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Must Reads For The Week 6/18/16

June 19, 2016


Dealing With An Active Shooter, at After hearing about the shooting in Orlando last week I wondered how 320 people could let one individual with two guns inflict so much damage. The first thing people have to understand is each person is a first responder in these types of situations. The police are the second responders. I think it is important to have an understanding of what to do in a situation like this. Here’s a video that can help you be prepared for a situation that 99.9% of us will never have to deal with. Always be prepared.

You Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste, at Whenever there is a mass shooting this article I wrote after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 gets many views. It covers how politicians use every “crisis” to advance their political agenda. They have been trying to politicize mass shootings to advance their agenda to make the second amendment obsolete. The process on how they deal politically with a crisis is explained in this article.

After Terrorist Attack In Orlando, Bigoted U.S. Gun Owners Everywhere Offering FREE Shooting Lessons To Gays, at No comment necessary.

Five Alligators Killed And Opened Up To Find Signs Of Boy Who Was Attacked By Alligator, at The 2-year-old getting killed by an alligator shows the tragedy of the human condition. It is sad indeed. But as I look at this situation I can’t find any outrage by animal rights activists because the 5 alligators were killed and cut open to look for the boys remains. I conclude that 5 alligators aren’t equal to the 1 gorilla. Remember the outrage over what happened to the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo two weeks ago. Not a peep from these groups this week.  Would it have taken 10 alligators being killed to bring the outrage? All we can say is 5 wasn’t enough.

“Allah Knows Best” Child Sex Grooming, Prison Brainwashing And A Month Of Islam In Great Britain, at Mark Steyn’s book “America Alone” published in 2006 predicted this. Read this book. It is probably too late for Europe to turn the trend around, but it is not too late for America.       A Short Coarse On Understanding Muslims, at When do the actions of members of a particular group cross the line of being an outlier activity to being an observable pattern of behaviour?

Obama Legacy Will Be Power Blackouts, at 1) Producing electricity from”green” energy is more costly than producing it from carbon based fuels. Why would we want to replace a more expensive way of producing electricity with a more expensive way of producing it? 2) Producing electricity from wind and solar can’t be done when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining. Where as electricity can be produced from fossil fuels every second of every day. Why would we replace a constant flow of electricity with an intermittent flow of electricity? Because of power and politics.

Supreme Court Delivers A Second Defeat To EPA’s Agenda In Last 7 Days, at Excerpt  from the article, “...the decision re-affirms that property owners across the country can hold overzealous federal bureaucrats immediately accountable in court for erroneous assertions of control over wetlands,…..”  We will take any victory we can against the federal governments use of force against the individual.

Three Facts Prove Climate Alarm Is A Scam, at Unfortunately there is no convincing the environmental extremists that they may be wrong no matter how much evidence you show them.

Police: Rancher Lassos Bike Thief Outside Oregon Wal-Mart, at Being a cowboy is a compliment.


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Observations From The Margin

December 18, 2015

Observation Tower

-People on the left are citing the constitution for their outrage to Trump wanting to temporarily stop Muslim immigration. This is curious at best considering the left has traditionally used the constitution for toilet paper. Now they want to wrap themselves in the very document that stands in the way of everything these central planners want to do.

-The left brands certain groups of people as bigoted toward another group simply because they are not a member of that group. But isn’t the left just as guilty of bigotry against the non favored groups by simply choosing a favored group?

-Politicians place each of us into groups that can be labeled by race, sex, religion, profession etc. Since we are looked at as members of groups. I have a question? When is an activity by a few members of a group considered an outlier? And when does an increased number of people engaged in the activity cross the line and become a discernible profile of the group?

-When Romney ran for President in 2012, I heard conservatives say that we need a businessman to “run the country”. Now we have Trump leading in the polls and conservatives are saying, and he is saying, that we need a businessman who knows how to make deals. We don’t need a businessman. We need someone in the Presidency who understands how the free market works. Businessmen don’t need to know how a free market works to be successful in a free market economy. In fact businessmen like Trump donate to and lobby politicians so they can use the power of government to help their businesses and at the same time hurt their competitors. This is why Trump has donated to both parties. He is playing the political game. So when he says he’s “not a politician”, he is wrong from the standpoint of dealing with bureaucrats. But when it comes torpedoing political correctness, he is correct. This is the basis of his support. I like this part of him because it upsets the big government political class of both parties. But I wish his supporters would understand that he is not a free market guy. He is for government solutions to economic problems.

-After the recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino the President came out and spoke about gun control before the bodies were even cold. Does he realize he is driving even more nails into the coffin of gun control. Humans have a natural instinct for self-preservation. When we see people shot dead by terrorists,who are willing to fight to their death, our natural instinct tells us we need to protect ourselves against these types of situations. Since cops can’t arrive in time to stop terrorist attacks, people are deciding to arm themselves. It’s our natural instinct for self-preservation, and Presidential pontifications about gun control are seen as either ignorant, stupid, or political.

-The Republicans pusillanimous (click here) behavior in standing up to the left, as was just demonstrated by speaker Ryan caving in on the recent budget ‘deal’, is the reason that Trump, Cruz, and Carson are the leading Republican candidates. The beltway establishment hasn’t figured out that the huddled masses don’t want another political insider in a position of power.

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Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

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