. If establishment Republicans don’t try to stop the growth of Government, if they won’t stand up to the President, guess what happens in the next election.

-If the implementation of Obamacares employer mandate had been implemented in 2014, instead of unconstitutionally delaying it until 2015; if the shale oil revolution hadn’t created a vast majority of the new jobs the President is taking credit for; how much worse would Nov. 4th had been.

-Republican analysts  moan about the fact that Romney got 4 million fewer Republican votes than Bush got in 2004, and crow about the fact that they got 5% more votes from Independents than Obama. They say if the Republicans had turned out, they would have won. Did they ever consider that the 4 million Republican votes they didn’t get are actually the 5% increase in independents. Many Independents used to be Republicans and probably still vote Republican.

-The Republican establishment doesn’t like the tea party and the libertarian wing of their party. Why? Because the tea party and the libertarians want Government to shrink while the establishment just wants to win elections so it can take big Government for a test drive. Do we realize that we are putting individuals in power and asking them to give up some of the power they wield? How hard is it to get rid of entitlements? Being in power is the ultimate entitlement.

-Alaska (69%), Arkansas (65%), South Dakota (55%), and Nebraska ((59%), all passed laws that increased the minimum wage. How can voters in these states who voted against expanding Government on the one hand, vote for Government intervention on the other? We know that economic reality won’t allow minimum wage laws to work like the central planners planned (Read: Minimum Wage Laws Create Unemployment). But, from The stand point of individual liberty, do these voters understand that they are interfering with a contract to which the employer and the employee voluntarily agreed. Do they realize that on the same ballot they voted to intervene in individuals lives, and to stop individuals in Government from interfering into their own lives. We have a lot of work to do in educating individuals about economics and individual liberty.

-It has taken 100 years of progressivism to get to this point in time where Government is involved In every aspect of our lives. How long do you think it will take to turn the ship around? It will take more than a few elections cycles. As F. A. Hayek said, “The battle for freedom must be won over and over again, the socialists of all parties must be persuaded or defeated if they and we are to remain free men“. The battle for individual freedom is going to be won at the state and local levels. Governors have to have the stones to stand up to the Federal Government. Rolling back Government is going to happen from the bottom up not from the top down in D.C.













Observations From The Margin

July 8, 2014


Observation Tower

Observation  (Photo credit: mooglet)

-The President is asking for $2 billion to fight the recent surge in illegals crossing the Southern border. Why would anyone trust this administration in regards to enforcing immigration laws? When Arizona tried to enforce Federal laws, the President had his justice department sue to stop them.

-The flood of illegal crossings reminds me of Fast and Furious only in reverse. In Fast and Furious, Government ATF agents told legal gun dealers to illegally sell guns to Mexican drug cartels, for the purpose of blaming the violence in Mexico on American guns crossing the border. This would give the anti-second amendment administration leverage to push for more gun control. Their plans were ruined when Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed with one of the weapons supplied by the ATF,s operation. With the current Southern border crisis, illegals are sending their young children across the border because they were told by international and local media, and family members in the U.S. that our Government was issuing immigration “permisos” (free passes) upon arrival. Of course our Government publicised this. The administration will use the flood of illegal immigrants as a crisis to try to get their immigration agenda passed into law. This administration would only enforce the parts of any new immigration law that they want enforced, and would ignore what they don’t like.

-Should these children be sent back to their families in their home countries? Yes: The precedent was set in the Elian Gonzalez case during the Clinton administration. Elian Gonzalez’s mother drowned when she tried to get her son to the U.S.. The INS placed Elian with parental relatives in Miami. He was taken away at gun point when courts ruled that his father, not his relatives, could petition for asylum {a temporary refuge granted political offenders}. Many made the argument that he would be better off with his father in the communist utopia of Cuba, than he would be with his relatives in the U.S., so I would assume, for the sake of consistency, these same people would use the same reasoning concerning these children.

-Every administrations tries to get outcomes they desire. If they can’t get it through legislation, or if legislation is passed that they don’t like, they take it to court. It they don’t get the result they want in court, they use executive power to either change the law, or they just don’t enforce the laws they are legally mandated to enforce.

-Here is why the IRS scandal is worse than Nixon and Watergate. The Nixon scandal was political dirty tricks between two political parties. The present IRS scandal is a case of Government bureaucrats using their power to intimidate individuals who wanted to “peacefully assemble and petition the Government for a redress of grievances”, as stated in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. The IRS violated the constitutional rights of individuals.

-The IRS recently agreed to pay a $50,000 in damages to NOM for leaking  donors names to rival groups. Who do you think will pay this fine? Tax payers of course, because the IRS is funded by us. So let me see if I got this right. A portion of the taxes paid by the tax payers who sued the IRS, is going toward the fine that the IRS owes to these very same tax payers. That kind of punishment has no chance of constraining future abuses of power.  The individuals in the IRS who broke the law should go to jail, because that is the only constraint for curtailing future IRS abuses. Why do you think the IRS bureaucrats were so cocky when they testified in front of congress? They know nothing is going to happen to them. The rule of law doesn’t apply to our bureaucratic betters. If this bureaucratic lawlessness continues, we won’t comply with their edicts, and it won’t be pretty.

– All of the recent push backs in the Supreme Court against the Obama administration are all actions taken by regular citizens. Non of these actions are results of the Republican establishment having any stones. This progressive Marxist ideology can only be defeated by a bottom up transformation by citizens understanding that individual  freedom is the cure for the problems created by years of  intervention through Government central planners of both parties.